50 messages and quotes by Paulo Leminski who will make you delight for your works

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Your day will be lighter with these messages and quotes from Paulo Leminski. The Brazilian poet and writer managed to create poems and books easy to understand and with incredible reflections. Full of humor and pun, he addresses subjects such as love and life. It is worth knowing and sharing your work!

PAULO LEMINSKI messages and quotes that will make you understand why all your success

I have fun to think that at various times, I’m fighting with myself. I hope everyone has fun. There is not much more to do in this world.

To you, I leave the sleep. The dream, no! This one I carry myself!

Destiny wanted us to find ourselves, in the same stanza and in the same class, in the same verse and in the same sentence.

Love is a link between blue and yellow.

Here in this stone, someone sat down to look at the sea. The sea did not stop to be looked at. It was sea for everything that is side.

Notice well what I don’t say.

place where everyone is right, better not to have any.

This wanting to be exactly what we are will still take us beyond.

Everything said, nothing done, fight and deito.

You will never know what comes after Saturday, maybe a much more beautiful and wiser century, maybe just another Sunday.

poetry is not done with words, but with bad words.

Question so rich, did you need to walk around begging answers?

Love, so, too, it’s over? No, let me know.

When I saw you had a brilliant idea. It was like I looked from inside a diamond and my eye won a thousand faces in a single instant.

plums, love them or leave them.

Love I know the symptoms and bruises.

Just a moment and you have a lot of love.

I can take but not guarantee.

Never make the same error twice. I already make two, three, four, five, six until this error learns that only the error has time.

My brief, brief soul. The lighter element in the Mendeleiev table.

nothing is taken. Except the led life we ‚Äč‚Äčlead.

waiter, one more dose! Heart hurting love and arterioesclerosis!

poetry was a response.

I don’t argue with fate, what to paint I sign.

the other one in me, it’s you.

And only when we are in us, we are at peace. Even if we are alone.

Life does not imitate art. Imitates a bad television program.

Just seeking meaning really makes sense. Apart from this, it has no meaning.

Your laughter reflects in your rich rhyme corner. Sun radius in gold tooth.

I have the impression that I said everything. And everything was so suddenly.

Before afternoon dawns and night becomes day, put poetry in coffee and coffee in poetry.

Deep down, deep down, deep down, we would like to see our problems solved by decree.

A man with a pain is much more elegant.

Watch out for what does not change. Here we stay. Here things happen.

Mystery River. What would me be if they took me seriously?

The paper is short. Living is long. Hidden or ambiguous, everything I say has ultrasound.

I write. And ready. I write because I need, I need because I’m dizzy.

I will be for you more than a dog. A shadow that warms you, a God who does not forget, a servant who does not say.

But problems are not solved, problems have a big family. And on Sundays everyone goes out: the problem, your lady and other little problems.

Books know by color thousands of poems. What a memory!

wrote in space. Today, graphic in time, skin, palm, petal, light of moment.

When the mystery arrives, it will find me sleeping, half by giving Saturday, another half, Sunday.

It was a star alone, no one looked at her. And all the light she had fit in a window.

See well where you can be my heart.

Will you see me with other eyes or the eyes of others?

There is today for that yesterday.

The night, huge, everything sleeps, except your name.

In this life, one can learn three things from a child: always being happy, never being inactive and crying hard for everything you want.

Save anyone who wants, get lost who can.

You to see what expects you. Only one cloud separates you from the stars.

It is no wonder your words fell in people’s taste and hearts. And to continue knowing a little more than one of the biggest hits in Brazil, don’t miss these messages and quotes by Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

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