50 messages and quotes by Leonardo da Vinci to get to know this great genius better

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Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, inventor and Italian designer known as one of the biggest names artists of his day. To this day, their painting, architecture and engineering works are used as a reference for the Renaissance period. To get to know your ideas and legacy better, check out our selection with the best messages and quotes of Leonardo da Vinci and share your favorite!

Leonardo da Vinci’s messages and quotes to better understand his thoughts

Wisdom is the daughter of intelligence.

will come the day when the killing of an animal will be considered a crime as much as the murder of a man.

Once having tried flying, you will walk forever on the earth with eyes on the sky, because that’s where you intend to come back.

Learning is the only thing the mind never tires, never afraid and never regrets.

Experience never fails, only our opinions fail by expecting from experience what it is not able to offer.

Painting is a poetry that is seen and does not feel, and poetry is a painting that feels and does not see.

The most beautiful words of love are said in the silence of a look.

Knowledge makes the soul young and diminishes the bitterness of old age. So the wisdom reaps. Stores softness for tomorrow.

are futile and full of errors the sciences that were not born of experimentation, mother of all knowledge.

Man will never invent nothing simpler or more beautiful than a manifestation of nature.

Those who argue by claiming authority does not use intelligence, but memory.

Just as the whole divided kingdom is undone, all intelligence divided into several studies is confused and weakens.

Who thinks little, misses a lot.

May your pride and objective consist of putting in your work something that resembles a miracle.

Do not despise painting, for you will be despising the accurate and philosophical contemplation of the universe.

Just as courage puts life in danger, fear protects it.

To be together you don’t have to be close, but inside.

The noblest human passion is one that loves the image of beauty rather than material reality. The greatest pleasure is in contemplation.

Simplicity is the last degree of sophistication.

The five senses are the guides of the soul.

Nothing strengthens authority than silence.

There is no higher majesty than self -domain.

Only a mediocre student does not overcome his master.

Hate reveals a lot that remains hidden to love. Remember this and do not despise the censorship of the enemies.

First of all comes dedication, then the skill.

scolds the friend secret and praises him in public.

the advice is very badly received by those who need it the most, the ignorant.

The look of those who hate is more penetrating than the look of the love.

Where there is a lot of feeling, there is a lot of pain.

Little knowledge makes people feel proud. A lot of knowledge, that they feel humble.

To be together you don’t have to be close, but inside.

Art says the unspeakable; Expresses the inexpressible, translates the intradisable.

If a person is persevering, no matter how hard of understanding, he will be intelligent and as weak as it will become strong.

Never the sun sees the shadow.

Never imitate anyone. May your production be like a new phenomenon of nature.

Nature never breaks its own laws.

May your work be perfect so that even after your death it remains.

The water you play from the rivers is the last one that is gone and the first one that comes. This is the present time.

Everything that is in the plan of reality has been a dream one day.

Better than having a great beauty, it is having a big heart.

Just as metal rusts with idleness and standing water loses its purity, so inertia exhausts the energy of the mind.

He who does not punish evil, supports his action.

Painting should seem like a natural thing seen in a large mirror.

I prefer poetry. A risk, a scribble. And after that, eternity.

the evil that does not reach me is like the good that does not give me advantage.

Time lasts a long time for those who know how to enjoy it.

Everything that is beautiful dies in man, but not in art.

Don’t go back when the goal is the stars.

There is nothing to deceive us more than our judgment.

You can’t love or hate those who don’t know yet.

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