50 Father’s messages and quotes for Son that strengthen the connection between you

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Ties that unite a father and child are built from birth and extend throughout their lives. This union is of great importance, as it provides many learning and creates a friendship relationship between the two. To strengthen this bond, see loving messages and quotes from father to son and say how much is proud of the person he has become!

Father’s messages and quotes for child who expresses the intensity of paternal love

No matter how much you grow, I will still try to teach you everything. It may seem over protection, but it’s just Father’s things.

Without you, my son, I would not be the man I am today. You changed me for the better!

You are the best part of me, arguably.

Being a father is like having two hearts and understanding that the most important of them beats outside our body.

Ah, my son … It seems yesterday that I saw your first smile.

All I want most is a bright future for you. I wish you all the luck in the world, because you deserve it!

The smile of a child renews his energies, calms his heart and softens any pain. My son, best part of me!

All I did during my life was so that you could become the amazing man that is today.

I never tire of saying that you are the pride of my life.

You have been expected with much love and deep joy and today is happiness in our lives. I am proud to see you grow, realizing your dreams and conquering your ideals.

And I will be here every time you need me, my son. Father is forever.

Before you, I was happy, but incomplete. Today with you in my arms, I feel that nothing else is missing.

In this world of uncertainties and inconstancy, we sometimes do not know who to trust. But a certainty you can have, my love for you!

I am proud when asking if you are my son and I can respond with a full chest that yes!

My heart overflows with every “daddy” that comes out of your mouth. Thanks for making me complete!

Children are like diamonds, you will only understand when you have one.

How good it is to see the fruits of education I gave you starting to appear. You are my pride!

You are and always will be the little boy of Dad, my son. And no use complaining, ok?!

so beloved and dear son, I live for you, because you are my life!

The best moment of my life was when I could see your flourishing.

Filho, may our sweet memories be your best fuels in this life.

There is no greater feeling in the world than to love a child.

My goal is not just to be a good father, but to be the best father you would want to have.

I asked God to make me happy and He made me your father.

I discovered what true love is after my son was born.

You are my oldest dream that has become real. Being your father is everything I always wanted!

I would move the world for you … Not even heavens or mountains would be able to stop me.

I do not intend to be a model for my children, but a good draft.

Your little eyes have come to guide my journey. How good it is to have you illuminating my way!

Behind every great father, there is a son who makes him amazing.

Everything goes for you, my son! Your happiness is my happiness. I want you to know that you can always count on me, in any situation.

In you I discovered unconditional love …

I know I’m not the perfect father, but for you I effort daily.

Maybe one life is little for the love I have to give you.

My heart will always see you as daddy’s dear little boy …

I would not trade you for any other boy, my son. Even with all your defects and stubbornness.

My beloved son, of all the blessings that God has provided me with, you are the best and greatest of them!

Always count on a hug from me in a difficult time. He will express everything the words do not achieve.

My love is added, never subtracted … it is multiplied and with you divided.

My greatest pride is to see you growing and learning to deal with life.

My son is my raison d’ĂȘtre, it is the reason I find every day to get out of bed and face life. This love makes me stronger and teaches me to be someone better.

Your happiness is the light I need to illuminate my path and go in the right direction every day.

Father wants to always protect you, my son, so I’m sorry when I miss the dose, but be patient, because it’s my way of loving.

You are spectacular and I’m lucky to be your father.

I may not have much to give you, but the greatest inheritance I can leave you is my love.

Today I can say with all certainty that there is nothing greater, better and more true than a father’s love for a child, because I love you unconditionally.

You can be sure that all the scolding I gave you, hurt me too, son.

Only you can give me the joy of living. I love you, son!

My greatest joy is to be able to look at you and recognize a little piece of me.

Looking at you and accompanying your growth makes me have even more love for life and the wonders that God is able to create. You are my biggest and best gift!

After checking the best messages and quotes from father to child, how about reinforcing your affection for this member who has just arrived in the family? Small that promises to bring a lot of happiness! NCOM This special arrival, you will surely appreciate life in a different way, realizing more colors and good feelings everywhere.

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