50 evangelical birthday messages and quotes to play at the bottom of the heart

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celebrating the birthday is a very special moment, it is a day that we celebrate the life that God has given us! And nothing better on this day than we receive words that thrill us.

To help you thrill a dear friend or family, we have selected several evangelical birthday messages and quotes that will touch the heart.

Best Evangelical Birthday messages and quotes

Check out the best evangelical birthday messages and quotes we have selected for you! Special people always deserve the best.

Happy Birthday! In this new year that is born to you I wish your communion with God to strengthen even more.

That your path of growth in the presence of the Holy Spirit will be strengthened every day. Happy Birthday!

How wonderful to know today you complete another year of life! Never forget the true love that comes from God. Happy Birthday!

On this special date I praise God for your life. I wish all the peace and love of this world to you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May God give us the grace of celebrating many, many years of His beautiful life. Peace and Health for you.

that this day be filled with the wonders of God. I’m sure at this moment he is spilling endless blessings on you. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday! May God always accompany you and illuminate your ways to continue on the trails of good.

Congratulations! Your righteous life pleases in the eyes of the Lord, you deserve all the blessings of heaven.

May God bless this day and can give you to what your heart wants, fulfilling all your dreams. Cheers!

Have a very special day with God’s blessings. Congratulations to you!

Evangelical birthday messages and quotes for friend

Friendship is very important in our lives, is to have someone we can trust. Today is a very special day in her friend’s life, it’s her birthday. Send one of our evangelical birthday messages and quotes to friend wishing you God’s blessings about her life.

dear friend, happy birthday! May God always be by your side and that rainfall of blessings fall over your life. Congratulations!

Today is a very special day, for the date is celebrated in which God presented the world with a wonderful person. Happy Birthday, my friend!

Congratulations friend! May God continue to illuminate you and protect you today and always.

Today we celebrate another year of your life with joy and great gratitude to God. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday! I wish you all that according to God’s will. Many blessings, victories, love and peace of mind.

Congratulations, my friend! You are a special human being and thank God for your life. May he give you much happiness and victories.

Congratulations, friend! May your day be light, fun, there are plenty of reasons to smile and thank. God bless you and happiness always!

Friend I wish you a happy birthday! May your walk be always awarded with the presence of God.

Happy Birthday friend! You deserve incalculable victories and a full life of real happiness that only God can offer you.

Congratulations friend! May this day be filled by the wonders of God. That he pour infinite blessings on you.

Evangelical birthday messages and quotes for sister

sister, a gift from God in our lives! Leave this special day of your happier and more blessed sister wishing many blessings of God to her. We separated beautiful evangelical birthday messages and quotes for sister, check it out!

Congratulations sister! I love you, because for me it was always a wonderful sister and a friend for life.

dear sister, I wish God to pour out of your life blessings and more blessings of peace, love and much happiness. Congratulations and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, sister! May happiness be part of your routine, that inner peace always fills you and may your heart continue like this, full of God and love.

To the best sister in the world I wish the best birthday ever, and a very happy and blessed life. I love you! Congratulations!

Happy Birthday! Having you as a sister is a blessing. My desires are that your dreams come true, much love, health and peace and God always bless you.

May today be a great day, that the love that united us one day for family ties can always unite us. You are a great sister. Happy Birthday!

Dear sister and friend, happy birthday, many years of life. May God give you a lot of health, peace and happiness without limit. I love you!

Congratulations sister, happy birthday! You are very special for God and for me too. Much health, peace and happiness.

Congratulations, my sister! May your life be blessed, enlightened and provide you with the unabalable peace and happiness to always be in communion with God.

My dear sister, happy birthday! May God give you all the good you deserve. May you have a lot of joy, health and happiness. Congratulations!

Evangelical birthday messages and quotes with music

It is through music that we demonstrate our feelings and desires. How about wishing a happy birthday to someone special sending you an evangelical birthday phrase with music we have chosen with love for you. Express all your love and affection to the dear person! She will be moved by the words of happiness and God you have chosen for her.

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday. On this dear date. Today is your day, enjoy with joy. May God illuminate you every second.

Congratulations to you, on this dear date, may the Lord give you many years of life. Congratulations to you, peace love, much to yours, congratulations to you for the grace of God.

Today is your birthday. What a happy day, what a blessed day. From the nursery, first chorinho. God already kept you with such affection. Jesus is the best gift for you.

Today has a party, it’s your birthday. God bless you a lot every day. I want to see this window smile erasing the candle.

Congratulations to you on this dear date, much happiness, many years of life. With God by your side a new future, may life be, an eternal smile.

Happy birthday together with your best wishes, many blessings of heaven, may God shine in you your light, which always in your life can be very happy with Jesus.

The days go by, another year is gone, the age coming, on their days. We see with joy, many blessings from heaven, God keep you happy, brother and make you faithful.

Today is your birthday, we will sing and will smile. May God bless you on this day, we want to see you always like this.

Congratulations, today is your birthday. Congratulations, best wishes! Today is your day that joy. Let’s party! Today the party is yours, because another year, dad of heaven gives you.

Another spring, others will come, bringing experiences to sanctification. God bless you and keep you on this path of light, enjoying peace and health, always serving Jesus.

Evangelical Birthday messages and quotes for Facebook

Another year that is completed in the life of your brother or sister in Christ! It’s time to thank God for his life, enjoy social networks and send some of our evangelical birthday messages and quotes for Facebook we have selected.

Thank you sir for giving birth to this day such a beautiful and special person. Cheers!

Happy Birthday! May every day of your life be filled with peace, love, faith, good friendships and infinite blessings of God. Congratulations!

Today I want to wish you a lot of peace, love and a lot of blessings! May Jesus always enlighten your way and give you victories, happiness and success. Congratulations!

That today is the beginning of another blessed stage. May God’s wills always be first. Happy Birthday!

Today is special because each year we can thank God for the opportunity He has given us to know and live with you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May God pour many blessings and grant what your heart desires most, may this date be repeated for many years in your life. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday! That during your walk on this earth never lacks the light of God in your life illuminating every step of your. May God bless you!

Happy Birthday! I wish God to cover you with much health, peace and happiness. Congratulations!

Congratulations, best wishes! May God pour grace and mercy upon your life. May the peace of God reign in your heart and make your day a happy day.

Happy Birthday, God bless you! May the Lord enlighten you, pour out blessings on your home and your whole family. May He come to accomplish everything that wants your heart.

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