50 messages and quotes of Erasmo Carlos to revive hits that marked a generation

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At 81, one of the young Guarda’s greatest icons ends his career marked by successes. Pioneering singer of Brazilian rock, prodigious instrumentalist and composer of handle, Tremendão packed unforgettable moments of generations and portrayed Brazil as few knew how to do. So check out the music legacy of this music giant with Erasmo Carlos messages and quotes that will miss you a lot!

Erasmo messages and quotes Carlos to miss Tremendão

I don’t want to talk to those who have no love anymore.

I lead my life crying around the world.

Why lament what happened … There is someone else waiting for you.

This ungrateful rain that will not stop to relieve my pain.

I know that if you expect a little more, my love and my affection to you I will give without regret.

I know the world weighs a lot of pounds, don’t get me wrong if I ask you to cut the crickets.

I’m keeping the good thing about me to give you when you arrive.

With the strength of my corner, I warm your room to dry your tears.

Make me your toy, you are my plot.

Right people are open people! If love calls me, I will.

I leave the obvious and make my feet on the floor, I am one more in the crowd.

I will make you, the bridge raised to the other side of life.

Cut her tail, step on, hits her … Take the lie!

If life has been bad for you and the ungrateful fate makes you suffer … never cry again, you will be happy!

However, what matters to me is confessing to you once again. I don’t know how to love anyone else …

I am still happiness looking, but always loneliness and sadness finding.

Don’t cry anymore, don’t suffer like that, because I can give you endless love.

Hair on the forehead, I’m the owner of the party! I belong to the ten more.

They say the woman is fragile sex, but that absurd lie!

Who has nothing to do with it, came to life and did not love it.

Then, then, you will be convinced … that if the world weighs, it won’t be prayer that you will live.

You need a man to call yours, even if this man is me.

And I keep the impression that I’ve seen a year without seeing you, a year without loving you …

Sometimes I suspect that joy is illusion and that love does not enter my heart.

My car is red, I don’t use mirror to comb!

There is someone in the crowd, who will worship him with devotion.

You think of me, I think of you. I try to sleep, you try to forget …

I know my love was very far away, in a rain that fell.

I was not born to live lying, smiling in return and die running away.

I write you these bad lines, my love! Because the longing came to visit my heart …

and every time you kiss me, my life I want to deliver you.

Your wisdom is priceless, satisfies my ego, pretending to be submissive, but deep down me.

inside, with the soul inaranated, I’m a child, I don’t understand anything …

By falling in love with you I didn’t notice, that you had only enthusiasm.

Girls say being sad is my defect. I want to be happy, have someone to love.

alone in the silence of your room, seeks the sword of your Savior.

When I appear the comment is general: it is the good, it is too good!

I hope I don’t wait in vain, for her that makes me cry.

In the old days when I exceeded or did something wrong, of course my mother said: He’s a child, he doesn’t understand anything.

One day, sly kitty, I hold you in my heart.

You are my sweetheart, you are my love. You are a brick that was missing in my construction.

Woman, at the school where you were taught I never took a 10. I am strong, but I do not reach your feet.

Love is fire and boils burning, I’m wounded now and I keep loving you.

That’s why we are the same, we are two animals that get excited, who are friendly.

The people who walk, wherever it is. It’s a people who are so mine!

Too great has always been our love, but fate wanted to separate us …

I hope excuses my mistakes, please, in the sentences of this letter which is a proof of affection …

Who has the key to the mystery does not fear the fear of loving.

Rain Bring my little ben, because I need affection. Tell her not to make me sad …

is what my grandmother said: before unsuccessful than only.

Certainly, Tremendão was not “one more in the crowd.” He made his name in Brazilian music and gave him new rhythms, raising national music to a remarkable experience for generations.

The young guard was composed of the best with their hymns. Since “I want everything to go to hell”, “your stupidity”, “sly kitten”, “if you think” and “how great my love for you”, the talent of creating timeless songs represented by these is undeniable. Erasmo messages and quotes Carlos.

Erasmus was also an excellent composer of many hits from other singers, such as “My name is Gal” sung by the MPB muse. Be sure to check out Gal Costa messages and quotes that have won so many hearts. The sky must be a “break -in party” with so many talents that are gone!

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