50 messages and quotes of the naughty smile for those who do not exchange a pagoda for nothing

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There is no way to like samba and pagoda and not fall in love with the songs of Smile Maroto. The group that came from a joke of friends, since then, is a great success throughout the country.

Check out our selection of messages and quotes from Smile Maroto and use the band’s romantic lyrics to win their great love.

Smile messages and quotes Maroto to talk about love

Your exaggerated way was what I liked. And it’s exaggerated even to be missed.

Not only of love is there a relationship. Every detail I lost was a grain.

Stop kissing the way I love that I can’t fall in love.

If it is to live a great love, I know it is necessary to cultivate. Today I learned from what happened that every detail will add.

You smiled and life changed. And our story only started.

It seems that we are already dependent on each other, this is love.

I was inattentive, my love. Who loves has to notice. See in you what has changed and if I need to change.

It was so strange to look into your eyes and see in front of me everything I always wanted.

says it was a nightmare, it is nothing much. Hot love is hidden from your parents.

I missed you, I remembered the time when we loved each other. It was true, I never realized, I did not value.

You already knew you wouldn’t accept someone in your life taking my place.

looking in my eyes says it will live to another love. What did you feel for me is over.

I can’t find a way out of you free me. And the solution for my life is to get it right.

I don’t know how to live without you here. I regretted it. My mistake was to let you go.

I don’t know how to forget you, come back to me. I regretted everything, gives an end.

If you call yourself again, I will. If you want to replay, I give.

I still like you, I don’t hide from anyone. And I still like you, your love makes me so well.

If I was the first one you remembered, a sign that you are still a fan of the way I make love.

I can’t imagine getting older without you. I love you and I chose you to live.

Our love was to be forever, you know that. Where did we miss?

I’m hating myself for not being careful of both of us.

It is normal for us to be wrong, our story happened at the wrong time.

I was so selfish, I left so many clues. And this betrayal is costing me.

looking at the wardrobe, half empty. I clearly perceive how cold I was.

Even if I didn’t come back, I wanted to tell you that I learned to be better with you.

I turned to the world when I found you. It was like the meeting of the sky and the sea, the sun and the moon to date.

It will hurt, but there is no easy way to finish. I will suffer, but I love you and I don’t want to hurt you.

Who knows one day I can even forget you. Love is to feel, not to understand.

will always be the first girlfriend. This love will not leave me for nothing.

In dreams of love your voice calls me. I know it looks like cliché, I need you.

Often I sleep with the desire to move away. But crazy agree to find you.

I no longer want this one to stay. Pushing with the belly, no.

If time was medicine, I wasn’t calling you again.

I just wish you to be happy. Only time will show what fate wanted.

I’ve tried sometimes to forget you and another mouth wanted to kiss. I avoid you, but I want to see you. Give angry to love you.

A cold war inside my chest, I can’t find a way for us to live in peace.

Past waters, locked doors. Better the end, better.

I thought about leaving you forever, only I love you so much.

And as much as you leave me in the future, it is worth the risk, I swear. I never loved anyone like that. Even you do badly for me.

I really want to hit me with you, it is worth believing, giving you affection and loving you.

In the future it may be that we get along. Or, I don’t know, you find someone.

If you can find you, our hearts speak, we get it right and go beyond.

We are not equal, other ideals, there is no hide.

It was so much fight, come and go. Good times and to forget. But our love has only strengthened.

Our love is so beautiful and I just think of you. But what I’m feeling, you pretend you don’t see.

You are a magical mirror that reflects me joy and give me pleasure to live in full harmony.

Our story of taking some time cost, it hurt. We risk someone else to appear.

If I made a mistake tell me what, you can’t guess. You can’t live anymore, you have to listen to me.

Yesterday, today and always. Me, you, nothing more. I love you so much.

Come here let me touch you. Sleep in the light of your gaze. And tell you my feelings. Leave the jealousy for later.

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