50 messages and quotes for best friends who show why they are amazing

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For life, we make many friends. Some will leave over time, but others will remain. Those who dare to call the best, those who connected with our soul, who love us, are present and support us in everything. If you have already found yours, you will identify with our messages and quotes for best friends. Check it out!

messages and quotes for best friends who praise those who are always by your side

I know that our friendship will last longer than a life, because you are my favorite person in the world.

A real friend is present until when physical presence is not possible.

You are my best friend, your presence makes my life more lively, cheerful and special.

Best friends understand themselves only by the look, the words become just supporting.

My best friend always finds a way to show that he loves me. He is the brother that life gave me!

God did not make mistakes when I did not make you my brother. Sometimes there are blood brothers who do not even have affection for each other, but undoubtedly hit when we allowed us to know and transformed you into my best friend. You are the brother I asked him!

Best friends are too precious. Are pieces of rare diamonds that we keep carefully in our hearts.

My smile is instant when I’m surrounded by my best friends. They make life look good.

Best friends are those who know you very well and choose to love you despite your defects.

Living is difficult, but it becomes more bearable when we have the right companies by our side.

There is nothing better than keeping friends who have always been by our side.

I thank my friendships because they make life lighter, more lively and more unforgettable.

Best friends are those who cheer us up, but they also know the time to pull our ear.

The advice of the best friends are accurate because they are the people who know us best all over the way.

I built a new family with only people I love. I call them “best friends”!

True friends remain even when the storm comes and drags everything.

When I discovered our friendship, I realized that I had found the rare treasure that so many people seek.

There is a bright light in life that only sees those who have the best friends in the world.

A fun friendship is all we need to improve our life.

Best friends are those who carry within themselves, a piece of our hearts.

True friendships don’t have to meet every day, they just need to be available!

By my best friends, I would abandon everything I was doing just to know that they are well.

Only best friends are not, we are soul and heart brothers.

I don’t need anything else to be happy when I know my best friends are with me.

We like to cause and can turn any normal day into an unforgettable time!

Who has friends like mine, will never feel only or sad.

It is better the company of my best friend than to be with a very famous person.

I will always support your plans, I will be by your side, take care of you and be your guardian angel.

Best friends curse, but preserve immense love behind each word.

I ask God to take care of my friends because so, He is also taking care of me.

Friendship is not about the time that one is in your life, but making sure that they will always remain.

Best friends are like the sun, come back every day, illuminate our lives, warm our hearts and shine stronger and stronger.

Friend is to keep in your heart and hold your hand so that he knows that he can count on you.

It was in the chaos of life that I found that the best friends are those who decided to stay.

Friendship is a love that never dies.

Friendship is unnecessary, such as philosophy, like art … it has no survival value; Before, it is one of those things that value survival.

When the floor crumbles, they are the best friends who help you fly so as not to fall.

Friendship redoubles the joys and divides the pains.

To meet friends, it is necessary to go through success and misfortune. In success, we verify the quantity and, in disgrace, the quality.

True friendship arises when silence between two people is comfortable.

I could bear, though not painless, that they had died all my loves, but would go crazy if they died all my friends.

I like you, and I like to be with you, my laugh is so happy with you, my best friend is my love …

Best friends, in fact, are brothers who for some mistake did not fall in our family.

If you need to even have to call, I’m closer than you think. You don’t even know, but I’m ready to help you. To take care of you, I made a friendship here because of you, I became the best friend of your guardian angel.

you are everything I need, you are my best friend, I don’t want to sadde you.

I do not promise and do not ask anything anymore. I want to have you with me, your smile our love and our peace. I’ll be your best friend.

Friendship makes the best of a person emerge by forgetting himself.

It was a person equal to one hundred thousand other people. But I made her a friend, and now she’s unique in the world.

said very well who defined his friend as half of his own soul. I really had the feeling that our two souls were one in two bodies.

All the riches of the world are not worth a good friend.

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