50 disappointment messages and quotes with life to vent and relieve your pain

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Unfortunately, things don’t always happen the way you planned. It is frustrating to realize that you do not have control over life. At these times, it makes you want to drop everything and give up, but this is not the best choice. Put out what you feel and find strength to start over checking the disappointment messages and quotes with life!

Life disappointment messages and quotes that help move on

A time comes that we just get tired of frustrating and let life go on alone.

I got tired of being sad with life. Now, I won’t even care anymore.

crying, I redo the springs you dry.

I get up every day waiting for life to improve and it only frustrates and disappoints me.

I don’t go up because I know that one hour disappointment becomes victory and I won’t stop fighting.

disappointments in life are like breaking breaks-things that you have to go beyond to enjoy the rest of the trip.

It seems that life twists me and is mega happy when I fall defeated.

How much sadness there is in this life. Only uncertainty, just farewell.

echoes in me the silence of this loneliness. I could live without heart!

Life does not disappoint me, I myself frustrate for creating too much expectations.

I did everything right to find that sadness was what was expected to me and that life was ready to disappoint me.

As the disease occurs in the body, sadness occurs in the Spirit.

I know that life has not promised me anything, but I imagined that things would be different at this time.

Status: Disappointed, tired and sick of walking and not reaching my goal.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

If I expect something from life, I can be sure that I will only receive disappointment.

One of these days, I separate a little time and put all the cries that I have not had time to cry.

Without expectations, no frustration. This is how I stopped disappointing myself with life.

There are so many collected defeats and I don’t even remember the last time life made me smile.

Good thing disappointment does not kill. Because if it depended on life, I would have died a long time ago.

Expecting less does not mean giving up. Before being surprised, than disappointed.

I know that winning is not easy, but I didn’t expect life to make it so difficult.

I already wanted fate to surprise me. I wanted a lot! Today I just hope he doesn’t disappoint me.

Never expect too much from luck or others, in the end, there is no one who does not disappoint you.

For days I only see disappointment and hope seems not to exist. I feel like they are the majority.

I know disappointment makes me stronger, but I’m tired of strengthening myself by pain.

Maybe the problem is me who I don’t know what I’m doing and always walk in the wrong direction.

Why do I keep fighting? I collect one defeat after another and I don’t leave the place.

And the most disappointment prize of the year goes to… me. Congratulations on being so blind.

If my eyes showed my soul, all, seeing me smile, would cry with me.

Everyone growing up and evolving and I’m walking back. Thank you for disappointing me, life.

It takes courage not to give up after being disappointed. I want to be that kind of person.

No one disappointed me. It was the life that cut my wings and kept me from flying once more.

I am anesthetized and I no longer feel the disappointments of life. I skip and I don’t even care anymore.

I don’t want to focus on the future anymore. I want to try to live the gift without disappointing myself with situations of the past.

so many disappointments I already lived, that was by far the most cruel.

sad is when you realize that not only for your effort you will be able to win in life.

My plans have become disappointment and I need strength to start over again.

How to dream about the future when my gift is formed by a collection of disappointments?

I was blessed with lack of luck and that is why my plans are always frustrated.

Sadness pulls your hair, scratches your face, hurts inside. And we have nothing more to do but say that everything is fine.

Disappointment after disappointment and I don’t even allow myself to dream anymore.

I tried, I struggled and realized that doing my best doesn’t take me anywhere.

I’m letting go because I got tired of planning and everything comes out otherwise.

we misunderstand the world and then say that it disappoints us.

It seems that life has its favorites and I am not one of them.

My new self does not cultivate hope because it is her biggest disappointments born.

I already wanted life to surprise me, but she always answered me negatively. That’s when I stopped waiting for her.

The fall was great because the dream was tall, but I learned the lesson. Not to disappoint me, I don’t create any further expectations.

Life, please help me. I can’t take it any more frustrating and fighting to go wrong.

It is important to remember that not everything is lost and you will be able to rise. To inspire you to try once again, check out fresh messages and quotes and start great changes in your life!

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