50 messages and quotes of affection chosen to finger to send to your love

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affection messages and quotes to make life lighter

I love all your hugs.

Never beg affection, attention or love. If it is not given freely, it is not worth having.

There are words that come like a hug … and have hugs that don’t need words …

The best gift you can give is a hug: it is unique size and no one will care if you want to return it.

I take care of you, you take care of me.

I like people who hug. Embrace, strong, tight, tasty, willingly, almost crushing.

Soul wounds are healed with affection, attention and peace.

Well I want myself, I do well. Well I want you, peace I bring you.

affection is the most powerful medicine, taught without dosage and without side effect.

Every person for whom we are affectionate and who is somehow part of our lives, it is in every way, irreplaceable.

There are things that words do not say, only the express gaze, and the affection confirms.

Dedicate your life to the people who love you.

Each one receives according to what it gives. If you give hatred and indifference, you will receive them back. But if you pay attention and affection, you will be surrounded by affection and love.

Everything you do with love has double value!

To escape the thorns of this misleading world, I think of your affection and dream of your love.

The only thing I need is your care.

I love being with you, I love to be with you, your smell makes me travel, your voice makes me sigh.

If black were passion and white were affection, what I feel for you would be checked.

It was your hug that took the fun of all the other hugs.

affection is responsible for nine-dés of any solid and durable happiness in our lives.

Mother, you always took care of me, always prayed for me, always said yes, with all your affection and all your love; I wanted to say that you are my world.

The Commercial Bank of Kisses notifies that a thousand kisses have been deposited in your account. The favor of going to take them carefully.

Of all forms of affection, the only one that matters is the one with a lot of love!

I don’t require great gestures of love, but I don’t give up a affection!

Touch me, hug me, make me smile, stir my hair, offer your food, your patience, your time, your joy…

You taught me all the best I know from the world!

The affection builds the foundations of the house, so that, later, the necessary evidence of life can come.

I feel your affection coming to me with the light of the stars, the warmth of your love coming with the sunlight, and this makes me feel as happy and as light as the breeze …

All brutality fades with a word of affection.

The spaces between the fingers were created so that other people could fill them by holding their hands.

Hug is the only thing in the world that the tighter it is, the more relief it gives.

Three things that have not yet invented: a pencil that write the future, a rubber that erases the past and a ruler that can measure the size of my affection for you!

Your affection took my chest. Today, without you, I can no longer be the same way.

Over time we learn that attention, affection and blush has to be just right. If not, we just clown.

A simple affection has the power to transform a person’s day. Give affection to those you love. This makes the difference.

affection is the water that water the flowers of life.

affection costs so little to compare with the reward it brings.

I will leave a affection and a smile planted in your garden, so that when looking at him feels with you.

If affection were water, it would give you an ocean. If the hugs were plants, it would give you a forest. If life were a planet, it would give you a galaxy just to have you around.

Life works like this, everything you plant today will reap tomorrow. Whether good or not. Therefore, do not plant contempt and hatred waiting for affection and love.

The best friendships give us the best memories.

Life is more enjoyable with gestures of affection.

Calling “boring” is just a caring way to say “I love you”.

Do not require a person’s love, if you do not return affection to them.

I want to see you by my side, making you affection and feeling your smell.

Less card, more affection.

affection is to touch the world of the other.

affection is when we find no word to express what we feel and speak with our hands, putting the cuddor on each finger.

Kisses bring us calm. That affection heals our soul. May the affection remain. May the kindness prevail. And may the good things multiply.

There are days when any affection is welcome.

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