50 Indirect for status that are perfect for “a certain someone”

By: Tranoniq.com

Do you know that person you have been wanting to tease for a while and don’t know how to do it? Sending an indirect is a great way to poke and draw attention. So, see these thought -provoking indirect messages and quotes for status that will hurt those who have a heavy consciousness. Share and let the party happen!

Indirect for status they will cause among your contacts

If you hesitate with the right person, the wrong teaches you how it hurts.

To the envious, my applause. In their place, I would also like to be me.

Ideally, all people know how to love how much they know how to pretend.

For you who want to see my defeat, sit and watch my victory.

I don’t care if you don’t like my story, because it was not written for you.

Don’t expect me more than I get from you.

Nothing fairer than letting go who has already left you!

Nowadays falsehood is the same as dengue: an epidemic that no one controls.

Are you wanting now? So come back to the past, because that’s where I wanted you.

the envious is like this: criticizes you and in the end ends up imitating you!

Watch out for the turns the world takes. Today you launch the words, tomorrow feels their effect.

Even my cell phone’s battery lasts longer than the eternal love of certain people.

If you don’t have the courage to bite, don’t rosne.

There are people you don’t lose, get rid of!

envy is a disease. And I wish you improve.

Be careful: everything that goes, back! Less me, of course!

my love, I’m already another, and being another one but yours anymore.

Any problem you have with me, it’s yours.

There is an old saying that says: I am not obliged!

taste is priority, option I have several.

There are people who like carnival so much, who lives all year long.

I want to see you well… far away from me.

On the outside even it seems I’m fine, but inside I’m even better!

Bad influences do not influence good heads.

Small vacilings, great damage.

Let go, get back, send to shit!

After the first lie, all truth becomes a question!

Tell me more about this opinion that I never asked you.

Who is whole, need not look for halves.

The rule is clear: either take good care or be without.

Here is all intense, from love to contempt.

What you know for third parties, you don’t know.

I suggest doses of common sense and maturity!

Do you know a good place for you to stay? In yours!

The worst loss is the waste of time!

What doesn’t make me good, I don’t miss it.

Do not judge my choices without knowing my reasons.

I really enjoyed meeting you, so I found out what kind of people I don’t want close to me.

Not to turn past, it has to be present.

with me whoever wants, against me who can!

well resolved people do not hellize the life of others.

decides, because time passes and half a tires.

Just talk about my life when you are an example!

I can also miss it!

If I don’t even keep money, which will keep grudge…

Yesterday I didn’t care, today I’m the same yesterday!

Sometimes you are on the right rail, but on the wrong train…

People change. And most of the time, for what they said they would never be.

People without content search for content in the lives of others!

If you don’t know where I want to go, don’t tell me what I should do!

Many people live taking care of our lives and they don’t even want to know us right. It’s time to put them in place! See our list of moral lesson messages and quotes to send to those who need to hear some truths.

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