50 illusion messages and quotes for those who created expectations and disappoint themselves

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It is difficult to accept, but not all the people around us are reliable. Many of them do not care about hurting us and deceiving us to stand out and, most of the time, we consider true and faithful.

But this falsehood does not last long and one hour the mask fell and we discover the whole truth about it. And even if you feel betrayed and disappointed, from there you always learn to get a foot behind with everyone not to get hurt again.

If you have already been deceived by people like this, you will identify with our list of illusion messages and quotes. They are ideal for you to vent your disappointment. Check it out and share!

Illusion and Disappointment messages and quotes

Trusting someone and then discovering that everything that person told us did not happen to lies causes us an immeasurable sadness. See our selection of illusion and disappointment messages and quotes and share on social networks to send that indirect.

I prefer to suffer from the truth of what to delude myself with the lie.

I already felt the bitter taste of disappointment for deceiving me with those who did not deserve me.

I already deceived with the people I least expected, so now I take more time to trust someone!

Disappointment is the end of an illusion.

Disappointment is the harsh consequence of having proven the poison of illusion.

The world today is full of lies, illusions and disappointments.

Each disappointment is one less illusion to load.

I planted illusions and picked up disappointments. Next time I plant potatoes and as fries.

Live without fear of disappointing, but do not be fooled to the point of hurting yourself!

It is better to have the bitter certainty of disappointment than living by feeding an illusion.

To those who deluded and disappointed me, I thank you, because today I am stronger and I know what kind of people I should avoid.

Do not feed illusions is to protect yourself so as not to suffer other disappointments.

The higher the illusion, the greater the drop in disappointment.

Illusion messages and quotes in Love

Just affection, someone treating us well, a “I love you” to believe that we are loved. But unfortunately it’s not quite! Some people don’t mind playing with our feelings. See our selection of illusion messages and quotes in love and show that you no longer fall in this little game.

Sometimes love is just the illusion we have from it.

Do you think I’m going to cry? It’s wrong. Yet it deluded me, but I’m much more than a mere loving disappointment.

Love is only good in the soap opera, because in real life it is all illusion.

Don’t be fooled with a “I love you”. Some people do not know the strength that words have.

If you didn’t want me, I shouldn’t deceive me.

Love is an illusion: who once gave me smiles today broke my heart.

I can no longer live in the illusion of a love that no longer exists.

I don’t want the illusion of a perfect love, I want the happiness of true love.

I no longer have the illusion of eternal love … of no love.

If it’s to betray, don’t date. If you are to deceive, do not say you love.

I can not stand to suffer, nor delude myself, not to love you anymore.

I’m leaving and leave you to my past. I won’t live on illusion anymore.

I don’t know what my greatest illusion was: love you or believe in the love you said you feel for me.

Illusion messages and quotes in Friendship

We have the habit of trusting with eyes closed in our friends and we forget that they are not all of them who are true. We made a selection of illusion messages and quotes in friendship for you to show your indignation with false “friends”.

It is better a true friendship than a small moment of illusions.

It is illusion to imagine an unconditional friendship for everything and forever.

There are people we think are friends, but when we realize it was just illusion.

The illusion of having friends is worse than the certainty of not having them.

I have already deceived so much with false friendships that now I suspect even without reason.

Don’t be fooled with a hug, a smile, because the fakes can do that too.

Do not be fooled for having many friends, for Jesus was only 12 and was still betrayed.

Don’t be deceived when choosing your friends. The one who is good can be the most wicked.

Between lies and hypocrisy the false friend turns out to be an illusion.

Don’t be fooled! Sometimes you think you have a lot of friends, but in fact you only know a lot of people.

I was too wrong with you, I thought we would be friends forever. Bitter illusion I fed.

Illusion messages and quotes for Status

If you have already been deceived, you know how bad it is to go through it and you will want to advise your friends to open your eyes and not be as naive as you were. Check out our list of status illusion messages and quotes and share with your contacts to reflect on the subject!

Do not live in the illusion of words, live in the reality of the facts.

I am fed up with creating illusions. Better raise chickens, oxen …

I prefer to believe what makes me good than living a false illusion.

Don’t be fooled with smiles, over time you will realize that not everyone is sincere.

Do not create expectations, do not be fooled. Better to be surprised than to disappoint.

You believe you delude me as I pretend to believe you.

The worst illusion is not the one in which others delude you, but the one you delude yourself.

Do not be fooled by what attracts, because what is worthwhile is what holds us.

Reality is merely an illusion, despite being a very persistent illusion.

I stumbled into the illusion, falls real.

Bring me a good deal of reality, because of illusion I have already drunk a lot in this life.

Living an illusion is walking on the wrong side of the road thinking that we are walking the right.

Who lives on illusion is magical.

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