50 messages and quotes of poems with rhymes to deal with the heart and mind

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Poems have a unique and charming beauty, especially when they are accompanied by the harmony of the rhymes. Whether with romantic, social, reflective or childish themes, melodic cadence involves the reader in a memorable way. Next, check out the most illustrious messages and quotes of poems with rhymes from some of the most famous poets in literature!

messages and quotes of poems with rhymes that seduce the senses

I open the window, and suddenly,

I see tumultuously

A noble crow come in, worthy of old days,

did not depend on courtesies

One minute, a moment


Say your manorial names:

How do you flames you on the big umbrosa?

and Crow said, “Never again.”

From everything, I will be attentive to my love

before, and with such zeal, and always, and both

even in the face of the greatest charm

His most enchanted my thinking.

Love is a fire that burns without seeing,

It is wounded that hurts, and does not feel;

It is a disgruntled contentment,

It is pain that disats without hurting.

And so in the wheel gutters

spins, to entertain the reason,

This rope train

called heart.

Your eyes spread divine light,

whom the sunlight in vain dare:

Popoula, or delicate pink, and thin,

covers you the faces, which are snow color.

When I say “my God”,


weaker, I am stronger

than the disarm.

When I say “my God”,

I cry my orphanity.

the king I offer myself

Stealing me freedom.

Charming the charm, all the pretense.

long cuddles, wise affection,

slow caresses, of a softness

that would be made by lips …


And your boiling desires go

Batting the wings in unreality …

What do you call your passion,

It’s just curiosity.

loose is regret and tenacious is sin.

For our confessions a lot is what the soul complains,

coming back with pleasure to a muddy path.

believing the stains wash with cursed weeping.

I don’t want you but because I want you,

and to want to not want you to arrive

and waiting for you when I don’t expect you

Pass my heart from the cold to the fire.

Well I know everything is mistake, but knowing

Of this, I persist to deceive myself… I dare

To say that life was the precious good

that I loved. It was my sin… horrendo.

Should I match you on a summer day?

most affable and beautiful is your countenance:

Time Espholha May, button,

lasts the term Estival a brief moment.

I am the one who is lost in the world,

I am the one who in life has no north.

I am the sister of the dream, and this luck

I am the crucified … the sore …

There are times when our values ​​break,

certainties shatter as crystal,

our absurd beliefs were powered,

Principles are only justified at the end.

All these who are there

delegating my way,

They will pass…

I Passarinho!

I sing because the instant exists

and my life is complete.

I’m not happy or I’m sad:

I’m a poet.

love! I want love

Live in your heart!

suffer and love this pain

Fainting with passion!

No Tu’Alma, in your charms

and in your pallor,

and in your ardent tears

Languidez Sigh!

get used to the mud that awaits you!

The man who, in this miserable earth,

Lives between beasts, feels inevitable

Need to also be beast.

Your eyes are black, black,

Like moonlightless nights …

They are burning, they are deep,

Like the blackness of the sea.

I love you, Maria, I love you so much

My chest hurts me as in disease,

and the more me the intense pain

Bremning in my soul your charm.

When you leave,

white girl like snow,

Take me.

If you can’t

Carry me by the hand,

Snow White Girl,

Take me in the heart.

sympathy – It’s the feeling

that is born at a moment,

sincere, in the heart;

There are two lit looks

Well together, united, prisoners

In a magical attraction.

to you running, sacred arms,

In this sacrosanta discovered cross;

That, to receive me, you are open,

and, for not punishing me, you are spiked.

It was a star alone,

nobody looked at her,

and all the light she had

fit in a window.

the instant is all to me that absent

the secret that the days chains


The infinite clouds of the present.

What I didn’t write, shut me.

What I didn’t do, left me.

What I didn’t feel, it hurt.

What did not live, died.

What I postponed, goodbye.

I wanted to be the sun, the immense light,

the good of what is humble and there is no luck!

I wanted to be the rough and dense tree

that laughs from the world go and even death!

What are you looking for? – All. What do you want? – Nothing.

I travel alone with my heart.

I don’t walk lost, but mismatched.

I take my course in my hand.

the first time they murdered me

I lost a way of smiling I had.

Then, each time they killed me,

They were taking anything from me …

and today, of my corpses, I am

The most naked, which has nothing more…

Burns a candle stump, yellowish…

As the only good that stood to me!

Ideal Aurora of Days My Laughter,

When, damp with kisses in resessos

Your spontao laughter, awakening dreams …

Minh’Alma is sad as the flower that dies

pended by the ungrateful stream;

No kisses gives you the turn that runs,

Neither sweet singing the bush of the bush!

just who is enough for you

enough to do it!

Life is brief, the soul is vast:

Tue is late.

For you and for me, time will be,

and time there is still one hundred indecisions,

and a hundred views and revisions;

Then a toast with your tea.

If in the dreams of the night it packed

Without a moan, without even one,

is that the milk of life he dreamed

In a woman!

But I will face the divine sun,

The sacred look in which the panther burns.

I will know why the web of destination

There was no one who cut or untied.

I will not be proud or cowardly,

That the blood rebels to the sound of the bell.

I will see the Jaguardo and the afternoon light,

Dream Stone and Cetro of the Divine.

if by chance

We crossed

It would be a serious case

You would laugh until dawn,

I was going to happen


It was going to be a laugh

It was going to be a enjoyment,

It was going to be every day

The same revelry

Until it is no longer poetry

and turn boredom

and not my best dress

It was medicine

Being a woman, come to light bringing the soul carved

For the jokes of life; freedom and love;

Trying from glory to ethereal climbing,

In the eternal aspiration of a superior dream…

When everything is dark

and nothing illuminated,

When everything is uncertain

And you just doubt…

It’s time for the restart.

It starts to believe.

It is urgent inventing joy,

Multiply the kisses, the harvest,

It is urgent to discover roses and rivers

and clear mornings.

When I see that my destiny orders

That, for trying myself, from you apart,

leaving my good so much,

that the same guilt is serious.

Who means what you feel

Don’t know what to say.

Speaks: It seems to mind …

shut up: it seems to forget …

pulsates that true affection to him

that, despite all the human read,

made our existence admitted,

and in a corner put the whole world.

goodbye! Forever Goodbye!

I go from you; stay at peace.

Volva laughter in your eyes,

I will never see you again.

I am made of wood

Madeira, Dead Matter

But there is nothing in the world

more alive than a door

I close the front of the house,

Closing the head of the barracks.

I close everything in the world,

Only alive open in heaven!

They say there are, gazing galas,

But I don’t know what pleasure consists of.

– or only in the field, or in the rumor of the rooms,

I don’t know why – but the little girl is sad!

all weeping cried. Everyone I had,

fell to my chest full of splendores,

and instead of forming better lands,

made my soul sáfara and sister.

From all corners of the world,

I love with a stronger and deeper love

that ecstatic and naked beach,

where I join the sea, the wind and the moon.

should not tell you

But you keep secret

I reveal this fear of mine

not knowing how to love.

And I will tell you: “Love to understand them!

For only those who love have heard

able to hear and understand stars “.

This is the ideal country that in Douro dreams;

Here the rack of birds snatches me,

and in flowers, curls and festões, untied

Nature The Virginal Treasury.

Dreaming is transporting on gold and steel wings,>

We stopped blue of light and harmony;

is to ambition the sky; is to master the space,

In a powerful and bold flight of fantasy.

The beauty of rhymed poems is not only in sound harmony, but also in the author’s personal expression. After all, it is the combination of ideas and good words that make each text be exciting.

In addition, the verses seem to dance with the musicality of each rhyme, packing feelings with them and developing in readers a reflective and inspiring perspective.

and if you want to know more about this textual genre, also check out these sentences full of sensitivity, teachings and emotions that will touch your soul!

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