50 messages and quotes for someone special who will help you show your love

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Close your eyes and think of a person you wouldn’t know how to live without. Anyone whoever is, is someone irreplaceable that makes your life better. Without it, perhaps things would not have so funny or advice would be lacking in the hardest times. How about sending tribute messages and quotes to demonstrate how essential this one is to you? Send that message to a special person.

messages and quotes for someone special to know how much loved is and important in your life

What makes a special person is his ability to live intensely for a cause.

When you find someone special and fall in love with this person, you start building a relationship with the care of those who build a wonder.

You are special not for what you have, but because you are mine.

Something special only happens when there is no explanation, and always comes through someone special …

Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. Someone who changes his life simply by being in it.

When you love someone, it is not that one who is special. When you love someone, who is special is you.

You are important!

People who pass on our lives mark us and end up being part of our history. These people are special, just like you.

You are a person of invaluable value.

The special person is the one who plants in you the noblest of feelings.

The special person is more than a prince on a white horse, is someone unexpected who exceeds all his expectations.

Have you ever told you that you are a very special person? Because you are!

Never let you tell you that you are not special, because you are too much! Few people have this glow that I see inside your eyes.

In life we ​​go around… and during these turns we find many people who mark us and make us something special. With you was like this.

In our life we ​​must give affection and love to those special people, just like you, who is the most special person in my life.

There are things that words do not say, only express gaze and affection confirms.

Have you ever told you that you are a very special person? Your affection is so contagious that even if I’m feeling sad, your messages will be able to rejoice.

have you ever told you how important your presence is to many and especially to me? Just the fact that you exist is already a reason for joy!

A special person is one that makes a new feeling born within us …

Your illuminated smile reflects all the purity of your heart! Never let anyone turn out such special light inside you.

They say it takes a minute to meet a special person, one hour to appreciate them, one day to love them and more than a lifetime to forget it.

I don’t care about telling you a few words, what matters is that I want to make you happy!

Every special person who is part of our life is, in any way, irreplaceable, just as you are for me.

I really like you and I wish you all the happiness in the world, for today and forever!

You are one of those few people who in life only are lucky enough to find …

You are a very special person and your friendship is very important to me!

Feel happy because you are very important to me!

My moments by your side are as special as you.

Amazing how small moments are able to make a person so special in our life …

You know it is and will always be someone special for me, being away or close!

Special people have the power to bring us light when everything is dark around us!

longing is a little bit that feels in the heart, when someone has become special!

You are a very special person, not only for me, but for everyone who knows and admires you!

It is with you that I live my best moments.

Never forget that you are a very special and unique person in someone’s life!

Special people shine in our lives like stars in the sky.

A special person is someone who wants us as we are.

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or not, if the weather is cold or hot … with you by my side, I’m always sure it will be a beautiful day!

Without special people like you, no day is special, no moment is memorable and no moment is true.

Life means much more when there is someone special beside it.

There is nothing better than having someone special in our lives, someone who completes us in every way and that’s how I feel when I’m with you!

Knowing how to value every moment of life with a special someone is being able to captivate more and more the feeling that one feels for the other.

That I am lucky enough to continue to have special people in my life like you!

Special moments are even more special if we share with special people.

To be special is to be able to count on people of this kind in life!

Special people make other special lives.

Look around! He looked? Look for the most special person! He thought? Didn’t you find it, you know? The most special person is reading this message now.

Special people are gifts. So we must take care of them with the greatest love in the world … so I love you so much!

A special person is able to illuminate a dark path only with a touch of love.

Never forget about all the potential you carry within you! These powers, only special people have.

To maintain healthy relationships, you need to be able to show affections. That message for a special person can strengthen your ties and make all the difference to remind you of its importance to you.

After all, special people deserve to know the role they play in their lives. It is the chance to make each moment significant and its lasting relationships.

How about keeping love for love for who you like? To continue distributing caresses to those who do you good, check out cute messages and quotes and get inspired when making that statement!

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