50 hip hop messages and quotes for those who enjoy poetry from the streets

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A musical genre that comes from the streets, the people, who works, battle and fighting for a better future: all this is hip hop! Marked by stories of success and failure, the lyrics of this style are loaded with messages.

Check out hip hop messages and quotes and learn more about the reality portrayed in these artistic manifestations!

Best Hip Hop messages and quotes

We list several messages and quotes that will demonstrate how comprehensive hip hop is and how he is able to convey his message!

You need to use your head and more the heart. Love is missing, union is missing.

Getting out of the streets is the final goal. Live decent without having evil in mind.

See, crazy. In the world everything has a however. Because here the idea is one and no one is more than anyone.

To know where you want to go, you need to remember where you came from.

Life teaches, try to learn, let’s live the best for you.

Much is destroyed, little is built, so there is no longer. Some will be villains, some will be heroes, others will be so much.

I can be more than chorus, I can be whole song.

Where’s your soul? Where’s your faith, warrior? Where’s the principles, your true feeling. Where’s the woman, where’s love, where’s it? Where’s the partner?

Moleques who exchange the school for the ballad will see the effect when they have balancing in the cane.

It’s still early to be calm.

Then I will get up, go out on the pawn. No more thinking, leaves depression.

I carry the glory and the pain of living my way.

Hip Hop Gospel messages and quotes

A very strong rhythm and known to deal with various topics in a realistic way, hip hop sounded great when combined with religious precepts. So check out the result of this mixture that attracts many fans.

Jesus is the exit, the alternative. Without it there is no salvation.

My prayer is this, Lord come back quickly, we walk aimlessly, dirty, thirsty, the fate that you traced for us is certainly not this.

It is not over, it is not the end. There is hope in my heart that God is looking at me and fights for me.

The walls that I can knock myself myself. Those who do not give, God puts on the floor for me!

I am the light that came into the world, that all those who believe in me do not remain in darkness. Go thief, open your heart and conquer your last forgiveness.

For God exists and likes you. There is no greater burden than can be endured. Has good mood and be faithful.

It was never ashamed to kneel to pray, ask for protection and get up to fight.

I just have to thank God that strengthens. I do my prayer, I lift my voice to the Lord to protect who lives with us.

The power that protects the one who believes is the true God.

the blood on the way, the crown of thorns. All bitter pain, it was for you.

The greatest of the Spirit dwells in me. I am the house he chose to live.

I have the mark of the one who died on the cross, washed and redeemed in the blood of Jesus.

Hip Hop messages and quotes for Facebook

Find below some hip hop messages and quotes that are perfect to be posted on Facebook and send your message.

It’s no use wanting, it has to be, it has to man. The world is different from the bridge here.

Strongs also cry. This is so common. Men are sentimental, among a thousand I am one more.

In our history, success and failure. It took many palms to be able to overcome tiredness.

I’m sad about everything, perhaps because it is true. I’m afraid of the world, but with the courage as a warrior.

I was not lucky, I wanted to.

black drama! I know who plot and who’s with me.

mind full of problems and misfortunes, if we are embraced it all is over!

I love who is real, I die of laughs at those who are not worth a real!

Let him think he’s happy. Let him dream about what he always wanted.

With money, no money, Beetle or Ferrari, to partner I am there, for the envious offline.

You can and can, just need to try!

I won’t give up, I’m traveling to make it. Crazy life, brief life.

Hip Hop messages and quotes in English

Several international hip hop singers have won thousands of fans in Brazil. Therefore, we list to follow Hip Hop messages and quotes in English for those who admire this genre even when it is sung in another language.

cash rules Everything Around Me. (The money sends everything around me.)

Only God Can Judge Me. (Only God can judge me.)

i can see my future in you. (I can see my future in you.)

my heart’s a stereo. It beats for you, so listen close. (My heart is a sound. It plays for you, so listen well.)

I’m the diamond in the dirt, that ain’t been found. (I am the diamond in the mud that has not yet been found.)

I Want to Grow Together, Let’s Let Our Love Unfurl. (I want to grow with you. Let’s let our love roll.)

Don’t Text Me, Tell it Straight to My Face. (Don’t send me a message, say straight to me.)

Ask Her Mother How Smile Touched Souls. (Ask your mother how your smile touched souls.)

Don’t Be Scared To Come Put Your Trust In Me. (Don’t be afraid to come to put your trust in me.)

Leave A Mark That Can’t Erase. (Leave a brand that cannot be erased.)

Broke My Heart When You Didn’t Wanna Be With Me. (Broke my heart when you didn’t want to be with me.)

You Made Me Think That I Just Couldn’t Shine. (You made me think I just couldn’t shine.)

i will run my life around the though of me and you. (I will run my life around the thought of me and you)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Don’t Say It, ‘Cause I Know I’m Cute. (Mirror, my mirror, don’t say anything, because I know I’m beautiful.)

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