50 messages and quotes of errors that will help you learn to deal with them

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As many say, making mistakes is human! Yes, we all make mistakes at some point in our lives. It is impossible to escape failure, they are part of us and we can only accept them.

In addition to our own mistakes, we also need to deal with other people’s mistakes. We are subject to err but also vulnerable to being hurt and disappointed. So if we have to live daily with this, why not take experience and wisdom from these situations?

We have selected a list full of error messages and quotes for you to read and reflect on all that failures can change in our lives. Check it out and share with other people, they can also be inspired!


Everything in the world has some failure, and with love could not be different either. Even with all its wonders, he also makes mistakes! After all, loving is a human condition and we are far from perfection. Have you made a mistake in love? Check out this list of error messages and quotes in love and reflect:

All passions lead us to make mistakes, but love makes us make the most ridiculous.

In life there are mistakes and truths. To say that I love you may have been my biggest mistake, but it was my greatest truth!

True love is not that linked to perfection, but the one who accepts errors in him, for error is human and love is sacred.

Love is not perfect, we need to learn to accept our mistakes.

Love is to understand that mistakes have happened, but they were forgotten, and others will happen, but will be overcome.

True love needs to be prepared for all types of errors.

Who loves, err.

Mistakes for love are born with forgiveness.

Yes, I was wrong. Love does not come with an instruction manual.

Even the perfection of love is subject to errors. After all, loving is risking. And risk it has its risks of not working.

Human Error messages and quotes

We are beings with soul and emotions, so we are susceptible to failures all the time … It is impossible that throughout our life we ​​have not wrong at some point. The important thing is to know how to deal with these situations, learning from their own flaws. Check out some sentences of human errors and reflect on your:

Missing is human. Change with them, even more.

Not correcting our faults is the same as making new mistakes.

Men make mistakes, the great men confess that they have made a mistake.

Some people never make the same mistakes twice. Always discover new mistakes to make.

Do not blame life for all the things that happened to you. Many pains are caused by our own mistakes.

wise is the human being who has the courage to go before the mirror of his soul to recognize his mistakes and failures and use them to plant the most beautiful seeds on the ground of his intelligence.

When we examine a man’s mistakes, we know his character.

There are no one who does not make mistakes, and great men make big mistakes.

No man is shielded with failures. Accept your vulnerability and ability to make mistakes.

To men, it is only meant to learn to make mistakes and to fix their mistakes.

Error and regret messages and quotes

If there were no regrets, they would not be errors. Wronging is normal and regretting what you made, too! Never be ashamed to feel remorse for something, it serves so that we do not commit it again. See this list of errors and regret messages and quotes we have selected and think about the weighs:

The biggest mistake you can make is to be afraid to make some time.

I don’t regret anything I’ve done or stop doing it, if I did it because I believed it was right, and if I didn’t do it, it was because I was sure it wasn’t worth it …

Wisdom is knowing how to transform a regret for some learning error.

I regret the things of the things I said, but never of my silence!

Recognizing errors and repenting is a virtue.

I do not regret any mistakes made, because if they were not to have never learned what it is to make mistakes.

The error, when it is wrong, may cause no pain … suffering certainly comes with regret.

errors, regrets, learning and hits. Never forget about this sequence, it transforms lives.

You will make mistakes. It will make decisions and sometimes will regret these choices. Sometimes there will be no right choice, only the best of many bad options.

The best way to avoid sin is to regret before making an error.

Error and Forgiveness messages and quotes

Just as errors are a rich source of teachings and personal growth, forgiveness is too. Along with failures comes the ability to forgive and be forgiven, and this is one of the most important things we can practice during life. See this selection of mistakes and forgiveness and get inspired to forgive more!

for errors there is forgiveness; to failures, chance; impossible loves, time.

You will only succeed in life when learning to forgive errors and disappointments.

Forgive once, because making mistakes is human. I forgive two because the human being is stupid sometimes. But I can’t live forgiving because that would be my incompetence.

You have to forgive even our own mistakes.

Sometimes we give people a second chance, not because we learn to forgive their mistakes, but for fear of losing them forever.

Forgiving is a vote of confidence. Just forgive those who have the ability to learn from their mistakes.

Forgiving the mistakes of others may be as difficult as admitting ours.

It is worthy for a man to recognize his mistakes. It is divine forgive.

No matter how good one person is, he will hurt him from time to time and you need to forgive it for it.

For errors there is forgiveness. And forgiving yourself can be the first step.

Past errors messages and quotes

Who does not have a past full of errors that throw the first stone. If we did not miss, we would never have grown in life and learned several lessons that only the failures we commit can bring. So don’t be ashamed or fear of your story, she has a lot to teach you! Check out this list of past errors and reflect:

The fool is walking to the future without repairing the mistakes of the past!

Even if they have made very serious errors in the past, it is possible for these people to recover and evolve surprisingly, if they find a favorable environment and, in people’s smile, a second chance.

When we are able to recognize and forgive the acts of ignorance committed in the past, we fortify and put ourselves to constructively solve the problems of the present.

Don’t look back if the past hurts you, but always come back to repair your mistakes.

It is from the past of lived things that we learn to correct our mistakes.

I can’t change the mistakes of my past, but I can change my future so as not to make the same mistakes.

Forgetting the past is to risk repeating the same mistakes. I want new mistakes.

Before thinking about the future, think of the past, not to make the same mistakes, but to repeat the same joys.

Be yourself and try not to make the same mistakes as the past. In fact, try to learn from them, because they will show you how good it is to live.

As its name implies, the past is left behind. Long live the present and learn from your mistakes and hits.

When making mistakes, we always have two options. The first is to choose to learn from the failure we commit and become better humans and the second is to persist in mistake. Always choose the first option! To make you reflect on this, we have this selection of learning messages and quotes. Check it out and get inspired to grow!

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