50 good weekend messages and quotes with God to enjoy your rest

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Saturday and Sunday are a reward given by God to those who worked all week. It is the deserved rest and the perfect moment to replenish the energies. So allow you to fill you with peace in these days with these good weekend messages and quotes with God. Share with special people who deserve these blessings!

Good weekend messages and quotes with God who want blessed days

I passed to want a good weekend and ask God to take care of you and move evil from your life! Stay in peace.

We cannot be part -time Christians. If Christ is at the center of our lives, He is present in everything we do. Good weekend with God!

The God to whom I serve is faithful, He does not fail. Good weekend!

The weather forecast for this weekend is of blessings of blessings and much rest in the Lord!

You can spend days without thinking about God, but he does not spend a moment without thinking about you. Good weekend!

I asked God to grant you the privilege of having blessed days and full of peace. Good weekend!

You worked hard and deserve a blessed rest. May God give you a weekend full of joy and a lot of peace.

Don’t let anyone take your hope. Good weekend!

Your faith will make you see what God is doing for you and the peace He is bringing to your days. Good weekend!

This weekend, invite God to be by your side and celebrate all the good things He has done in your life.

Look up and feel God blessing you and preparing days of peace and renewal. Good weekend!

Good weekend! May you open your heart to feel the transformations God wants to realize in your life.

God never leaves you and loves you all the time. May he give you a quiet rest and a blessed weekend.

May everyone have a weekend illuminated by God and full of joys that will renew our faith!

I asked God in prayer to bless your life and give you the weekend full of peace you deserve. Good rest!

At the end of another week, we are even more sure that God takes care of us. May He bless your rest days!

And the peace of God, which exceeds all understanding, will keep your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus. Good weekend!

You can’t be sad when the weekend comes. After all, it is in it that we are sure that God is taking care of every detail.

That this weekend you feel the care of God and your blessings being shed in your life. Good rest!

send tiredness away and let God fill you with peace and tranquility. The weekend is just starting and will be blessed!

The hardest moment of the week has been and God kept you. Now the rest days begin and I know that he will bless you. Good weekend!

May God bless you, keep your life, bring you peace and give you a quiet weekend, just as you deserve.

Good weekend! Deliver your Saturday and your Sunday to the Lord, and he will do much more than you think.

Rest in the Lord, and wait for him; Do not indignant to you because of the one who thrives in your way, because of the man who performs atatutes attempt. Good weekend!

It’s starting a new weekend and I’m sure God has already prepared beautiful things for you. Good rest!

No more worrying. God has already given you the victory and you can rest. Good weekend!

May the peace of the Lord find you and fill you with quiet and free days with any concern. Good weekend!

have faith in God and in His plans for you. Good weekend!

God is guiding you and blessing you. Your weekend will be wonderful, you can trust!

Trust God and His plans for you. After all, they are always the best. Good weekend!

On the weekend, don’t forget to praise God and thank you for your eternal care. Good rest!

This is the day the Lord acted; Let us rejoice and rejoice on this day. Good weekend!

May the grace of the Lord be with you and may you have a time of peace and achievements. Good weekend!

While we rest, God is on alert and takes care that everything is perfect, because He never rests. Good weekend!

On your weekend, take time to worship God and thank the blessings He has poured out in your life. Good rest!

Deliver your days into God’s hands and they will be quiet and blessed. Good weekend!

May God give you the rest you need to start over the week full of new hopes. Good weekend!

It’s time to rest and enjoy your family. May God bless you and may nothing take the peace of your home in these days.

Our hope is in the Lord, He is our aid and our protection. Good weekend!

May you and your family have a weekend of peace and blessings. God is taking care of everything, trust your act!

Many blessings are waiting for you this weekend! May you see God’s hand touching your life and bringing you the deserved mood.

Do not complain this weekend, just thank the blessings given by God. Good rest!

The time has come to thank the week we had and enjoy the deserved rest that God provided us with. Good weekend!

May a rain of blessings be spilled upon you and your family members this weekend. Good rest for you!

May you seek the Lord this weekend and deliver your days to Him. Good rest!

May God’s presence make your weekend even more special than you had planned. Good rest!

God’s mercies renew each morning. Receive them! Good weekend.

Nothing bad happens on your weekend and may you feel God taking care of every detail of your life!

For a man who lives for God nothing is secular, everything is sacred. Good weekend!

Take the opportunity to renew hope and feed your faith in God. Good weekend!

May they be blessed days and full of the presence of the Lord. And to inspire you to be next to Him at all times, check out messages and quotes of happiness with God!

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