50 Happy Women’s Day messages and quotes to recognize this significant day

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Flowers? That nothing, they want respect! March 8 is much more than just one day to be scratched on the calendar, it’s Women’s Day! But make no mistake, because the commemorative date is not just a pleasing to the female population, but a reminder of all struggle in favor of their liberation during history.

But after all, why March 8? The date was marked as International Women’s Day because of a demonstration during World War I in Russia. Women protested against working conditions, hunger and war. Thus, years later, the UN officialized the date as a symbol of female struggle.

You certainly have important women in your life, so how about enjoying this special day to recognize their full potential? Whether at work, at home or on the street, this list of Happy Women’s Day messages and quotes will help you with this mission, check it out!

messages and quotes to tell women in your life

Woman, may all your days be of blessings, peace, joys and love. Happy Women’s Day!

Congratulations to all women in the world! Happy Women’s Day to you, who do so much for all of us in everyday life and is not always recognized or valued as it should!

Women’s Day should be every day. After all, we owe all our lives to them. Happy Women’s Day!

For you, my love has no end. Happy Women’s Day!

May each suffering and each fight become increasingly recognition and respect! Happy Women’s Day!

Woman! With your special way of being, you are an example of love, perseverance, courage, determination and intelligence. Congratulations on your day!

To be a woman is knowing how to be whatever you want! Happy Women’s Day!

Congratulations to women who dedicate themselves and strive to make the world a better place every day. Happy Women’s Day!

Just for being a woman, you already deserve all the congratulations you can receive. Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day to all the warriors of the world!

The fastest way to transform society is mobilizing women in the world. Happy Women’s Day to all who make a difference in the world!

Not all words in the world could define their qualities. Happy Women’s Day!

Woman’s place is where she wants. Happy Women’s Day!

A Happy Women’s Day to all those who know what they want, who fight for their goals and do not lower their heads to anyone!

Happy Women’s Day! Not only today, but every day, that you are recognized and loved.

It is no wonder the strongest piece of the game is a lady. Happy Women’s Day!

You didn’t ask to be a woman. You were born a woman. And that is why it is so admirable. Happy Women’s Day!

You are special because when the path is difficult, your perception sees the way out to reach the rails of life again. Being a woman is it! Happy Women’s Day!

Happy day of those who make the world more passionate. Happy Women’s Day!

No one will notice the wrinkles as long as there is shine in the eyes. Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day for every detail of yours, for every fight that made your story, for every moment you made you what you are!

Happy Women’s Day! May you never lose the light and the force that guide you to power!

Congratulations to all the delicate, strong, warriors, romantic women! Happy Women’s Day!

Congratulations on being this determined woman, warrior, struggling, dreamer, companion, true, intelligent, partner, dedicated, emotional, sensitive and for being this spectacular woman who conquered my heart. Congratulations on your day. Happy Women’s Day!

To all the winners of small daily struggles, a happy woman’s day!

A woman who is beautiful inside, will always be, in every season of her life. Happy Women’s Day!

Women are unique, just because it is women. Happy Women’s Day!

Happy day to all women! In them live an infinite charm and an unique force.

loving and sensitive or wise and fulfilled? Mystical or practice? Adventurer or housewife? To be a woman is to find yourself in all of them. Regardless of which woman you are, just being a woman is already a warrior and winner! A Happy Women’s Day!

A Happy Women’s Day to those who climb the mountain of life, removing stones and planting flowers.

To be a woman is to be free, to be a leader, lady of her own destiny. Happy International Women’s Day!

Women are the real architects of society. Happy Women’s Day!

There is nothing more important than the woman, the rest is silly. Is it or is not it? Happy Women’s Day!

Today and every day they belong to you. Happy Women’s Day!

Woman was made to… whatever this sentence is over, she is wrong. Woman was made to be whatever she wants. Happy Women’s Day!

Women, who patiently change the world gently. Warriors in the fight of everyday life. Happy Women’s Day!

Change when you want to change, you dare dream whenever you can and don’t be afraid to revolutionize! Happy Women’s Day for all who make a difference.

Happy Women’s Day the highest of creatures, the most sublime of ideals, the heart that makes love, the brain that manufactures light!

fighter and warrior, who acts with the strong wrist of a giant and at the same time with the sweetness of a child. Tireless defender of what is fair and correct, has a bigger heart than herself. Happy Women’s Day!

Today the day is dedicated to you, a woman, who fights and never ceases to believe in her own strength. Happy Women’s Day!

empowered woman is one that allows themselves to grant the power and control of her life, as well as social paradigms and prejudices. Happy Women’s Day!

May all women be free to be those who want, they can dream without fear and do it all! Happy Women’s Day!

Women, thanks for existing at all times of our lives. Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day for all warriors, to remember that many fights still continue.

Who has a woman by your side ends up discovering the best of yourself! Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day for those who can be a little bit of everything!

Woman is the most different and complicated being of all, but it is also the most beautiful and special. Happy day to all women!

Woman is such a substance, which, as much as it study, will always find something totally new. HAPPY WOMAN DAY!

On March 8th do not give candy or little flower, give respect. Happy Women’s Day!

Strong and fighter women. Women conquerors who love and want to be loved. Elegant and full of intelligence … Happy Women’s Day!

March 8 may even be the official date, but Women’s Day is every day. No one has to wait there to respect, recognize and support a girl, make it a routine! You can start by putting this into practice with your mother, girlfriend and friends, how about? Check out this selection of messages and quotes about it and get inspired!

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