50 dog messages and quotes for status that say you love your pet

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Who has a pet, knows how good they do to us. They change our routine, mess our home, but fill us with love. We earn years of life thanks to them. To record the affection you feel for your hairy, we selected the best dog messages and quotes for status. Check it out and show the world that you have a “dogerhose”!

Dog messages and quotes for status full of love and affection for your canine

nobody can do me as well as my dog ​​when it looks at me with love.

God could not be in person here all the time, so gave us the dogs!

My son has 4 legs and shakes the tail every time he sees me!

Even if he destroys my furniture, I think I never loved anyone like my dog.

dogs look like the owner, so mine is beautiful.

My house is full of hair, but it is also full of joy.

They just want to play, show love and be loved!

Who would say that wet licking could do me so well!

Just a few seconds of affection in my dog ​​fill me with strength to overcome the biggest challenges.

we are an inseparable duo and I know my dog ​​will never leave me.

I love my dog ​​all the time, even when he tests my patience.

I live trying to imagine if my dog ​​loves me in the same so much that I love him or if he just likes that I give him food.

My dog ​​always knows when I found another dog, I hope he knows he is my favorite.

How can you love a hair ball and make sure you kill it?

I understood what it is to be a faithful friend with my dog.

My dog ​​really loves me and always forgives me when I go out to work and leave him alone at home.

God created the dogs because I knew we would have difficult days and we would need affection.

I want to be the person my dog ​​thinks I am and live up to him so much.

When my dog ​​shakes my tail, I know he finds me the most important thing in the world.

A lick is all I need to feel good. It’s all I need when I’m not well.

I chose to have a dog because I chose to surround myself from the best company in this world.

I don’t need medicine, I just need licks and everything is fine!

You don’t have to say anything to know that you love me, you just need to look at me.

My dog ​​is all I need because I have my best friend, my psychologist and my family.

He doesn’t see race and I don’t either. Our love is sincere and true!

We exchange high chats and he gives me the best advice even without having to say a single word.

It’s my dog, my best friend and I know I’m never alone because he’s by my side.

If nothing works out, no problem, my dog ​​will continue to love me.

My best friend is very hairy and I love him to be so because it is cute to hug.

You touches my heart with your gaze, your licks and your joy to see me every time I come home.

God sent me a little angel, but he has no wings, he has 4 legs and a lot for.

I don’t like those who don’t like dogs because there is nothing better in the world than dog.

I would like to have my dog’s life because he has everything he needs to be happy and still gets my love.

My dog ​​may even bite me that it won’t change anything, I will keep loving it with all my heart.

The only failure of my dog ​​is not being able to assure me that he will live forever.

I adopted a dog and ended up building my family!

Dog is part of my look and I love it that’s like that.

When my dog ​​licks me, he can take away all sadness. I’m sure he’s magical.

My life became a mess, full of hair, barks and toys scattered, but I was never so happy.

I didn’t need a hand, I needed 4 legs to get me back and rediscover happiness.

The more I know men, the more I admire my dog.

Dogs give their human companions unconditional love and are always there, with a tail, encouraging when they need.

The dog is really a very special animal.

It is possible to live without a dog, but no one deserves this sentence.

But this house I will only take, my guitar and our dog.

Think of a guy who is happy to the dog, but thinks like a dog beyond happy.

Love for dogs is often accompanied by a certain loss of confidence in man.

Sometimes it takes a dog with bad breath, bad modes and pure intentions to help us see.

Somehow, this creature completed my masculinity; For some reason, which I cannot explain, a man must have a dog.

And when you need a hand, God comes and gives you a paw.

How nice to have a 4 -legged friend who never leaves you. Record your moments together and post with one of our photo captions with dog that reveal your true “DogPaleriro”!

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