50 messages and quotes of Brazilian poets to fall in love with national literature

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Poetry has the ability to bring the reader to a unique universe and deep feelings. And it is a fact that national writers know how to do this better than anyone. Transmitting the most beautiful emotions, the brilliant minds of Brazilian literature deliver the soul into their verses. Next, check out the most unforgettable messages and quotes of Brazilian poets that will play your heart!

messages and quotes of Brazilian poets that marked national literature and deserve to be remembered

The first love has passed. The second love has passed. The third love has passed. But the heart continues.

I’m not happy or I’m sad: I’m a poet.

all the time I see him … Your body … The only island in the ocean of my desire …

My voice still echoes perplexed verses with blood and hunger.

I love you, finally, with great freedom, within eternity and every moment.

recreate your life, always, always. Remove stones and rosemakes and make sweets. Start.

A mirror does not keep the things reflected!

What a rescendant aroma: for what is this essence, if existence is not concerned…

the suns and the moons, I believe God made them for other lives.

And the dream came: and was shattered! And the blood came: the illuminated milestone, the lost struggle and my grei!

Life is more happy than sad. It is better to be.

The greatest wealth of man is his incompleteness. At this point I am wealthy.

It is not enough to know that I am loved, not only wish your love: I wish to have your delicate body in my arms, have the sweetness of your kiss in my mouth.

I remember my absolute submission. Not to the man. To Love.

A part of me is a multitude: another strange part and loneliness.

This wanting to be exactly what we are will still take us beyond.

Brief is a long thinking, let the long one be a short feel, that everything is light in such a way that time never takes.

My land is far away from the bands from where the sun comes; This land is more beautiful, but to the other I want well!

Our sky has more stars, our floodplains have more flowers, our woods have more life, our life more love.

Being a woman, calculating all the short infinity for the wide expansion of desired outbreak, in spiritual ascension to the perfect ideals.

Dreams are going on the wings of disbelief, dreams come back in the wings of hope.

Around man’s life there are certain glass boxes, inside which, as in cage, hear a bug.

As if you lose you on trains, stations, or bypassing a circle of averete waters, thus add to me: flooded nets and yearnings.

What can be silent, who is never talking about, what do you feel? Always if you feel, what is said!

I didn’t know that turning inside out was a deadly experience.

Because love is love to nothing, happy and strong in yourself.

I don’t walk lost, but mismatched. I take my course in my hand.

Let your body understand yourself with another body. Because bodies understand each other, but souls do not.

I-Mulher in Red Rivers I inaugurate Life.

I know I’ll love you. All my life I will love you. In every farewell I will love you. Desperately, I know I’ll love you.

In a life yearning I opened the flight on the impossible wings of the dream.

All those who are clutching my way, they will pass… I go through!

I was aging and losing illusions, what predominates is evil because goodness: no one practices.

From the earth a good smell of life comes out and our feet to it are connected.

A horizon, the longing for what is not going back. Another horizon, the hope of the times that will come. In the present, always dark, the ambitious soul in the voluptuous illusion of the past and the future lives.

What saves you from life is life itself, O Joseph.

Powerful to me is not the one who discovers gold. For me powerful is the one who discovers the insignificance (of the world and ours).

Your smile, child, falls on my martyrons, like a flash of hope, like a blessing from God!

This crime, the sacred crime of being divergent, we will always commit it.

As two and two are four, I know that life is worth it, although bread is expensive and small freedom.

Just as I am in you, I am in it, in us and only when we are in us are we at peace, even if we are alone.

Once upon a time there was a woman who saw a great future for every man who touched her. One day she touched …

Your eyes are black, black, like moonlit nights … They are burning, they are deep, like the blackness of the sea.

Anyway I see you! Anyway, I can, bent your feet, tell you, that I did not cease to want you.

I run away from you, O sea that strokes! Because the sadness that invades me has the continuity of your waves…

sometimes tries, however, nervous and crazy to forget the intense hurt for a moment, tearing a smile to the flower of the mouth.

Love ate my peace and my war. My day and my night. My winter and my summer. Ate my silence, my headache, my fear of death

I dreamed cliffs when there was the garden next door. I thought climbs where there were no tracks.

Late I learned, really is to give the soul as washed.

Much great is your love, and my offense, but it can end the whole sin, and not your love, which is infinite.

Whether talking about love, passion, transformations of life or the obstacles that arise along the way, Brazilian poets always know how to express an extraordinary and exciting worldview.

Through each verse, they allow the reader to see his surroundings with another perspective, making him get in touch and deepen his most intimate feeling.

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