50 Harry Potter messages and quotes to remember the immortal success of the saga

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Who has never heard of Harry Potter? The saga began with a series of books that later gained film versions, invading the hearts of thousands of children, youth and adults around the world. Writer J.K Rowling was successful with the story of a group of teenage wizards in Hogwarts and the adventures they face, consecrating themselves in children’s literature.

Harry Potter’s universe is still part of pop culture and present in fans’s lives. In addition, other complementary films about the plot are still produced, as well as books written by the saga author. The series has achieved so much success that it will not be closed like that soon!

If you are a fan of Harry and his friends then are in the right place. We made a selection of Harry Potter messages and quotes for you to remember the best moments of the narrative. Check it out and share!

Harry Potter messages and quotes of spell

Who is a fan, knows all about the universe of Harry, including the spells! The magic words used in the most critical scenes of the narrative have become famous and it is impossible not to decorate them. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we could these spells in everyday life? Check out this selection of Harry Potter spell messages and quotes:

Patronum expectation!

Wingardium Leviosa!


Avada Kedavra!


animus corpus!

momentum momentum!


cave inimicum!




Funny Harry Potter messages and quotes

The story portrays a lot of adventures and breathtaking situations, but there is no shortage of funny scenes that won the fans. Who has never laughed at the troubled Ron, for example? We list the best funny Harry Potter messages and quotes for you to remember these moments, see below:

Do not ask questions and I will not tell you lies.

Ron, you are the most insensitive vegetable I’ve ever had the misfortune to know.

It is levious. No Leviosaaa.

Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be: Follow the butterflies?

The selector hat encouraged us to be strong in these difficult times. It’s easy for him to talk, isn’t it? It’s just a hat.

If I fell hard every time she says I will fall I would be a miracle of medicine.

Hogwarts should teach how to understand women’s heads, it would be more useful than guessing classes.

pudding, I think I’ll eat pudding.

Percy would not recognize a joke even if she danced naked in front of him, using only Dobby tea stiffer in her head.

Well, what would be life without some dragons, isn’t it?

Harry Potter messages and quotes for tattooing

Saga fans show you feel an inexplicable love for the story of Harry and his friends. Most of these people have followed books and movies for years, which only makes it even more special. So why not put together charming lines from the narrative with the feeling of fan? This list of Harry Potter messages and quotes to tattoo will inspire you to eternalize your love for the saga, check it out!

For a well -structured mind, death is just a next adventure.

Driving is one of the most inaccurate branches of magic.

Words are, in my nothing humble opinion, our inexhaustible source of magic.

Control your emotions and discipline your mind.

We all have so much the light and darkness within us. What matters is the side we choose to act. This is what we really are.

Because I have something for which it is worth living.

The things that belong to us end up coming back to us.

There are things that it is worth dying.

After all this time? Always.

It’s no use we sitting worrying. Whatever has to be, and we will face it when it comes.

You should write a book, translating the crazy girls that girls make for boys to understand them.

After all, what we love will always be part of us.

Hermione messages and quotes

Who never fell in love with Hermione and her cleverness? The character enchants anyone with all his intelligence and strength. Considered the nerd of the group of friends, she always leads the staff when solving the problems they get into. Are you a fan of the little witch? Then check out this list of Hermione messages and quotes we selected:

exciting isn’t it? Break the rules.

Is that how my back hair is?

Just because you have the emotional depth of a teaspoon, it doesn’t mean we all have.

sorry, but I don’t like people just because they are beautiful.

When will you stick it to your head? We are together in this.

I am blood-rim and I am proud of it!

There are more important things, such as friendship and bravery.

Dumbledore messages and quotes

For sure, Albus Dumbledore is by far the wisest character of the saga. The character’s reflective and impactful messages and quotes throughout the movies show how the character is experienced not only in the magic world but also in life. Check out a selection below with the best messages and quotes of Dumbledore:

It is not worth immersing dreams and forgetting to live.

Truth is a beautiful and terrible thing, so it must be treated with great caution.

Happiness can be found even in the most difficult times if you remember to light the light.

There will be a time when we will have to choose between what is easy and what is right.

It is the fear of the unknown we fear when we look at death and darkness, nothing more.

Do not pity the dead. Be sorry for the living, and above all, those who live without love.

It is our choices that reveal what we really are, much more than our qualities.

You need courage to face enemies, and even more to face friends.

Did you like to remember the Harry Potter saga? The movie series was very successful and marked a generation of children who are still proud to say they are fans! Now, it’s worth checking out this selection of movie messages and quotes we have prepared, take a look and remember your favorite movies!

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