50 messages and quotes of gratitude to God for status celebrating your love and care

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God’s love and commitment in each one’s life is something that must be celebrated every day. There are so many achievements and victories that it is sometimes difficult to thank for so many blessings received. So how about taking a little time from your day to meditate on these messages and quotes of gratitude to God for status and share with your contacts?

messages and quotes of gratitude to God for status that demonstrate how good He is

Gratitude, because God is good!

To be happy is to find strength in forgiveness, hopes in battle, security on the stage of fear, love in the mismatches. Is to thank God every minute for the miracle of life.

If you suffer, thank God! It is a clear sign that you are alive.

It was never luck or chance, it was always God!

How good it is to surrender thanks to the Lord and sing praises to your name, O Most High; Announce your loyal love in the morning and at night your faithfulness

The Lord is so good to me that it is impossible to fear it

Living each day with gratitude and under the protection of God.

This is the day the Lord acted; Let us rejoice and rejoice on this day.

Thank you, Lord, for your love. How good it is to live miracles!

Thank you, my God, for your greatness and infinite love.

Thank you for freeing me and saving, for died in my place. Thank you!

In gratitude, I sing to you. With my heart, I come to worship. Minh’alma is right with you. You are my Lord, my Savior.

Thank you, God, for your grace. You are my strength and my refuge.

If words do not show, how great my gratitude is. Even so Lord, receive my praise.

I thank you for all the fun that you gave me, all the love you offered without me deserving.

Every day is the day to thank God. We live to make our lives a hymn of praise.

I thank you, because I know that one day you chose me and delivered everything that was yours and made me live.

I thank you for having feet to walk. Thank you for having hands to work. Thank you for having a mind to think. Thank you for having a voice to praise.

gratitude, father, because I know that the Lord is always taking care of everything.

I will worship you with all my being. When I am closer to you, I strengthen my living. I will exalt you with my heart. Majesty, I’m here to surrender my love, my gratitude. Who will I go if your voice is life?

I thank you for my family and for your presence in my home. I thank you for the bread of each day that you never missed.

Thank you, God. Even your “no” is wonderful!

I already thank you for your wonders and the miracles that will still operate.

Let’s lift our voice to praise you. With my life, I will exalt you. With all my being, I will worship you.

Dear God, today I just want to say: Thank you for exactly everything.

Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good. Your love lasts forever!

Giving GOD Father for all things for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Gratitude, my God, for all that I receive from you and for all that is yet to come. Everything that comes from you is love!

Bless, O my soul, to the Lord, and all that is in me bless your holy name.

we give you thanks, O God, we give thanks, for the name is your name; Everyone talks about your wonderful achievements.

Gratitude is to recognize in the details the immense care of God.

My God, I have so much to thank you that I don’t even know where to start.

Gratitude is to wake up and realize that God sustained me for another night.

God, thank you for protecting me and always illuminating with your teachings.

Thank you, God. I could not have come here without you.

Lord, thank you for every time you didn’t give up on me, even when I myself saw no hope myself.

I thank God even for the bad times, for they taught me too much, especially that I have nothing to fear when he is with me.

God, gratitude for your patience and love. Without you, I would be nothing.

With every breath, with every step I take, my soul overflows with gratitude to God every day.

My mouth was made to praise and thank God.

The secret of happiness is to live moment at moment and thank the Lord for all that in his goodness sends us in everyday life.

Every day I thank God for your love, patience and dedication to me.

God is good, is merciful and kind. We will always be grateful for everything he is!

I never tire of thanking my God for everything He does, has done and will do in my life.

Thank you, my God, for my life, for my family, my friends and all that I have.

gratitude, father, for my home, for my life and all that the Lord has given me.

Thank God, for the greatest gift there is: life.

In every detail, I see the love of God and I praise you and thank you for everything!

Thank you, my God, for the love and mercy that the Lord exercises for each of your children.

My gratitude is all focused on God, for there is no luck, just his love.

Whenever you have a little time, thank God for everything He does in your life! To do this, also read these messages and quotes of gratifying psalms and let your praise be marked by the word divine.

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