50 messages and quotes of self-esteem for status that will reinforce your self-esteem

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self -esteem and loving yourself is everything! However, it is not a simple task and it needs to nourish love for yourself every day. Some messages and quotes act as statements and reminders that can help in this process. So check out powerful love love messages and quotes for status and continue to feed this characteristic so amazing.

Becoming love messages and quotes for status that remember how good it is to love us

I learned that if I know how to take care of me, I will never beg for anyone’s love.

Less standard, more freedom to be who you are.

You can’t be happy without cultivating self -love.

love is good, but loving is wonderful!

already loved today? Know that self-love does miracles!

Believe more in you!

I traveled into myself and never came back. No trip was so good!

Do not expect to achieve your goals to be proud of you.

You are more important than a number in the balance.

For those who owner of the castle, Prince Encantado is just another visit.

Be your greatest happiness!

I put myself in self-love and went out for a date with myself.

The beauty of the flower next door does not nullify mine.

I welcome my defects, I accept myself all over.

Anyone who doesn’t see how amazing you are, it doesn’t deserve to be with you.

I have my limits, the first of them is my self-love.

That you love yourself to the point of being happy only.

Only self-love heals.

Be your best company.

Cultivate-self-esteem and harvest the flowers of self-esteem.

Admire the beauty of others without doubting yours.

Choose change the way you look at yourself.

We seek love in every corner and forget to look inside. But okay, we don’t always know how to do it!

I am an entire universe and I will not lose myself in any galaxy.

Practice the law of good-me-me and be an entire flower.

ORDER OF LOVE: First your own, then the reciprocal.

I learned to love myself because I will spend the rest of my life with me.

Do not diminish the universe that exists in you because of someone who does not know how to admire it.

Stay alone for a while and give yourself a chance to love your own company.

Love your qualities, accept your shadows. Remember that you are a perfect being within the possibilities!

Learn to love yourself the way you are. Both inside and outside!

Choose look at yourself with love.

I promise to love and respect until death reaches me.

It takes a lot of courage to love yourself.

You deserve all the love you try to give others.

Take care of those who want you well, but take care of you even more.

For love, I already got it. For loving me, I already went.

Choose being kind to yourself, always.

After I sailed the depth of self-love, I never wreck in shallow feelings.

self-esteem is not selfishness, it is a need.

I got up from the bed, looked into the mirror and saw a person who is really worth loving.

Don’t be amazing like so -and -so, be amazing as you!

When you compare yourself, you lose.

self-love is to take care of yourself with the same priority and importance you give to people you love.

self-esteem makes us overcome anything.

With time I learned that I am all that I always searched for.

is not being put in, it is having self-esteem.

I looked in the mirror and fell in love with those who reflected there. For the first time in my life, I was loving the right person.

For your despair, I will remain happy, loving myself and especially not calling what you think.

My only and true love remains myself.

These messages and quotes certainly function as affirmative attitudes to nourish self-love. To continue like this, also check out empowerment messages and quotes and further feed your self -esteem!

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