50 messages and quotes by Matheus and Kauan to assume his love for Brazil

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For sure you’ve already caught yourself singing any of the hits of country duo Matheus and Kauan. The singers and siblings were born in Itapuranga, the interior of Goiás and started their career together in 2010. The two were always interested in music and dreamed of being successful with their compositions. They even wrote songs for other country singers, such as Jorge and Matheus, Gusttavo Lima and Michel Teló.

Between 2013 and 2015 they released three live albums and from there exploded success throughout Brazil. Currently, their songs are known and loved by thousands of fans and play daily on radio and parties across the country. Among the most famous are “live and color”, “how lucky ours” and “decides there”.

It is impossible not to fall in love with the lyrics of the songs loaded with romantic and touching messages. So we made a list of the best messages and quotes of Matheus and Kauan for you to use them to declare themselves to the beloved and tell her how much your saint has hit!

Matheus and Kauan messages and quotes to think about your love

Half of my heart just want to see you again and the other just thinks of you!

There is no space for me to love someone again. In me, there is only you!

You from there and me from here, looking at the same sky, what a cruel distance!

Loving you from afar is so bad. I want you live and color here.

So many smiles out there, you want mine. So many looks looking at me and me wanting yours.

If love knocked on our door, how lucky ours!

Being happy for me is not expensive. If you’re on the side, I feel so good.

Before you accept, I assumed you to Brazil.

Why do I love you, I don’t know. But I want to love you more and more. What in life no one did, you did in less than a month.

You always win me in the morning. What mystery do you have?

When you cry of missing, when you die of jealousy, when your sensitivity identifies the perfume, this is love, it is rolling love.

I’m morally in heaven, I’m. There’s an angel calling me love!

It is little to say that you are my other half. It is little to say that I would give life, my destiny and something else.

And even in the cold I feel your heat and everything is sweet when you are in your voice.

no longer reach me the words. To explain what I feel and everything you are causing me.

I have no maturity to resist your bed. I have no maturity to tell you no when you say you love me.

I will share my only life with you!

Your strong point is to know that my weak point is you!

There are people who arrive and change our plans and that makes our lives walk forward.

Sometimes, I think I should tell you more often that I love you and I want you more than anything.

From this life nothing is taken and deep down everyone expects a love that comes to add, to complete.

I’ve lost count of how many times we fought, cried, ended. And in the last hug, in the last kiss we came back and resumed what never ended.

Our saint hit. The love of your life is me. All that is mine today is yours and the end does not need to rhyme.

My happiness is where you are. And if I lose myself around, aimless, without luck and nothing just I lie in your lap so I feel at home.

I don’t even know if I deserve you so much. I just wanted to know if it’s a human being or if it’s an angel.

I arrived at my limit, if I don’t change your posture I’m going to run.

I won’t forget you in a matter of second. But to make it easier, I take my things and juice, I have juic.

In the supermarket will not buy me. In the pharmacy does not sell medicine for longing.

I spent all day thinking of you. I haven’t found an antidote to forget yet.

How do I take it off my head.

ô, girl, I saw nothing the same in this life. Even our madness combines. Glue this smile on mine, brings the love you promised.

I need your heat. I need this ember!

I know I still have a lot of love to give you. My destiny, your future, at the end of history you will find it.

I still can’t say what completes me. I still don’t know why, I love you to the Beça. But one thing I know, what is missing is your love!

wanted at least one replica of you to spend the time I will take to forget you.

I will love you from sun to sun and there is no chance for you to run away from me.

If you want to go back, do not queue, you have exclusivity.

waiter, fills my glass that I am going to drink today. I just leave here when she meets me.

Far from you I ask for help. But just see you, the time to, the mouth dry, the chest catches fire.

I love your defects and I love your way. Needy with jealousy for me seems perfect.

Your soft skin, smile and joy in one person in the most perfect harmony.

It’s in the face that I without you is a road without feeling, a trip aimlessly, a lost tourist, poorly resolved love.

No money to drink, how will I forget you? I’m worse, I’m just the dust. And it’s your fault that didn’t have pity.

I arranged my suitcase for over a week, you just have to call me to get away with you.

How many times have I tried… I got, I got up, you keep me up.

You feel when I’m going to cry… it seems not to be in this world, because you know everything.

luck is to find you and unlucky who lost you.

My whole strange way does not match the normal ones.

Everything stopped just to see our love happens.

It may take time, but I still stop loving you.

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