50 engagement messages and quotes to celebrate the new phase of the couple’s life

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It is very magical to live every phase of a relationship. When you are knowing the other person you have that chill in your belly and many expectations, at the beginning of the relationship you are enchanted by every detail of your love and the engagement that shows that you are sure that you are with him that you want to share your life.

To make this decision so important, everything must be perfect. Therefore, we selected the best engagement messages and quotes to help you in the request, the statements for the beloved and in every detail of the celebration. Check it out and make this moment unforgettable!

engagement messages and quotes for invitation

engagement is a very special date and deserves to be celebrated alongside people who were part of the couple’s life and who have always cheered for their happiness. We have selected engagement messages and quotes for invitation for you to announce that there is a wedding coming around and calling the class to celebrate with you. Check it out and share!

Let’s unite our toothbrushes and we want you to celebrate with us!

After dating, dating and dating, we announce that we will be engaged! We count on your presence in our engagement!

The big day is coming and we want you to celebrate this first step: our engagement!

We invite you to celebrate another important step in our life: our engagement.

Love is a wonderful thing, so let’s celebrate! Time of the party of our engagement!

We want you to be with us to celebrate this new phase of our lives!

We will be happy with your presence at the celebration of our engagement!

If the duration of our lives depend on love, we will have a guarantee of eternal life. We invite you to celebrate with us our engagement!

Let’s celebrate our future and we want you with us in our engagement!


A God -strengthened relationship is full of faithfulness, joys and many blessings. See our selection of God’s engagement messages and quotes and give union with your love in your hands. He will take care that never misses passion between you!

engagement is the beginning of a life for two, full of smiles and blessed by God.

I know that everything God does will last forever!

May this dream, today planted, be blessed by God.

Because everything that comes from God is simple and full of love!

God unites much more than two lives. It unites two calls.

May the Lord be forever among us blessing this union.

What God unites no one can separate.

true love is the one who brings you closer to God.

Above all, however, they revisit the love, which is the perfect link.

Creative engagement order messages and quotes

Want to surprise your love with an original and very romantic engagement request? See our list with creative engagement order messages and quotes and guarantee a smile on her face (E) making this moment even more special! Check it out!

Can I keep trying to make you happy as your fiance?

Love, do you want to marry me? If so, breathe. If not, give a mortal back.

The plan is as follows, I ask you to marry, you accept and I make you the happiest woman on the whole planet. Want to marry me?

Love, I want to finish our dating! Want to marry me?

I have already planned a lifetime for us. All you have to do is accept to start performing. Want to marry me?

You have three options: home with me, I if you get you or get married.

Divide me? The bed, the house, the life?

engagement messages and quotes for souvenirs

Here you will find engagement messages and quotes for perfect souvenirs to thank all your guests for being present at this long awaited moment. Check it out and see which one suits your party!

Our engagement was only so special because you were part of it!

No one better than you to be by our side that day. You are part of our story and are always by our side helping to build every piece of it.

Life is a big puzzle, but the most important part of it is love. Thanks for your presence!

Thanks for the affection and for being part of this special moment in our lives!

His presence filled our hearts with joy. Thanks for the affection!

We hope you enjoyed the party, because we love your presence. We wait for you at the wedding!

Happy Forever begins now! Thanks for your presence!

Love causes sighs! Thanks for your presence!

engagement messages and quotes for child and daughter -in -law

It is an emotion without size to see the child and daughter -in -law taking a step in the relationship and starting to build a story together. We made a list of engagement messages and quotes for child and daughter-in-law for you to congratulate them on this decision and tell them that they hope they are always happy. Check it out!

have a passionate engagement, a happy wedding and an exciting life. Breathe love!

This is just the beginning of a long, love and very happy path. Congratulations on the engagement, my beautiful!

May this engagement be full of charm and love to start marriage with the right foot. Congratulations!

God enlightens the path of the bride and groom and be very happy together. Congratulations!

Let a magical moment start in your life. Congratulations on the engagement!

Love has been around for a long time, but happiness is still beginning. Happy engagement!

engagement is the beginning of a journey full of love. May you find peace on this walk!

May this passion of engagement extend to the whole life of married!

engagement messages and quotes for daughter and son -in -law

Finally, the couple you love so much was engaged! Surely you can already imagine your daughter and son -in -law going up on the altar and are telling the minutes for this day to arrive. See our list with engagement messages and quotes for daughter and son -in -law and share how much you support this union.

The commitment you assume today fills my heart with joy! Congratulations on the engagement!

May happiness to two remain the main objective of their lives. May the walk be long, full of love and understanding. Congratulations, my children!

Congratulations on this important step in your lives and that today and always you are very happy. Congratulations to the couple!

May this love that united you multiply every day of this new life that begins. Cheers to the couple!

Until finally the engagement came out … Congratulations! May you continue united, companions and, above all, happy.

May the love that united them be the same as able to help them in all the challenges they may face in their lives. Cheers to the couple!

May the Lord be forever among you, blessing this union and strengthening the family. Happiness to the bride and groom!

It is great to see them so happy. God bless you by the decision made right. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

May harmony and happiness follow the path of this union of love and complicity. Congratulations!

After engagement, the next step is the wedding! We have selected a list of wedding invitation messages and quotes for you to invite special people to be present on the day you dreamed so much. See and share!

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