50 Funny mother messages and quotes that everyone has heard in life

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Being a mother is a mix of emotions. There are fun and light days and other heavier days. The important thing is to maintain a good mood so as not to be discouraged by the challenges of maternity. To have fun even with what takes you seriously, check out the best funny mother messages and quotes. Share to fill your home for this lightness!

Funny mother messages and quotes that show the fun side of maternity

To be a mother is always to be in “energy saving” mode because she had little recharge.

I learned to laugh softly just so my son does not hear that I am laughing at him when he says something wrong, but funny.

When your mother said “take a light blouse, you better take the cold blouse because if it wasn’t to be cold, now go.

Being a mother is “not seeing time to have time alone” mixed with “not being able to stay away from children.”

If I look for and find, you better learn to run.

Mother should compete in target shooting, because she never misses when she throws a slipper.

Mother and “Dando” and Fa’s Fil and “Do everything the mother sends”.

For my mother, nothing is my merit. I should just do it and I did it.

I won’t talk once again because it was supposed to have gone when I said the first time. It’s for yesterday!

For a mother, the child does not grow, he only changes the way he needs us.

I’m just afraid of my mother when she calls me by my full name.

My mother taught me a lot about law, rights and duties: her word is always the last and is no further discuss or appeal.

To be a mother is to want their children to grow up soon, while wanting them to be small forever.

To be a mother is always to point out defects of your children, but to demonstrate a huge pride in front of strangers.

Studying is your only obligation, so don’t come home with red note.

To be a mother is to collect combining pots, be jealous of the pans, but lend your clothes.

Everything I in this house. If I disappear, you won’t be able to do anything.

To be a mother is to know that love is tireless work: cleaning the floor so that children do not touch the dirt and know that everything will be as before in the next few minutes.

A happy child is the reflection of a mother who is balancing a thousand dishes at once.

I won’t live forever. So try to learn how to do things soon.

If every time you caught something already kept, the house is always tidy and I don’t get angry.

Very good to be a mother, especially when the children are sleeping.

When you have children, you do it your way. For now, it remains mine.

When a mother says “at home, we talk,” know that the conversation will not be so cool.

A perfect mother is the one who is trying, because the one who is getting does not exist.

When I ask, it is to do, because mother does not ask, mother sends.

This gift was expensive, so take care of it because it will be the only one of the year.

Mother needs to talk to children every day to make sure they are so well and she can relax.

I know I’m a good mother, but I hide the toys that annoy me not to make me more stressed.

I’m tired, but when I see my son’s smile and his little progress, I get a little more excited and I forget the scribbles on the wall.

Mother only survives the adolescence of children, becoming a teenager again.

When I disappear, you will value me!

It is very difficult to be a mother and not judge, so I only accept and live.

My son is everything to me, but sometimes I would like to take some time off from him.

When my son starts out at night, I will not sleep again because I will stay up in the room until he arrives.

When people mean I’m doing something wrong, I just want to send my children to prove if they do better than me.

In the phrase “I never went to the bathroom alone,” the guy is a mother. Pleasure, the mother is me!

I’m a good mother, but I also say shouting to see if they understand my command.

Go there cry to daddy, Mom just needs 3 minutes of silence.

I don’t remember the last time I really slept. Lately, I just rest my eyes a few minutes.

Since I became a mother, I miss simple things, like being able to have a warm coffee done on the spot.

My mother loves to criticize me, but it’s the first who defends me when someone criticizes me.

I never feel ugly because my mother always tells me how beautiful I am.

My son thinks he can talk loud with me just because I talk loudly to him.

For my mother, everyone I know is a suspicious person.

To recognize a mother of a small child, just look at that woman who is most expensive.

You have to have a lot of courage to repeat this there you said, huh, boy. Let’s see how far it lasts!

I can say whatever you want, I’m your mother. You can’t, because you are my son.

I don’t want to know if your friends do this way, you are my son, not everyone and will do it my way.

my daughter has to walk tidy not to think I’m sloppy.

The important thing is not to lose a good mood until you are missing hours of sleep, so everything will be lighter. To appreciate motherhood as a whole, see messages and quotes about being a mother and live your own experience!

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