50 ironic messages and quotes of love that will help you send your message

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Love is a beautiful feeling, but the attitudes of certain people about this feeling are able to be somewhat ironic. Thinking about it we have prepared a special selection of ironic messages and quotes of love that will have fun and also help you send that indirect irony. Check it out, share and send your message!

IRONICS LOVE messages and quotes to laugh at all situations

The day someone chasing me is sure to assault.

It is currently easier to win in Mega-Sena than to find true love.

If you could choose between finding the love of your life and gaining a trip to Europe with everything paid, would you choose Italy or Switzerland?

I find the declarations of love on Facebook and the horns on WhatsApp.

“No one will ever love you like me.” I pray for this every day, creature!

Statistically eternal love lasts about 3 months.

I had an accident of love, but I’m alive. I just broke my face.

It was not love, it was fake news.

The heart should have the options eliminate contact, block user and clean history.

Your half of the orange is squeezing with others.

I felt a pain in the bottom of my chest. I hope it is a heart attack, because you can imagine if it’s love.

I find it funny how some people can find true love 5 times a year.

rolls me so much that I just need to pass the granulated.

What note would you give to your love life? NOTE PC.

irony is the love of my life to spend life with someone else.

Please, love of my life, have education: present yourself.

Some people think they found the enchanted prince, barely know that it is just the frog disguised.

First charm. Then disenchantment. Finally, each for its corner.

A summary life in: I was in the mood, but I got sick in 3 days.

Life has three geometric accidents: vicious circles, loving triangles and square minds.

Love does not charge you all the time, the name of this is Bank.

Fall in love with someone who kisses you slowly, but answer you fast.

In the absence of love, another beer, please.

Who likes a crumb is pigeon.

For those who owner of the castle, Prince Encantado is just another visit.

Feelings also pass the point when we cook too much.

By an application that allows us to know if it is love, initial or trained excitement.

respects me that in my thoughts I am the love of your life.

When the dish is very disputed we leave for those who are hungry.

I don’t even think the tip of Durex, imagine the love of my life.

I hope it rains love. There are a lot of dry people out there.

The difference between a love relationship and prison is that in prison they let you play soccer during the weekends.

It is obvious that it was your fault. You hugged me with those strong, delicious and smelling arms. Took the grace of all the others.

I don’t want anyone. But if you want, I want to.

All I like is expensive, fattening or visualizing and does not respond.

Love is blind, but the neighbors don’t.

I don’t know you, but if it were me, I dated with me.

either whether or not. Staying at the canned olive can handle.

Do not waste time looking for your half, you are not an orange!

Love is like gasoline: it is expensive, it ends fast and can be replaced by alcohol.

Let’s love the next, because the previous one we know it didn’t work out.

I learned what was right with the wrong person.

Love is blind, because you don’t see me at all.

Even my cell phone’s battery lasts longer than the eternal love of certain people.

Love? No, thank you. I prefer vodka.

Do you know what your evil is? Not wanting to be my good!

Write in hand the name of the person you like. Close your hand. Tell up to 10. Open your hand. The name of the person you like will appear!

I breathe jealous, transpire irony.

I think the true love is beautiful, but I prefer a brigadeiro pan!

Love is a mixture of beauty and patience. If it works, beauty, if not, patience.

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