50 messages and quotes of thoughts about life to reflect on your way of being

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Thinking about life is very important! Assessing your conduct, how it acts and who is becoming essential to being the one you want. Given this, the right words to guide these thoughts are indispensable. So, check out inspiring messages and quotes of thoughts about life!

messages and quotes of thoughts about life that expresses your way of putting themselves in the world

Think about life to realign my ideal of being with whom I am …

I like to live. I have already felt fiercely, desperately, sharply unhappy, torn by suffering, but through everything I still know, with absolute certainty, that being alive is sensational.

We should not judge the lives of others, because each of us knows their own pain and renunciation. One thing is that you think you are on the right track, another is to think your way is the only one!

Always reflect on what position you are occupying in people’s lives, it says a lot about you.

In life and in love, we have no guarantees. So do not look for them, live what has to be lived without fears. Fear is one of the worst enemies of love and happiness.

Life twists scare me. One hour we are at the top, another, underground. It is an endless cycle where only learning and maturity is advanced.

I think a lot about life, because I want to get to the end of her without regretting the things I did.

Life is really full of ups and downs. We always need to keep in mind when spending and when to conserve and renew our energies.

There are moments in the lives of us when words lose their meaning or seem useless, and as much as we think of a form of employing them, they seem not to serve. So, we don’t say, just feel.

Sometimes I stop and I think what the little I would find about the person I became in my life … Would he be proud?

Living is not an easy act. Even so, when you live authentically, it’s easy to fall in love with it.

People take exactly what they invested in it.

Just like in a game, it is necessary to think all your steps.

If there is love in your life, it can compensate for many things that are missing you. Otherwise, no matter how much you have, it will never be enough.

Do not be shy at the difficulties of life, it is precisely at this moment that you should show who it is and the one that came.

Life is, in fact, a box of surprises, but what we do with them is very important too.

We all find ourselves in a gigantic ocean and full of eventualities. Life is like a vessel that we don’t know where it will lead us.

A woman needs only two things in her life: a black dress and a man who loves her.

Live with authenticity, in your own way! However, never forget that society is necessary.

Some people say living is the hardest thing they have ever had to do. These yes understand the weight of words and attitudes.

Everyone should take time to think about life, which would be more important than who you are?

Everyone has their own expectations for life and others. What are yours?

There are only two ways to see life. One is thinking that there are no miracles and the other is that everything is a miracle.

I do not live to satisfy the wills of others. I control my own life minimally, and I will strive to be happy in it.

Keep in mind a project you want to be. From there, life is a way to walk.

Many say that life is fleeting, but only those who lost someone know the weight of this sentence. So, enjoy the now, we don’t know if tomorrow will exist.

With each day I live, I become more convinced that the waste of life is in the love we do not give, in the forces we do not use, in the selfish prudence that risks nothing, and that, dodging suffering, we also lose to Happiness.

Beware of the weight of words, in life they make more difference than we like to take over.

The essentials in life is not to convince anyone, nor perhaps this is possible. What is needed is that they are our friends, so we will be friends with them. What forces will work the world if we put friendship aside?

We spend a lot of time worrying about the image other people will have of us and little time worrying about who we really want to be.

In life I do not say half-word, we have enough time to say what we mean.

If we think well with every step we take in life, in every day, we will know very well where we are going.

If we analyze how valuable life is, we would toast every day because we are alive.

We only leave a brand in this world and in this life, so be one of value!

Turn and move we allow someone else to be or the protagonist of our lives. This is unachable … In this movie, we need to star in.

There will be no butterflies if life does not go through long and silent metamorphoses.

Whatever you do in this life, if done with love, is well done.

The best shield and feature we have in this world is reflection. So reflect!

Who spends a lifetime thinking, spent their days very well.

Your lifestyle needs to represent you, go far beyond simple chances.

Spread life reflections by helping others, and joys will come back to you.

I am that woman who made the climb of the mountain of life, removing stones and planting flowers.

I dare say that those who live life without purpose simply do not live it.

We have a life time time, what do you want to make it?

I thank God for giving me the reflective capacity he gave, I know very well to stop the world to think about life.

The way you choose to live is not a simple lifestyle, it is absolutely everything you are.

Living is better than dreaming and I know that love is a good thing, but I also know that any corner is smaller than anyone’s life.

I want my life to touch the lives of other people, that for me they feel transformed …

Do not say that the victory is lost. Have faith in God, have faith in life. Try again!

multiply your thoughts about life to see the blessings also multiply!

Be authentic so that your lifestyle represents you. Also check out messages and quotes to enjoy life and live as much regardless of what your essence is!

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