50 messages and quotes of Machado de Assis to go beyond Dom Casmurro

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considered by many to be the largest name of Brazilian literature, Machado de Assis was a writer, poet, playwright and novelist. Known for writing “Dom Casmurro”, the carioca poet has left an amazing baggage of stories you need to know. We have separated messages and quotes from Machado de Assis who will make you dive into the Machadian world. Check it out!

messages and quotes by Machado de Assis about Love

That love has always been a theme for writers we already know and with Machado de Assis was no different.

Repelled Love is Multiply Love.

keep these verses that I wrote crying, as a relief to my longing, as a duty of my love.

Love is a more or less long letter written on velin paper, golden cut, very smelly and quoted; Congratulations Letter when you read, LETTER OF CHOCKS When you have just read.

Each one knows how to love his own way; The mode matters little; The essential is that you know to love.

When two looks are talking to each other around the world is annihilated to the eyes that dispose of them.

If love ends in the grave I think it’s not worth looking for it in this world.

The best way to live in peace is to nourish the self-love of others with pieces of ours.

It seems to them that they have the right and the need to live from themselves and for themselves.

messages and quotes by Machado de Assis about Friendship

No matter what happens or how long it goes: true friends always stay. Check out some ax messages and quotes about friendship!

What does the time matter? There are eight -day and indifferent friends of eight years.

It is not a friend who boasts friendship: he is a drug dealer; Friendship feels, it is not said.

Friendship is like a circle and how a circle has no beginning or end.

Because friend does not ask, you do not buy, nor sell yourself. Friend we feel!

Happy the dogs, who for the Faro discover friends.

Faithfulness to friends was rather the result of the custom of the consistency of affections.

I just don’t want to lose your friendship. This friendship that strengthens me ennobles me for having you.

messages and quotes by Machado de Assis about politics

The writer also expressed political thoughts in his works. See:

Listen to this advice: in politics, you don’t forgive or forget anything.

Abolition is the dawn of freedom; Emancipated black, it remains emancipate the white.

In itself, madness is already a rebellion. Judgment is order, it is the constitution, justice and the laws.

Vanity is a principle of corruption.

Come, come the female vote; I wish, not only because it is the idea of ​​notable publicists, but because it is an aesthetic element in the elections, where there is no aesthetics.

It is not the occasion that makes the thief, he told someone; The proverb is wrong. The exact form must be this: the occasion makes the theft; The thief is born.

Occasions make the revolutions.

Ah, my dear Rubião, this of politics can be compared to the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ; nothing is missing. Neither the disciple who denies nor the disciple he sells.

Assisi Machado messages and quotes for Writing

With his classics, the author is on the list of literary works requested in entrance exams around Brazil. Check out some messages and quotes of the most outstanding works:

we kill time, time buries us.

Capitu was also more curious. Capitu’s curiosities give to a chapter.

In his opinion, what distinguished the dog man was the faculty of making one night if he didn’t look like another.

Life without struggle is a dead sea in the center of the universal organism.

Have you ever noticed her eyes? They are thus oblique and disguised.

I am not exactly a deceased author, but a deceased author.

capitu, that is, a very particular creature, more woman than I was a man.

The eyes continued to say infinite things, the words of mouth were that they didn’t even try to leave, they made their hearts silent as they came.

Short Assisi Machado messages and quotes

Did you miss writing? Check out these short and amazing messages and quotes from Machado de Assis.

There is no public joy that it is worth a good particular joy.

Lying is often as involuntary as breathing.

chance is a god and a devil at the same time.

believe in itself, but do not always doubt others.

is dead: we can praise you at will.

Do not love the same woman twice.

Do not lift the sword over the head of those who asked you forgiveness.

I feel the nostalgia of immorality.

Sleeping is an interim way of dying.

Best messages and quotes of Machado de Assis

There are always those quotes that when we hear we call the author directly. See the best Machadian messages and quotes!

The art of living is to take the greatest good of the greatest evil.

A philosopher coachman used to say that the taste of the carriage would be tiny if everyone went from carriage.

Life is a huge lottery; The awards are few, the malicents numerous, and with the sighs of one generation is that the hopes of the other are kneaded.

Everything is an ally of the man who knows how to want.

Many things are said to be better silent, because silence has no face, but the words yes have many faces.

Each season of life is an edition, which corrects the previous one, and which will also be corrected, until the definitive edition, that the editor gives the worms for free.

When you can’t hide with the path of the heart, you take the path of the door.

At the age of fifteen, there is even a grace to threaten a lot and do not perform anything.

No need to run so much; whatever has to be yours in hand will go.

The first glory is the repair of errors.

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