50 messages and quotes for father who affirm the importance of your hero in your life

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It is very special to have a present, loving and affectionate father. He is your example for so many things and your advice make all the difference in your life. For all that he represents, he deserves to know how much you love him. Check out the best messages and quotes for dad and fill your old with loving and full of love statements!

messages and quotes for father who will fill their old man with affection

You are my hero and my mirror about character and honesty.

It’s been a while I wanted to make a song for you to live longer.

taught me to love, taught me to dream, if today I am here I owe you.

Father, forgiveness for all the work I gave you. Know that I am grateful for everything you did for me.

Your hug can calm me and your love gives me strength. You are the best, father! It’s my fortress!

True love never wears out. The more it occurs the more you have.

every step of mine is to make you proud, father. I want to be the son you deserve.

The greatest inheritance I will receive from you is your love, the teachings that echo me and the happy memories.

and, with you, I learned all the lessons, I faced my dragons.

dad, thanks for challenging me to go further and show the best version of me!

Father, you were my hero, my thug. Today is more much more than a friend… You are part of this path that today I follow in peace.

I am proud to be your son and to see closely what it is to be a man, how strong and struggling.

Father, without your support, care and love, I would not be so happy. You are the best.

You are my king and the model that teaches me to be a man, my strong arm, my refuge. I love you, dad!

I wanted to be in front of you to be just to say: Thank you, dad!

Thanks for the support and dedication in every phase of my life. You are an amazing father!

Father, I always want to see you happy and proud of me. I hope I admire how I admire you.

Among all superheroes, you are my favorite because you are real and I can see the enemies close.

Father, you are my best friend and my hero. Your happiness is my goal!

Father for all hours and friend to face anything. I love you!

Your hug makes me feel safe and give me hope in life.

With you, I learned to respect life and battle for our dreams. Thank you for everything, dad!

The best advice you ever gave me, dad, was always believing in me as you believe.

When I need affection, I run to you, father, because it is the best in the world.

I grew up with an example of man thanks to you, father. It is with you that I want to seem to me.

Father, your hug refuel my energies and leaves me prepared for life.

I am the blood of your blood, daddy.

I take good care of you because you are the only father I have and the most precious. I love you, my old man.

No matter how much I grow, you will always be my favorite person of life.

My dream is to be as good for my children as you were and remains for me.

It’s not just my father, it’s my number 1 fan and I thank you for your support because without it, I would be nothing.

My children will be lucky enough to have the most excited and fun grandfather around the world.

While there is you on the other side, here on the other I can guide myself.

Thank you for your advice and always make me smile with your love, father!

Life is more fun by your side, father, because you know how to enjoy every moment with joy.

Father, thank you for teaching me the lightness of life, the strength of love and the beauty of our relationship.

Our beautiful memories are my favorite and smile whenever I think of you, Father.

Father, I do everything I can to repay and thank all the effort I dedicated to me.

A father is worth more than a hundred school masters.

All the seeds you planted in me arear fruit for being sown with love.

We are not perfect, but we understand our way. I love you, dad!

When I’m far away, I miss your meek voice giving me advice and boosting me, Father.

Father, you make your life more fun with your stories and jokes. I love you!

God blessed me with a father who teaches me about love and to be strong. I love you, my old man.

If everyone was the same as you … how wonderful to live!

I have a friend for my life and I call him “father”.

I want to be strong like you, father. Thank you for being the best example for me.

It is so good to have pulled for you, to feel that there is a little of your strength in my features, my hero, my father, my pride.

I thank God for the gift of being your son and carrying in me all I admire in you!

My hero is my father who wins the daily battles to give me a happy life.

That this relationship is becoming increasingly beautiful even when it becomes grandpa. And to declare your love to your children, check out father’s messages and quotes to son and repeat the relationship you had with your father!

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