50 messages and quotes OF Mother’s affection that show the strength of this gesture

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Mother is able to give strength, heal pain and encourage children with small gestures. Your hugs are the best, your way of pleasing food or doing something your children like, makes all the difference. Plook this act of love with the best messages and quotes of affection from mother. Check it out and demonstrate how much you value what your queen does for you!

Mother’s affection messages and quotes that miss the hugs of your queen

Mother’s affection is the fastest thing that exists and the more, the better.

To be strong, every child needs the caresses and the support of his mother.

Mother’s affection comes in hug, kiss, support or a word of love.

When my mother says she believes in me, I feel it is the greatest affection she can offer me.

Thank you for the affection that my mother gives me, because they teach me much more than her scolding. Your forgiveness is your greatest teaching.

mother’s scolding is full of affection because it is made with love and thinking about the best of your children.

Mother is an example of strength, peace, affection and love. Mother is the one who makes our world move first.

In a few days, just a affection of my mother can give me strength to keep fighting.

Mother’s affection is more valuable than gold and more powerful than any medicine. It is a lap -shaped understanding that makes room for the restart.

When the mother does something her son just likes to see him smile, she is giving all her affection.

My mother is my home and her caresses are my sources of strength.

I thank my mother every time she treated me with love, filled me with strength and taught me the way.

Without my mother’s affection, life would be less colorful, less stable and less happy.

My mother finds different ways to demonstrate her affection and I love them all.

Mother’s affection is hug, it’s presence, it’s strength and it’s what we need not to give up.

When my mother says she loves me, I feel her affection coming to my heart even if she is not close.

My mother being my number 1 fan is her way of showing her affection and support.

There is nothing as powerful as mother’s affection but the divine touch.

Mother: The lap that has more love, the affection that has the most strength, the hug that has the most life.

You are the person who supports me the most, welcomes me and shows me that affection can teach and give strength.

All affection I received from my mother became love in my heart.

A mother who leads a busy life, but always has time for her children, demonstrates her affection in the little things.

The affection of a mother may be in quality time, support words or the most delicate gestures.

Children need care and mothers do this with all the affection and love of the world.

The more we grow, the more you realize that mother’s affection makes all the difference in life.

Mother’s affection makes us feel at home, in the most protected place in the world.

A mother’s affection has the power to return the smile immediately to our hearts.

Mother’s affection is warmth that puts everything in place, pushes evil and brings peace.

Mother’s affection is a universal language that every child is able to understand.

Mother’s affection is empty of selfishness and full of altruism.

I believe that a mother’s affection can heal wounds from the heart that is nothing more able.

mothers and children have unique caresses that make perfect sense only for them and no one else.

What I miss most when I grew up is being able to receive my mother’s affection at any time of the day.

growing up is realizing that my mother’s kiss did not heal my bruise, but I had the power to calm my heart.

Even tough mothers understand the power of affection, a word of love and a hug.

Everything I am, or I intend to be, I owe an angel: my mother.

The most beautiful affection my mother has already offered me was to welcome me for what I am.

Mother, your hug heals me. Mother, your stroke helps me. Mother, your love feeds me.

Mother is the one who generates, is the one who loves. It is the one who sings lullays and that in a hug makes the fear pass.

The world may be collapsing, but if I have my mother’s affection, I have the strength to get me back.

where, after all, is the best place in the world? My guess: inside a hug.

No influence is as powerful as that of mother.

When my mother presents me with her affection, I feel that nothing can shake me.

Men are what mothers do them.

The hearts of mothers is an abyss in the bottom of which a forgiveness is always found.

mothers know exactly the affection their children need and the time they need.

Mother means affection, mother means kiss, mother, makes me feel special.

I want to grow with you and every day learn that your heart is like this, my mother.

A hug, mother. I am your son, mother. Your smile, mother, feeds me.

The superpower of mothers is to give affection and they all do it with mastery.

It’s amazing how they always know what your children need. To fill yourself even more from your queen’s love, check out mother’s hug messages and quotes and feel the strength of this simple and powerful gesture!

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