50 djavan messages and quotes for those who are passionate about national music

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One of the most popular Brazilian singers, Djavan Caetano Viana is also a composer, music producer and guitarist. Their songs enchant a large audience and surprise by beautiful lyrics and melodies who combine traditional South American rhythms with popular music from the United States, Europe and Africa. If you are a fan of this artist, then check out these djavan messages and quotes and share it on the networks!

Djavan messages and quotes that will make you sing together without even realizing

Come make me happy because I love you.

Not even if I drank the whole sea, I would fill what I have from the bottom.

If I had more soul to give, I would give, that is to live.

It’s a miracle, everything God created thinking about you.

smiles, lying your pain and, when you notice that you Sorris, everyone will assume you are happy.

I will play your name so I can talk about love.

I wish you as to the air: more than anything!

Want to know? When that’s how, let it come from the heart.

love, and what is suffering, for me that I am sworn to die of love?

and all the time the time has to grant me, they are even to die.

Where are you? What a loneliness! Forgot me?

As soon as the day dawned, in the high sea of ​​the passion you could see the time crumble.

Far from you everything stopped. No one knows what I suffered.

Your signs confuse me from head to toe, but inside I devour you.

You said you don’t know if not, but you are not sure yes either. Wants to know? When that’s how, let it come from the heart.

Come make me happy because I love you. You flow on me and me, ocean.

I forget that loving is almost a pain. I only know how to live if it is for you!

where did I go wrong? I just know I loved it.

You know that I just think of you.

Easier to learn Japanese in Braille than you decide whether to or not.

In the first, look gave to imagine: it will happen.

Your laughter has a light that no one else translates.

I read in your gaze, it was written there.

I don’t know how it was, but if life put everything between us, then it will be.

And this love in us will smile after each dawn.

a cold day. A good place to read a book. And the thought there in you.

I hope with the strength of thought recreate the light that will bring me.

and all the time the time has to grant me are yours until you die.

such a pure love that you don’t even know the strength you have is yours and no one else.

Love you without limits. Live a great story.

Here or elsewhere, which can be ugly or beautiful. If we are together there will be a blue sky.

smiles, when everything is over, when nothing else is left.

Because it is exact, love does not fit itself. Because it is enchanted, love is revealed. For being love, invades and end.

Love is like a great bond, a step in a trap.

And the heart of the love is missing a piece, like the moon waning, like mine in your arms.

Ai, how much wanting in my heart.

makes me suffer, makes it kill me and if it does not kill, hurt.

I wanted to fight the power of love. I fell on the winner’s feet.

But I’m so happy! They say love attracts.

It is the end of our love. Forgive, please. I know the mistake happened, but I don’t know what made everything change for good.

It may be that my illusion was to give my heart with all the strength for this girl to make me happy. And the destination didn’t want to see me as a root of a lis flower?

runs and go to say my benzinho, a say “love is blue”.

started to roll, it was gaining meaning.

I wish I could know what was never said.

Your love is glowing like wealth.

The more I want a kiss from you, the more I see I like to live.

Because it is exact, love does not fit itself. Because it is enchanted, love is revealed. For being love, invades and end!

smiles, when the pain torture you and the longing torment your sad, empty days.

To talk about love is not to repeat. It’s something that… there is no more important reason in life!

Love in falling, even such coin, loses quotation. A crazy world, gradually evolves by the wrong way.

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