50 melancholy messages and quotes to feel every aspect of sadness

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There are days when it is no use running away: we are robbed by a wave of inexplicable sadness. Suddenly, we feel discouraged, nostalgic and often melancholy. Are you going through such a phase? So how about reading these melancholy messages and quotes that will help you understand this complex feeling more? Enjoy and send it to those who are also feeling like this!

melancholy messages and quotes to better understand this complex feeling

I’m so tired! I thought I needed a good night’s sleep, but it’s more than that.

I miss you what I went, I know I am no longer, and I will never be again.

For now I am inventing your presence.

I have to be well without being well. This tires!

Now I know: I’m alone. Me and my freedom I don’t know how to use. Great responsibility for loneliness.

I try to stand my own renewed personality every day, falling inside me, everything that is old and dead.

Nostalgia is a sad thing, but also a little happy.

How it will be too bad to look at time, go without seeing your hugs, your smiles or your rhymes of love.

and I find it kind of fun, I find it a little sad, the dreams I’m dying in are the best I have ever had.

How much melancholy, how much loneliness hid behind this apparent joy of living?

Obviously, my wounds are open for you to see, but don’t take them so seriously, I’ll be fine.

I don’t want to judge what is in your heart, but if you are not ready for love, how can you be ready for life?

How easy it is to get lost in a world of superficial love.

You are tired of seeing me cry. You don’t know how to calm me down.

I’m left behind with an empty hole and everything I am is gone. I tried to find another soul so I could feel complete.

There is a time that you can’t vent with anyone, and you start to understand that your problems are yours, and only you understand your pains.

So they retreat, do other plans. I understand, I’m a burden. I leave you crazy, I make you leave. I’m too much for everyone.

The hands that say goodbye are birds that are slowly dying.

we are instant and, in an instant, we are nothing.

There is no life when we are sad and only, and no one wants to know who is underneath. It is not worth suffering, my love, of all that I went through, that was the only lesson.

Great men are always of an originally melancholy nature.

Sometimes I feel that I am forgetting how to smile.

I know this was a long time ago and that magic is no longer here. I may be ok, but I’m not well.

Everything in You was an absence that took a long time: a farewell ready to fulfill itself.

You should not turn the page, you must start it.

Great men are always the most lonely.

woman does not cry looking in the mirror for vanity but to keep company.

Sometimes it is better to put all your feelings in a box and pretend not to have them.

Happiness is a butterfly, I try to capture it every night, it escapes my hands in the moonlight.

inside me a scream. At night, he goes out with his claws, hunting for something to love.

Everything is collapsing and I need to pretend I’m fine. One hour tires.

There are days when the longing tighten and pity in the chest and what saddens me most is that we can’t go back.

Everyone seems so happy, so happy. I feel like I’m stagnant, just watching life unfolds in front of me.

I am taken by a bittersweet feeling when I think of the moments that have passed. Good and bad things that are left behind and today are just memories.

Sometimes I’m afraid of changing so much that if you look in the mirror, I will not recognize myself anymore.

We are the sum of moments and people who stayed behind. We are present, but we are also past.

Pay attention to every detail: Your self of the future is seeing your self of the now through the eyes of nostalgia.

There are days that are as gray as my thoughts. And these days are invaded by the memory of your face.

tires a lot to take everything stored in the chest and not be able to shout everything that is accumulated.

I feel that I am constantly overflowing with good and bad feelings, but no one seems to realize.

I wonder if this feeling will one day go and the greatest fear is not knowing how to live without it.

I changed, you changed. We follow different paths. We become different people, but those two souls of the past still dance together in my memories.

What really hurts is to look at a person who used to mean the world for you and not recognize it anymore.

It may sound cliché, but life is really a blink of an eye. Everything can change in a fraction of seconds. So, enjoy every moment as if it were the last, because it really is.

I still feel like you were here, by my side. There are days when I swear to feel your perfume and hear your voice, but none of this is possible, is it?

The problem is trying to hide a cry with a smile and no one realizes.

I have fought against this feeling, but I feel that it is enclosed in the back of my soul and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

No matter where or who I am, I will always remember you and everything we live together, even if you no longer remember me.

One hour tires tires and donates without receiving anything in return. Before alone than with the annulled feelings.

Nothing is forever and I don’t know if it comforts me or terrifies me.

If you are still processing all these melancholy feelings, then enjoy and check out these sadness messages and quotes with life and welcome this feeling rightly.

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