50 messages and quotes of affection for man who praise the best

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Do you know that special person in your life? It can be a great friend, a love or an acquaintance you admire. It is important to record how important it is to you and highlight the things you like in it. This will make you happier and bring you even closer. Check out man messages and quotes for man and share your favorite.


You are a special person who always rejoices me when you are around.

If one takes care of the other, we will never be sad or alone. That’s what you taught me. I am grateful to share loneliness with someone understanding like you.

I offer my affection, my care and everything you need to have your smile always shining.

I think of you and immediately smile. You bring joy and peace to my life.

What we feel for each other is reciprocal, always supports the other and hopes that everything works out.

What matters in this life is finding people who make it special and you are one of them.

We have been partners ever and we will be friends for a lifetime. You are awesome, man!

It is admirable how much you are able to overcome life without losing joy and lightness.

What makes things work is both to be willing to do what I need. I feel that with you is just like that.

You are a very special man for being fun and responsible in the right measure.

In addition to a great friend, you are the person who listens to me when I need and welcomes me when I’m not well.

Whenever you need a hug, you can count on me. I will be your support and I will not leave your side.

In the second I met you, I knew that we would do well because you have incredible energy.

I like to compliment you and see your smile starting out. You look beautiful when you look shy.

I would like the whole world to see you as I see. They would be amazed at how amazing you are.

In many ways, you make my life more special. I want to thank you for always being here and rejoicing me.

Your hug is my favorite because you can warm my body and my heart.

The world is better because you are by my side and give me the best advice.

Your hug warms my heart and promise to hug that do the same for you.

Your friendship gives me the strength to face the world. May everyone be lucky enough to have someone like you in life.

Thank you for finding you and discovering the happiness that is smiling by your side.

You have the gift of calming my heart and showing me that life can get better next to the right people.

You are strong and full of courage. I know it will be successful in everything you do.

With great affection, I say that you are amazing and able to make everyone feel comfortable by your side.

I think of you and miss you because your company is missing in my life.

I value your presence in my life because you can always get the best of me.

Thank you for being a special person who really listens to me carefully. This makes all the difference.

The partnership is so great and friendship is so true that I know we will remain together until the end.

Don’t let go for anything in this world because it’s not always that we find a man as special as you.

It took me a long time to find a whole and fun man and now, I don’t want to let go anymore.

Our friendship saves me from a tedious life and few emotions.

all the bad in the world disappears from my mind when you are close to me.

Your hug took the fun of all others and taught me how to enjoy you even more.

Your smell calms me, your laugh brings me peace and being by your side is all I need to be happy.

If anyone wants to know a real man really, just introduce you.

If it doesn’t work out, we try again, again and again. And if it doesn’t work, we get wrong really.

I just want to see you happy and take you doing what makes you shine.

I live waiting for you to live life with you.

I changed the route and my plans and what I was looking for I found in you.

I don’t like to share you with others because I like to have you just for me.

Who has a friend, even if one, no matter where he is, will never suffer from loneliness; You may miss you, but it will not be alone.

I would like to thank you for the countless times you saw me better than I am. For your ability to look slowly, since in this life many people have already looked at me too quickly.

I worry a lot about you and I am always willing to hear you, help you and support you.

Friendship is a reciprocal predisposition that makes two beings equally jealous of each other’s happiness.

And with every new smile of yours, I will be happy to love you!

I admire your strength and bravery in fighting for your dreams and everything you believe.

The best part of a person’s life is in their friendships.

Sincere friendship is a holy medicine, it is a safe shelter.

There is a piece of you in everything I do.

You are a responsible, intelligent man who still goes far. Know that I am always cheering for you.

He will feel your affection and be happy to have you in your life. And to continue praising important characteristics that you value in it, check out man messages and quotes of value!

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