50 messages and quotes of songs for friends who are perfect honors

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Friend Baladeira, friend advisor, girlfriend friend: no matter what she is, it’s for a lifetime! We are not always able to express the affection in the best way for our heart sisters. With that in mind, we have separated messages and quotes from songs for friends who will help you honor these dear partners. Check it out!

Music messages and quotes for friends you need to share with them

I don’t exist away from you!

partner friend only if he is a single friend.

Friend is something to keep on the left side of the chest.

Some believe in angels, I believe in friendship.

Happiness in the eyes of those who see our friendship, feel respect, proves the taste of truth, the union.

and put a good fashion, let’s enjoy the boss night. Azar the boys and kiss on the mouth!

I will hear you when the world cannot understand you.

It’s so good to accompany you!

With a friend to call mine, I will never be alone.

Rare and good conversation!

With you be sure that I never failed, because I gained a lot of strength making friendship greater.

My friends, they are old as my ideals, like the vinyl I have kept, believing they are worth more.

I want to cry your cry, I want to smile your smile. Thanks for existing, friend.

no one could meet me. No one could see me. It looks like you are the only one who knows how I am.

True friendship we feel, I can be 3 life without bump that we are friend forever.

I’m stuck in the dark, but you are my flashlight.

For me, you are more arrived than a brother.

celebrate the love with whom it is by your side, do good!

good start over, being able to count on you!

Good thing you live with me, because if not, what would this life be like?

always having you by my side, it costs what it costs.

Light that brings me peace!

Inside you live an angel who blessed my life.

I will be your lighthouse, if the sun is not born.

You brought color to my days, joy where there was sadness.

Friendship is the seed that I rego, the amulet that I carry and feed my belief.

My friends I choose, they are partners of joy that I like to take.

Green of God!

You are special, there is no other equal.

laughs, so many stories, stored in my memory.

If you get you out of me, there is nothing left.

Everything that is good, I don’t know how to live without.

We both were made a lot for both of us.

With you the destination is not only.

My laugh is so happy with you.

If everyone were the same as you, what a wonder to live.

Always side by side, wherever it is.

A friend is a treasure guarded in the soul of who knows to love.

Who has friends, is not alone!

if I fall, I help you get up.

When the road appears to look hard and you are miles and miles of your beautiful hot bed, just remember what your old friend said: Girl, you have a friend on me.

Keep smiling, keep shining knowing that you can always count on me, for sure.

I want to cry your cry, I want to smile your smile.

If you ever get stuck right in the middle of the sea, I will sail all over the world to find you.

To make life make another meaning, you need to find and conquer a great friend.

It was God who chose you to be the best friend I could have.

tears in victory, always in defeat or glory. It is light in darkness, we are one heart.

You, my friend of faith, my sister, comrade, friend of so many paths and many journeys.

Your heart is a house of open doors. Friend, you are the most certain of the uncertain hours.

is to give up without expecting anything in exchange for this union. It’s having someone to tell in indecision!

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