50 messages and quotes for little daughter who will demonstrate all your love

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To have a little daughter is to be blessed with daily doses of love, joy and affection, and be contemplated with the gift of seeing her growing day after day, becoming who always dreamed. >

Therefore, then check out messages and quotes for the young daughter who will help you demonstrate all your admiration for this golden girl. Check it out and share!

messages and quotes for little daughter who will exalt the qualities of your princess

The greatest blessing of my life is to be part of it. I love you, daughter, with all my heart.

You are small, but my love for you is so big that it overflows. Even when you grow up, you will still have all the space of the world inside my heart, daughter.

I know a girl who is beautiful, cute, smelling, sweet, charming, loving and intelligent: my daughter I love!

No matter how much you grow, it will always be my little one.

I love you, my daughter! There is nothing in the world more important to me than your happiness.

Before you conceived it, I wanted it. Before he was born, he loved her. Before I completed an hour of life, I would die for you. And this is the miracle of life.

My daughter, you are a golden girl, the princess of my kingdom and my greatest joy!

It’s amazing that such a small baby is the reason for my greatest happiness. I love you, my daughter!

I never tire of looking at my daughter and thanking this beautiful princess that God sent me. I love my girl so much.

daughter, breath about your life petals of blessings. All good that for you I cannot do, let the sky take place.

daughter, you are the biggest blessing and the greatest gift I could receive. I love you as I never loved anyone and I know I will love you forever.

My daughter so small, my beautiful baby, I will love you as long as in this world live!

daughter, you are my treasure!

Just as God created the world and gave us life, it made me believe that self -love is only overcome when you have a daughter, because you are what I have the most valuable.

My daughter, you are my most precious asset. Each day that passes by your side is a blessing, because it makes me discover the strength of love that unites us.

My daughter came out of a fairy tale and came to be the princess of the castle that I call home.

My greatest joy is to see my daughter growing healthily, surrounded by love and numerous possibilities to become who she wants.

My daughter is a princess with a golden heart and it is a great pride to know that I am an important part in your life.

I thank God for the opportunity to have a beautiful daughter, which I will love forever and with all my strength.

On the day you were born, I met a greater love than life itself and that will be more eternal than time. I love you, daughter!

I recently discovered a new life mission: fighting every day for your happiness, my daughter.

daughter, my mother’s heart has love to give it to never end. Do not forget that. I love you so much.

My daughter is growing at incredible speed and every day becomes smarter and more safe from who she is. She fills my heart with pride!

You are taking the first steps, but in my heart you have been going for a long time and there has planted a lot of love.

With each passing day you demonstrate that you are the daughter I always dreamed!

daughter… very short word for the world that just put in our hands. Very small world for what we want to give you.

The light that illuminates my whole path, there is no more essential and important person in the world than you.

You are a ray of heavenly light that illuminates my life and fills my heart with love and pride, my daughter!

daughter, protect you are the greatest mission of my life and the reason for all my peace!

How can such a small being change someone’s life so much? Well, you changed mine.

My life started to work when you arrived.

My daughter, my princess, with you I found that my heart is giant and not stop growing, because my love for you increases every day.

Knowing you realized everything I was missing and that until then I had never been really happy. I love you, daughter!

daughter, feeling you reach my arms opened in my heart a space that will be only and forever yours.

When I held you in my arms I already knew that nothing would be as big as my love for you, daughter.

I thought I knew how to love it, but I didn’t know. My daughter, the true meaning of love I found when my happiness came to depend on yours. I love you to infinity!

My daughter, my princess, you grow so fast that soon it will be my queen.

The light of your eyes is what guides me, my daughter. I love you, my baby!

I just want to say that you are my most favorite thing in the world!

Never forget that my lap will be forever yours.

No matter how much you grow, it will always be my little one.

I promise to protect you, love and take care of your heart every day of my life. I love you, daughter!

My happiness fits inside my arms. I love you, my beautiful daughter!

All my days have been blessed since you arrived, daughter. The brightness of your eyes illuminated my life.

You are my treasure, my light and the love of my life. I love you, daughter!

Dream loudly, my little one!

daughter, you were the biggest gift I have ever received. Your smile illuminates my days and makes me believe that everything will work out.

my princess: everything I have in life.

My daughter, let happiness always be part of your life.

And remember my promise, asking you not to be in a hurry, that my lap will always be yours, just like my love, no matter how old you are a thousand years and for all eternity.

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