50 messages and quotes of naughtiness to provoke the greatest fantasies

By: Tranoniq.com

Sending to your partner a naughty message will arouse in him the greatest wills for you and will make it full of fantasies. They are great for the days when you can’t see each other and are missing. You can enjoy this moment to plan the next meeting.

At this time, leave all the shame aside and say everything you feel like. The more you get ready, the more provocative and sensual you will be. Your boyfriend will like to know that you are full of plans and wills and spend all day thinking about it.

Check out our list of naughty messages and quotes and show a side that he has never seen before. You will see the effects these messages will have when you meet again. There will be no one to resist so much provocation!

Safadeza messages and quotes to show your seductive side

Come lose judgment here with me.

It seems that I could look at you and not want you.

First we kiss, then we take our clothes.

I have a naughty mind … and you are in it.

affection is good, but naughtiness is always welcome.

Take your naughtiness and come here.

Do not put words in my mouth, put your mouth on mine.

What a beautiful mouth. Can I kiss?

Temptation is when the body prohibits, but the mind disobeys.

Save water, take a bath with me.

I have a lot of desires before bed, one of them is you!

I’m screaming help, my only request, that hot love makes it again with me.

kisses me, bites me, speaks in my ear and makes me lose my mind.

I want to smell it, see your body sweat.

wanted to spend a whole weekend with you in bed.

Come that I will give you love without commitment, come that I will make you lose the judgment.

I hope for a love that gets my life and messes with my bed.

I had an erotic dream tonight. I want to tell you and demonstrate detail by detail today.

silly, I only have my hand.

Take me to your room that I take you to heaven.

Just kiss me, the rest we solve in bed.

Do it like this, take off your clothes and come in me.

Don’t want me good night, come here to make her be good with me …

It is absurd the way you awaken in me my most bastard instincts.

I want you to take my breath. I want to get to the clouds and I know you can take me.

I’m crazy to feel your body glued to mine.

My body shakes when your hands touch me.

Just thinking about you, I get that way.

I miss you smelling, your taste, your body.

I steal your first kiss, I ask the second, I charge you the third and convince you to go to the room.

I want to see if today you will handle me.

That we waste more judgment and less time …

I will realize all your fantasies.

I’m dying of you.

I want to repeat that wonderful night with you.

I need a bath, but I wanted your company.

provokes who knows, resists who can.

Crazy thing is the shape of your mouth.

I have something to show you. But you will have to take off my clothes to find out.

prettier than your mouth only our joint.

Every touch of my, loves every text of yours.

Rest well in the afternoon because tonight I won’t let you sleep.

I love it when you get me right.

I won’t do anything you don’t want. But I will provoke until you want to do it!

You make me crazy, you know?

Today I have fire!

wanted to be close to you so I could grab you and kiss you.

Imagine only in the two tonight, me kissing your neck, biting your ear, while you kiss me and feel your body glued to mine.

I didn’t like your clothes, can I take it?

I want to hear your hoarse voice whispering anything in my ear.

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