50 messages and quotes of Saron Rose to reflect on God and life

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With over 30 years of history, the band Rosa de Saron came from the desire to spread God’s love to people. With their rock songs, they can reach and evangelize listeners across the country.

We select Saron Rose messages and quotes for you to demonstrate your faith and spread divine love to other hearts. Check it out!

Saron Rose messages and quotes that will intensify your faith

It is God who makes you understand all poetry, which makes life more valuable.

Only he can understand his interior. Your pains away, your dream come true, your life transform.

It was without you that I could understand that it is not easy to live without having you.

My life, my story only made sense when I met you.

Who believes in him does not perish, but will have the light of life.

There is no one who makes me as well as you do to me. And there will never be.

Ask for tonight to touch you and heal all your wounds.

There is nothing the same. Nothing could get away from you.

won, sigh. Get lost, learn.

Never allow your happiness to depend on something you can lose.

Prepare, because nothing in the world is free.

Live as who knew you are going to die, die like who once knew how to live.

Leave what was left behind and look for love.

Only who can fill my emptiness is you.

Just a smile and the day overcomes the night, life overcomes death, faith overcomes pain. Just believe.

Look around you and you will see so many reasons to dream.

You may be afraid, but walk, walk and just don’t stop.

from the top of the stone I seek impulse to jump louder than before, much more than everything I want to go.

Fear goes, and I seek the dreams I left behind on the horizon.

As long as we are bad to others, we will be worse for ourselves.

I don’t forget what you did for me, delivering your life in my place.

Your love, Lord, became real in me.

More love, more forgiveness, more time, something else, except there there.

I know it has always been my God, but I also know it is my best friend.

In you, I know, I feel strong. With you, I don’t fear my luck.

When I couldn’t see, you saw. When I couldn’t love, you loved it.

Even in the storm. Even if the sea is stirred. I praise you, I praise you in truth.

If I sometimes hide, I think I’m not even disguising.

Even if I lack the words. Even if I don’t know how to praise. I praise you, I praise you in truth.

I just want a sincere love that touches my hands, that makes my life change.

You never lose by loving, loses by keeping love.

There is no right way to do something wrong, or get it right or go wrong.

It hurt, let cure. Stayed, let it pass.

can be better than it is, it is evident that it is not so good yet.

King of kings, and Lord, we give you our living.

What is your limit? How long can you take it? If everything has deadline, what is yours?

we are what we do to change what we were.

Dreaming is too expensive. And giving up costs a dream.

If I could write the story of my hours, one by one, it would be by your side.

Pain is greater when you look and do not see.

All I have of value is my memories. If they departed, I would leave in two.

It was seeking to get it right that sometimes I made a mistake. But who can accuse, without trying to understand?

By your side I redo myself. I need to have you, thanks for being here.

maybe it’s time to change. I know God has something for me, but I know I have to do my best here.

This life is very short, passes very fast and we only have a chance to live.

What is done here, still pay here.

Your heart is the place I want to be, I want to be. Listen to the sound he makes. I want to be with you.

May we be more doctors and less judges.

Life is more than a mere poem, it is real.

I hear bells wanting to sound inside me. I hear bells sounding in me. Today I ask you to combine my fingers and make me an endless prayer.

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