50 messages and quotes by Karl Marx to better understand his thoughts

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Karl Marx was an important philosopher, sociologist, historian, economist, revolutionary and one of the greatest names in the socialist movement. Fighting in favor of workers and fighting on capitalism, the world has changed with its political ideas that still influence society. Learn more about your ideals with this selection of Karl Marx messages and quotes and share your favorite. Check it out!

Karl Marx messages and quotes to reflect and share his wisdom

The history of society to our day is the history of class struggle.

Ideas can do nothing. To perform ideas it takes men who put a practical force to work.

of each, according to their skills, to each, according to their needs.

Political power is the organized power of one class to the oppression of another.

Private property has made us so stupid and limited that an object is only ours when we have it.

The government of the modern state is just a committee to manage the common business of the whole bourgeoisie.

The dominant ideas of an era have always been the ideas of the ruling class.

The bourgeoisie drew its sentimental veil from the family and reduced the family relationship to a simple monetary relationship.

Increased wages is nothing more than the payment of better salaries to slaves, and does not conquer for the worker their destiny and their human dignity.

Everything that is solid is crumbled in the air.

I know that silence often takes away from someone to hear a word, but there is time when words hurt more than silence.

What distinguishes one economic time from the other is less what has been produced than the way of producing it.

Fear shuts the mouth of the innocent and makes the truth of the culprits prevail.

Money is the alienated essence of the work and existence of man; The essence dominates him and he worships her.

The dictatorship of the proletariat is the transition to reach a classless society.

The path of hell is paved with good intentions.

The devaluation of the human world increases in direct proportion with the valorization of the world of things.

Workers have nothing to lose in a communist revolution, except their currents.

The oppression of man by man began with the oppression of women by man.

The worker only feels comfortable in his time off, because his work is not voluntary, he is imposed, it is forced labor.

Work is not the satisfaction of a necessity, but only a means to meet other needs.

There is nothing worth the ideas without men who can put them into practice.

The more the worker produces, the less he has to consume, the more he creates values, the more he depreciates.

What characterizes communism is not the abolition of property in general, but the abolition of bourgeois property.

To be radical is to grasp things through the root, and the root for man is man himself.

The development of modern industry, therefore, shakes the very base on which the bourgeoisie

If the silk bug tissue to turn on both ends, remaining a caterpillar, it would be the perfect wage earner.

The worker has more respect for respect than bread.

Jesus does miracles and gives, man does not do miracles and sells.

So far philosophers have concerned to interpret the world in many ways. What matters is transforming it.

The people who subjugate another, forge their own chains.

Workers have no homeland. You can’t take what you don’t have.

It is not the consciousness of man that determines his being, but, on the contrary, his social being that determines his consciousness.

The first requirement of the happiness of peoples is the abolition of religion.

An idea becomes a material force when it gains the organized masses.

In manufacturing and handicrafts, the worker uses the tool; At the factory, he is a machine servant.

Time is the field of human development.

Good thing is to have many friends, because when one is busy, you can help yourself from others.

What characterizes the division of labor within modern society is that it engenders specialties, and with them the idiotism of specialization.

Religion is the opium of the people.

Love is the means of man realizing as a person!

Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable way.

The eyes that only see the lie when they perceive the truth, blind.

Men make their own history, but they do not do as they want … the tradition of all the generations dead oppresses as a nightmare the brain of the living.

man does religion, but religion does not make man.

Workers’ emancipation will be the work of the workers themselves.

Capitalism generates its own gravedigger.

The people who make us laugh, also make us cry.

history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy and the second as farce.

If the appearance and essence of things coincided, science would be unnecessary.

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