50 messages and quotes of Woman who reveal the magnitude of female power

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Being a woman in such an unequal world is challenging. Socially consolidated machismo obliges the female population to be strong and resilient, regardless of what happens. However, it is not always easy to be “braba”. So how about checking out these empowered women’s messages and quotes that portray this difficult struggle and will make you reflect on the strength that exists in you?

Women’s messages and quotes To Awake and Inspire Your Inner Goddess

You are the woman who believes to be!

A man does not define you, your house does not define you, your flesh does not define you. You are your own home!

A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.

I don’t want to have to be strong for being a woman, I want to be respected!

Well, now I turned a woman. I operated and turned a woman. You don’t have to accept me, you don’t even have to look at me, but now I’m a woman.

I am not free until any woman is captive. Even if, her currents are very different from mine.

Every woman is a poem who crumbles into rhymes … A being who is built with love!

Women resist fear, disrespect, pain of delivery and everything else, but for men, they are the fragile sex!

This is me: I am confident, I do not want your compliments.

I am more than a color, an outfit or a haircut. I’m a woman as I want to be!

My mind concludes that I deserve to be respected. I am a woman of claw, black of broken!

Why does it seem so hard to believe that a woman is as capable as a man?

woman, her uniqueness overshadows even the brightness of the sun. You are splendid!

I introduce you to the most discreet woman in the world: this one who has no secret.

turns the table, assumes the game, makes a point of taking care. Neither servant nor object, no longer wants to be the other, today she is one too.

Contrary to what many think, femininity has nothing to do with fragility, but with strength!

I don’t summarize it for the way I saw me, spoke or compose myself. I am much more than your machismo can see!

If they never told you how you have to be, what you have to wear, how you should say … You never lived in a woman’s world!

Always feel proud of the woman who has become. After all, you arrived where you are by your own effort!

Every woman goes through a phase of transformation when she can see that self-love is the best way to affect!

Be the woman you needed to have around when you were a girl.

The woman you decide to be today is an example for women of the future!

machismo makes women need to dedicate themselves and strive to show the world that it has its value.

So you say I’m complicated, that I must be out of me, but you underestimated me!

Woman is synonymous with struggle, courage, freedom and determination!

I am a woman with opinions, questions and things to say!

Woman, put a smile on this mouth, put a cropped and allow yourself to be the fortress you were born to be!

The strength of nature is within each woman.

Not every witch is hunchback, not every Brazilian is ass. My chest is not silicone, I am more male than a lot of man.

I’m a phenomenal way. Phenomenal Woman: So I am.

The blossom of a safe woman is the most genuine thing to see.

Love everything you have become, even if the world does not value it. The only love that matters is self-love!

It’s past time to learn that the body is ours, our rules, our right to be. Respect the mine!

Society is not ready to discover a woman’s strength. Neither cease to be strong!

The most seductive feature a woman can have is trust.

Be the heroine of your story, not the princess of a man’s history!

There are many more things behind what a woman reveals about her.

The beauty and grandeur of the universe do not reach the feet of what a woman’s soul is.

The strong woman is not the one who finds roses in her way, but the one who sows them.

Forgive me the seven wonders of the world, but none of them are a match for the beauty of a woman.

I’m a woman, but now and then I reveal me wolf and I devour the world before he devours me!

I confess it is not easy to be braba every day, I had to learn to turn around alone.

Never underestimate a woman. They are superheroes disguised!

In the requirement of perfection and patterns, I fall apart in defects and love what I am: Woman!

I am an independent woman I do not accept oppression. Lower your voice, lower your hand!

woman is mystery, it’s magic, it’s light … woman is the whole universe, a strength that generates energy and life!

woman, you have the strength of a hurricane inside you … make good use of it!

we fly the moon, menstruating. Men shout: – They are the witches. Women think: – It’s the angels. Children say: – They are the fairies.

I struggled a lot to get where I am today and I won’t lower my head to anyone’s machismo!

My genre doesn’t make me weaker. To be a woman is to be the strength herself!

Women are amazing, this is a fact! So, take the opportunity to praise you and the other girls around you with these inspiring empowered women who will strengthen you and further exalt female power!

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