50 football player messages and quotes for those who are good

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One of the biggest dreams of many children is to become a soccer player and thus live doing what they love and get a better life. However, to realize such a dream, it takes a lot of dedication and discipline.

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Football player messages and quotes for those who admire the big names of this sport

What I heard upset me so much that I went there and broke the opposing team.

Moment of difficulty we all pass, and in football it is the same. It is a cycle, the ball is round. In one day it is fine and in the other evil.

I may be a new di stéfano, but I can’t be a new Pelé. It is the only one that goes beyond the limits of logic.

Some work the whole career to be here and I’m at the beginning of history.

The opportunity, she doesn’t knock on her door. You have to dedicate yourself and strive because it comes to your lap.

classic is classic and vice versa.

When I die, I want you to bury me next to a stadium with a ball.

I do not believe that skill is, and never will be, the result of the coaches. It is the result of love between a boy and a ball.

Many want true love, I just want to play football for the rest of my life.

A play can change the world.

If every football star donated one percent of his salary to a charity there would be no more crack on the streets.

Everything changes, except your mother and the club you cheer.

boot and shirt do not define a player. Attitude on the pitch, this defines a player!

From the fans we expect the support and affection of all, until the end of the match encouraging, as every player likes.

at school mocked me because I wanted to be a soccer player.

It is better to win ten times by 1 × 0 than to win once from 10 × 0.

Football is the only religion that have no atheists.

Heroes are doctors or those who fight every day to give their children food. I’m just a player.

A goalless football game is like a Sunday without sun.

I worry more about being a good person who is the best player in the world.

Without discipline talent is for nothing.

Football has to be fun. If it is not, it is not worth playing.

Life gave me two legs to play ball, not to run after a woman who doesn’t care about me.

Money allows you to live better, but it is not what inspires me, I live to play football and not for its economic advantages.

The harder the victory is, the greater the happiness to win.

The ball is the most jealous woman there is. If you do not care, it will hurt you. I love the ball and she returns.

A penalty is a cowardly way to make a goal.

The first ninety minutes are the most important.

In football you have to show your class every day, in each game.

A player has few friends, because there is no real friendship in football.

God bless who invented football.

I even learn from the children on the beach; Maybe because football is a child and I enjoy as a child.

Some people tell me that soccer players are slaves. Well, if this is slavery, I want a perpetual sentence.

No player is as good as everyone together.

Thanks to football a small country can be great.

I have a chance to make life what I like to do the most and that is playing football. I can make people happy and at the same time enjoy what I’m doing.

In football, day after day, you always have to prove yourself.

The best player is the one who puts his talent to the service of others. There are useful players, not indispensable.

Don’t play to be the best.

Football is not a matter of life or death, it is much more than that.

Training is a love story with a club; You have to wait for it to last forever and accept that it can end tomorrow.

I just want to win and always play well. My motivation comes from this, regardless of who the rival is.

The ball is round, the game lasts ninety minutes and everything else is just theory.

The greatest merit of football is to be a team sport that allows the expression of individual talent.

Football doesn’t play alone – football is not tennis.

God gave me the gift of playing soccer and the rest I got because I took care and prepared.

My dribbles are not the result of training. They are a gift from God.

Football there (in Europe) is the same here. The ball is also round.

Good Technician is the one who doesn’t get in the way.

Goals are like ketchup: they may take time to leave, but they all come at once.

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