50 Merry Christmas messages and quotes for special person loaded with affection

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Wishing a Merry Christmas to someone is a way of showing how important the person is and remembered as a gift! After all, even in a busy time like this, you prove that you make a point of separating time to send memories. Given this, here you will find the best Christmas messages and quotes for special person! Be sure to send them. For sure, she will notice her value!

Merry Christmas messages and quotes for Special Person who demonstrates her value

Merry Christmas! When talking about today, I remembered you in my life. May this simple message remind you that you are very important and very loved by me!

In all my prayers, I think of you. Today, on this date, I pray for your life with the baby Jesus. Merry Christmas!

In an important time like Christmas is essential to remember how there are people who make our lives better, important people like you. Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to you, who made hope of hope; who made a child smile and loved it from the heart!

Merry Christmas! That on this date of joy and celebration, you also celebrate for the value you represent in our lives. I love you!

It is with much love and affection that I come through this little message to wish you have a happy and beautiful Christmas. That in his home reigns love, peace and unity. May it be a Christmas of great joy, and may the baby Jesus bless you and your family.

It is thanks to your presence in my life that my Christmas has the most color! May yours be very happy!

As I worry and I always want your happiness, I couldn’t fail to congratulate you on this special date. Merry Christmas!

Better than all present under the tree is to count on your friendship. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you who blooms the best of me. May you continue to be light in this new year that approaches!

May the light of Jesus illuminate your heart as your smile illuminates my days. Merry Christmas!

I wish your Christmas to be full of love, peace, affection and happiness, because good things should happen to good people.

For the so much gratitude of Christmas, thank you for finding you in my life! Merry Christmas!

Some people come to add to our lives and you are like that. I couldn’t forget you on an important date like this. Merry Christmas!

A loving gesture and a word of love has eternity value. Therefore, I come to wish you happy holidays and, together with her, peace, love and hope.

How wonderful to be here another year wishing a Merry Christmas to a special person like you, so be forever!

Merry Christmas, dear friend! What a joy it is for me to share another holiday party with you! Make everything more special!

Christmas is also about remembering special people and thanking them for existing. I remembered you. Merry Christmas!

Accept my affection and prayers as a Christmas memory. Only I know how important you are to me. Happy Holidays!

I wish with all the spirit of Christmas that is peace. The joy of Christmas which is hope and being close to those we love. The heart of Christmas which is the love and presence of the baby Jesus. And that all this is made life within you today, tomorrow and always!

Because you made my year much better, I make a point of wishing you a blessed and Merry Christmas!

May the Holy Spirit be at Christmas and make it amazing, as you are in my life!

Just a Merry Christmas message is not enough to say how I wish you and your family. Therefore, I give you God, for He knows exactly what you need. Enjoy your supper!

Merry Christmas! May the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ be present in your life and make all your difficulties of joy. I couldn’t let this day go blank without wishing you the best!

Merry Christmas! There are reasons why to be grateful this year. Know that you are one of them!

Your journey improves mine, I will always be cheering for you. Merry Christmas, you are very special for me!

The most anticipated season of the year has arrived. Family gathered, lots of laughter, very good food, grandma’s kiss, grandpa kiss… Ah, how delicious! The day of the year I feel most loved. How much affection, how much happiness, how much luck I have to share this special date with people as wonderful as you!

With all the affection of my heart, I’m passing here to say that I remembered you on this important date. Have a Merry Christmas!

That this Christmas, Jesus personally taps his heart and his life. Hope lights up in your heart how you turn on the best feelings in me. I love you, honey!

This Christmas my desire is that all the best you planted during the year, it reveals itself in the form of peace, health and happiness. May you and your family feel the true peace of Christmas. Merry Christmas!

My heart, in a Christmas rhythm, remembered you. Have a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, family! Thanks to you I am and I recognize the importance of this time!

we are companions every day, why would this December 25th be different? Love was born in every relationship permeated by mutual delivery. Merry Christmas and may God be constant in your life!

This Christmas, I pray for you and your family, after all, I’m sure they are as special as you. Good New Year’s Eve!

That, on this important day that I share with you, the blessings about your life multiply, just like my smiles to see you! Merry Christmas!

In the darkest days, you were like the star of Belém in my life. Therefore, nothing makes more sense than to wish you a wonderful and merry Christmas!

I wish you a Christmas full of love, reunions and smiles. You are very special for me!

Merry Christmas to all my friends who spent with me the intense days of this year that is finishing! It was a better journey because you were present. Thanks!

You have spread so much light in my days that I want to repay, especially today. Merry Christmas and may Jesus bless you immensely!

Passing Christmas by your side is the best gift that Santa could give me. Merry Christmas!

That, when looking at the lights on your tree and the Christmas decoration, you remember how you illuminate our lives on the other days of the year. May this date be full of blessings for you! Merry Christmas!

To my dear friends, I wish you are always surrounded by peace and love, and have a blessed Christmas as you bless my life.

Christmas would not be the same if I didn’t remember how special and dear to me and my family. Merry Christmas!

I wish you a Christmas full of magic, happiness, companionship and smiles. You deserve all the best, because it inspires only good things in us!

You awaken the best in people for being the best between them. May your Christmas be wonderful as you are!

Even if you have other appointments, here at home you will always be remembered on special days like today. We love you! Merry Christmas!

The best Christmas gift I’ve ever won: you. I love you so much, dear. Merry Christmas!

Even at a time with so many things to organize, you don’t leave my mind and my heart. Merry Christmas, dear!

Jesus is the birthday girl, but the gift is for you: all the love of the world and memories of how much you are loved by us! Merry Christmas!

It is time to remember good alliances, celebrate new ties and renew the hope of peace and success. An excellent Christmas for you and your family!

It is important to use the holidays to remind people of the importance they have in their lives. To recover the true sense of Christmas, also check out Christmas messages and quotes of thanks and spread gratitude!

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