50 disappointment messages and quotes to face the suffering front

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For life, we go through so many different moments and people that it becomes impossible not to be disappointed. Who has never been disappointed with someone? Or did you believe something, putting your expectations in it and, in the end, wasn’t you like imagined? This happens to everyone! The good news is that we can learn from each of these small problems.

Sometimes it is necessary to carry a bucket of cold water in the head to learn to keep our feet on the floor. So don’t be afraid of disappointments, they always appear to give us a lesson! So we have selected a list of disappointment messages and quotes that will help you face this difficult time. Stop crying, leave the scarves box and the ice cream jar and check it out!

Loving disappointment messages and quotes

Terminals, betrayals, illusions … Love can bring many surprises that don’t always end well, but nothing that can’t be overcome! Check out these loving disappointment messages and quotes that will help you put out everything you are feeling:

Love is the son of illusion and father of disappointment.

From all the disappointments I suffered, that of love was the worst of all.

Eternal love does not exist. Even the strongest passion has its life time. Your day comes, if you are over, another love is born.

In love all paths end up equal: disappointment.

Love is not even having love. It is the disappointment of what was thought it was love.

To say goodbye to a love is to say goodbye to yourself. It is the finishing of a story that ended out, externally, without our agreement, but also needs to get out of us.

Romantic love, therefore, is a path of disappointment.

Don’t cry for loving disappointment, because if you deluded yourself it wasn’t a true love.

Before you hurt a heart, make sure you are not inside it. Avoid causing disappointments.

The development of love is divided into three parts: passion, disappointment and acceptance of reality.

I will dive deep into this immense sea of ​​disappointment to regain my riches: my self -esteem, my walk, my walk, my act, my heart. Everything I once lost for love.

Who made mistakes was me, when I put feeling where there should be nothing.

disappointment? It’s part… Sometimes we deliver the whole heart and get back a hurt.

Love gives us wings, disappointment takes us … or would it be the opposite?

Disappointment messages and quotes of Life

I wish if the problems stopped only in heart affairs … But unfortunately, we can also face these situations in life. This list of life disappointment messages and quotes will help you accept situations that cannot be changed, see:

Time will say who you were in someone’s life, even though your heart is sad and disappointed.

Do not see disappointment as an obstacle! Some things just don’t work because it wasn’t time to have them in our lives.

Do not have in life discouragement or disappointment. Feeling tiredness, refer your thinking to the waves of the sea that never tire of hitting the beach in an endless movement.

Life taught me to live in the worst way, in learning pain, tears and disappointment.

Maybe I suffer countless disappointments throughout my life. But I will make them lose the importance before the gestures of love I will find.

Life sometimes brings us many lessons and disappointments. The floor is no longer the base and becomes the limit. But living is it, accepting defeat not as a failure, but as a step towards walking to success.

The disappointed life spends a life seeking an unreachable ideal.

Learn something simple: when you are disappointed, don’t show yourself weak, much less stop your life.

Even with disappointments, I never gave up on my life. Quite the opposite! I gained strength to proceed and start with more claw and more experience.

The great lesson we must lead from life is to learn to deal with the disappointments it brings.

To overcome the disappointments of our lives is to understand that because of them we become stronger to start over in the next.

Not everything is disappointment, not surrendered to moments of melancholy, it is normal and healthy to disappoint with life.

funny disappointment messages and quotes

We know how hard it is to see the bright side of a bad situation, especially if you are still feeling all its effects. But why not try to defeat sadness with good humor? Check out this list of funny disappointment messages and quotes and deal with this moment in the best way possible!

I’m PhD in disappointment!

At this time, the person you want is wanting everyone.

Do we surpass disappointment with revenge or with time?

I will paste a film on my face, to avoid breaking my face!

Suffering for loving disappointment is a teenager thing, adult suffers is taking buses with slow driver on the way home.

Today I suffered a huge loving disappointment, I fell in love with a shoe but I didn’t have my number.

phrase of a disappointed: love only of mother.

If a love is for a life, I’ve lived several lives in my disappointments.

Me suffering from disappointment? I am the king of disappointment, nothing more shakes me!

DISILLusion is to open the ice cream pot and have beans inside.

I am a teacher in disappointment, disappointment specialist and tears master!

Disappointment messages and quotes for Status

When we are down we also want to demonstrate our feelings on social networks. Are you in the mood to share something? Check out this list of status disappointment messages and quotes and get inspired to post!

Disappointment always comes from where least expected.

There is no way to say no to this pain that dries the heart, it makes a moment without reason, it takes with it a peace that would be the only emotion. This pain is called disappointment!

The intensity of disappointment is proportional to friendship, affection, love and the affection you have for those who provided you with such pain.

Disappointment is the visit of the truth.

Even worse than the disappointment of a non -or the uncertainty of a perhaps, it is the disappointment of almost.

Disappointment is when he dusk you against the will of the day.

With each disappointment I get up. I don’t know if stronger but wiser.

deluded, deceived, hurt, probably not true. Go ahead!

I know that everyone, someday, woke up with Mrs. disappointment sitting on the edge of the bed. But we go to the fight and invent a new dream, a hope: everything is worth crying too much time.

masks fall for disappointment to appear.

Worse than suffering a disappointment is having to deal with contempt.

The problem was not disillusioned, the problem was noticing when it was too late!

disappointments, defeats, discouragement are tools that God uses to show the road.

We all have our worst moments during life, but the important thing is not to let them consume us! It’s time to put out everything you feel, throw sadness aside and move on. This selection of hurt messages and quotes can help you in this, check it out and fade everything you are entitled to!

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