50 good weekend messages and quotes for students on time off

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After a week full of adventures in search of knowledge, your class deserves rest. Show how much you care about them, wishing a good rest and excellent days off. For this, check out the best good weekend messages and quotes for students and share when Friday comes!

Good weekend messages and quotes for students with great rest desires

I’m so used to seeing you that I will miss you this weekend. Good rest, students!

Who studied everything you needed this week is released to enjoy the weekend the way you want. Come back with stories to tell. Good rest!

The weekend is awaited by you and me too. After all, teacher is not iron, right! A break shows that what we see here also talks about life. Good rest.

recharge the batteries over the weekend because on Monday, I will be ready to fill them with new knowledge!

As a reward for a week of a lot of study, I wish you a deserved rest to get eager to learn more about life, about the world!

Rest, have fun and think at school only on Monday. After all, you are off, remember that all the rest also prepare us for great battles. Good weekend!

Good weekend, students. Thank you this week so productive and full of new discoveries!

Enjoy staying with the family and resting your mind. You struggled a lot this week and deserve it. Good weekend!

How good it is to teach this class so dedicated. Enjoy the weekend, students!

Enjoy, have fun and make the weekend worth it. I hope you on Monday with new content.

I arrive on Friday with the feeling of accomplishment and the heart grateful for our classes. Good rest!

The brightness in your eyes after learning something new is inspiring. Good weekend, students!

All stress has passed and the week is over. Good weekend, students!

May you rest and relax the mind. I am preparing a lot of cool things for next week. Good weekend!

The days off arrive at the right time for those who had a week full of learning. Good rest, students!

Enjoy the weekend to be with who you love and rest the mind because next week we will have many things to learn.

Knowledge does not abandon them even on days off. Good weekend, students!

I just went to wish a great weekend and thank you for the days of learning and dedication you provided me.

May your weekend be light and show that the school walls also manage dreams! Good weekend, my students.

The week has been pulled, but it came to an end. Enjoy to rest that Monday has more learning waiting. Good weekend!

I like my work so much that I miss each one of you over the weekend. Enjoy the days off!

Saturday and Sunday are coming to relax the mind that has been widely used this week. Enjoy, students!

Another week was gone and you were dedicated, scholars and fulfilled all the tasks. Congratulations and good rest!

The weekend is made to renew the mind and prepare for new days of discovery. Good rest, students!

You deserve a break from study and me, telling you to study all the time. Good weekend!

My dear students, you deserve this weekend to rest because I know I was demanding these days.

It was great to have them with me this week, my students. Rest and have fun!

Choose the best activities for your weekend and do them with great joy. Good rest, students!

Our knowledge exchange these days was very cool. May it continue like this next Monday. Good weekend!

Have a weekend of peace, tranquility of rest. We see each other on Monday to miss the longing!

Who studies and dedicates themselves, deserves a weekend stuffed with joy only!

I know they are looking forward to this moment, so they are released to enjoy the weekend and relax, dear students!

Studying is very tiring, there are a lot of new information to process. So enjoy the weekend to rest!

The week was intense and you dedicated themselves. Congratulations, students. Have a great weekend!

Your minds need a pausinha of this intense routine of study. Good weekend, students!

Smile! The weekend has arrived and you can stay two full days without studying. Enjoy.

The weekend is starting and I want to remind them that the study also deserves a break. Enjoy!

No one is iron and we all need to relax our mind and body. Good weekend, students. May they be days full of peace and tranquility!

May they be blessed days and that knowledge fixes in the minds of each one. Good weekend!

You deserve these days off after studying so much this week. Enjoy and rest!

Nothing better to keep what you learned during the week than days off. Good weekend, students!

Have an excellent weekend and always keep dedicated and a student 10!

The best moments are a reward for much dedication and effort, such as the weekend after much study. Good rest!

Before the storm comes the calm. Before the race week comes the weekend. Good rest!

This week was a show! You studied a lot and also taught me a lot. Good rest, students!

I confess that I will miss you, even if they are for only two days without seeing them. Good weekend, students!

The weekend has come to calm the spirits of a week of much study. Enjoy and rest!

I know you are already sick of seeing my face all week. So enjoy the weekend to rest from me. Just don’t forget that all the effort made here can reverberate in your life!

Find friends, forget a little responsibility and have fun because the weekend has arrived. Until Monday, students!

Weekend is to relax, but come back excited and focused. We still have a lot to study and find out together. Good rest!

When classes return on Monday, fill them with positivity and animation. Check out optimism messages and quotes for students and show the good side of the study and everything he can turn into the life of his pupils.

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