50 evangelical wedding messages and quotes that will thrill the couple

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Marriage is the beginning of a new life, because the couple comes to live as one, under the blessings of God, in order to build a lasting and happy union.

So we list following evangelical wedding messages and quotes to help you demonstrate that this marriage link is inspired and blessed by it. Check it out and share!

Evangelical wedding messages and quotes to commemorate the union of two lives before God

Best wishes to the bride and groom and may God bring a lot of light to this beautiful journey that begins. Congratulations on the wedding!

We will keep God as north of our lives, in certainty that love will flourish constantly every day, much deeper, divine and true. We are gifts of the heavens destined to enjoy all the inheritance of the Lord.

Nothing more needs to exist among us than God -inspired love. Only this love is what survives, even to the worst storms, because it comes down to everything: respect, trust, faithfulness, patience, affection, hope, and forgiveness.

A beautiful union, consecrated by the love and illuminated by God. Congratulations on the marriage and may the Lord bless your lives.

A couple who will be united and blessed by the Lord will live in harmony and peace, will circumvent obstacles with wisdom and make the faith in common the basis that sustains their lives.

A marriage that is born under the eyes of God will be forever at peace. Congratulations on the marriage!

There is nothing purer and more beautiful than an inspired love and blessed by God. Congratulations on the wedding!

God’s way was made for you to go together. Congratulations on the wedding and have a blessed life!

Let’s follow the route marked by the Lord without discouraging, without feeding doubts, fears or uncertainties.

The closer we are from God, the stronger the link of our union will be.

The greatest gesture of love is not in the hands that are linked, nor on the lips that touch, it is in the knees that bend to a side by side prayer.

It is no coincidence that two people come together, it is no coincidence that God prepares the same way for a pair. The Lord has great plans for us and what comes from Him no one can stop.

What was dream, God has already done real.

Today you will come together in holy marriage before the eyes of the God and I’m sure it will be the beginning of a beautiful journey. Congratulations on the wedding!

Give me your hand and I will not care about the distance to be traveled, we will follow together to where God allows us.

A marriage that starts with faith is a marriage that will last. May God bless this marriage!

We believe that in life everything has its time! And the biggest certainty we have is that it is worth waiting! And wait for the right person. Wait for God’s time to put and seal this person in our life!

First God put you in the same way and now He blesses your eternal union! Best wishes and congratulations on the wedding!

A life of love with God in heart and thought is what I wish for both of you. Happy wedding!

May the Lord be forever among you, blessing this union and strengthening the family. May the fruits of this link be equally blessed for future generations. Happiness to the bride and groom!

Two hearts come together to form a blessed life in communion with God. Congratulations on the wedding and be very happy!

Life is a gift from God and marriage is the beginning of a new life.

It was in the first look that I consecrated you my love and nothing will separate us into joy or pain. The world will not see our love is over. Right in the first look that God married us and wrote my name and his in the blue of heaven.

congratulations to the bride and groom for marriage and may the Lord grant his blessing to this union and his lives. Congratulations!

Congratulations on the wedding! May this union always be guided by love, companionship and divine peace. Cheers!

God places all their light on this couple who today unite in sacred marriage. Many happiness and a blessed life!

God remains in us and His love is perfected in us.

Today the Lord looks at the unity, affection and faith of this couple and blesses them with all their love and kindness. Congratulations on the wedding!

is the most beautiful yes in the world, the one who is said by the heart under the attentive look of the Lord in Divine Marriage.

The Word of God says, “Not many waters can erase love.” This strong feeling becomes indestructible when blessed by God. That’s why today I cry to the Lord to bless our union and let us divide our lives through all eternity.

Blessed by the Lord we will be in love in marriage and in life forever.

The present belongs to us, the future to God belongsā€¦ and may it be eternal as long as it lasts our love!

Today we sing hymns and praise the Lord for another marriage that he blesses and to the bride and groom who receive this gift.

Divine light will illuminate our paths forever and ever!

A man’s love for a woman is much deeper and more true when God happens first in the couple’s life.

Love is the greatest feeling between two people and when it happens it deserves to be celebrated in the blessed marriage.

The light of the Lord will eternally illuminate this marriage. Always be very happy!

After walking through many different ways, we meet. Involved in true love, we decided to live for each other and both to God.

I do not fear this new path I chose to follow, because I know that God planned all the details of this new journey. Our union is a new adventure that we will face together, but if we have the loyal heart to the Lord, we can deal with any difficulty or obstacle that stands in front of us.

God and a blessed couple: the perfect combination for a life inspired by love and guided by faith.

May your way to be always enlightened and blessed by the goodness and grace of God. Congratulations to the newest couple!

The glory of the Lord is in the hearts of the bride and groom and his blessing will make this marriage a journey of eternal light and happiness.

Lord, when you raise your hand to unite us, bless us so that only you can separate us.

You are the most real dream God made me live.

Honorable marriage celebrates love and always receives the blessing of God.

You made the right choice: you chose for the love of Jesus to be sown in a home of faith and hope. Congratulations on the wedding!

May God always be present and bless this beautiful union a lot. It is the desire of someone who loves you very much!

As much as we have mismatched ourselves and reunited along the way of our lives, God has always planned to stay together. He himself says, “Love suffers everything, everything believes, everything expects, everything supports.”

Our covenant of love is blessed by God in search of eternity.

Marriage is the union of two imperfect people, being perfected by the love of God.

The union of two lives and the promise of an eternal love is really beautiful and deserves to be valued! So also check out our wedding messages and quotes and show all your love for those who chose to share life with you.

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