48 messages and quotes of longing for friends for those who want to meet them very much

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For a friendship to happen, we don’t have to be with our friends all the time. But it’s very nice to find them, hug them, go out together, talk personally. And when we get away, the longing dominates us.

However, we need to learn to deal with the lack they make us, because we can’t always be around. Still, it is possible to maintain a relationship by calls, messaging, sharing how your day was, so you will feel closer.

We made a list of harsh friends from friends to send to those you wanted to be with you now and that you remember all the time. Share and show how important to you are!

Best messages and quotes of Friends of Friends

It is not easy to stay away from those we love, but we can’t always see our friends so often and homesickness squeezes by remembering everything that has already been lived with them. We have selected the best harsh messages and quotes from friends to tell them that they need to meet!

longing is great, but our friendship is a love that never dies.

Each day without you is torture for my heart. Friends, I’m missing you.

There are days missing drawers to save so much longing.

Nothing will separate us, not even this longing that is destroying me!

I miss some old friends. Maybe it’s not longing, it is a need to live everything again.

There is no longer a longing for my heart. Please, friends, come back soon!

I miss friends and the good times we live, but I keep them all in my heart.

The true friend when he leaves is with us in the presence of longing.

The good side of longing is that it makes us revive moments that we spend alongside special people.

longing has a name yes … name of those we like, who we want around.

Our friendship will be eternal, because despite missing you, you will always be my friend.

Longing: This is the name of the feeling that today, in my heart, reminds me of you.

longing hurts, but it’s a way to find out that we are real friends!

friends, I miss the time we spend together, conversations and laughter. I miss the good and bad moments, because with you I felt really happy, without having to measure my words or pretend to be who I was not.

Do you have any idea how much I miss you? I’ll show you her size as soon as we see each other.

Homesickness has no arms, but squeeze a lot!

longing is immense and the desire to hug you too!


As we grew up, we ended up losing contact with some friends we once lived stuck. But there is no way to forget everything we have already done with them. See our list with messages and quotes of missing childhood friends and record how fun you had together!

There are times when you miss that time that is gone and will never return, from childhood friends and that freedom.

The miss I have of childhood are not for the jokes I made, but from friends who accompanied me and who are still so important to me.

I miss everything we live in, my friend. Spend the time you pass, I will never forget you!

We miss certain moments of our lives and certain people who have passed it.

I miss people I got to know, memories I was forgetting, friends I ended up losing, but I keep living and learning.

There are so many wonderful moments that I remember our friendship built in the innocent years of childhood; So many adventures, so much joy. Know that you keep living in my heart and my longing.

I have a huge longing for the time when we were children. There we were together, writing the beginning of our friendship.

together we share our childhood. Together we built a great and eternal friendship that in your memory fills my chest with deep longing.

Time goes through us in a fast way. Let’s grow, we started new steps and face several challenges. But there are things that remain and our friendship is the perfect example of this reality. There are many misses I feel of you!

It was the good times of our childhood that missed me. May our friendship be eternal and true!

I remember all of you, my friends from school, and inevitably longing hits hard here.

It’s been a long time since I see you, but remembering the moments that I could share from your presence is the main motivation for longing to insist on bringing you to memory.

longing is the greatest proof that the past was worth it!

Your passage through my life was striking and therefore always deserves to be remembered. I’m missing you!

I miss old friendships, old laughs, old reasons, things they were and will not come back.


Unfortunately, the distance separates us from whom we never imagined one day stay away, but it is not able to break a true friendship. On the contrary, the longing we feel of friends makes us value even more when they are on our side. Check out our list with missing messages and quotes from distant friends and let them know they are missing!

Distance is not the end of a great friendship, but the beginning of a great longing!

We may be far away, but when we get together we miss the longing and enjoy our friendship like no one else.

Best friends are never separated. Maybe by the distance, but never by the heart. I miss you!

The distance causes a very deep, but not enough wound to make a true friendship forget!

The distance may miss me, but it never makes me forget about you.

longing is giant, but I never feel alone, because I know I can count on your friendship even miles away.

the one who invented the distance did not know the pain of longing.

I know that I will forever have in you a true friend who will distance away. I miss you, my brother!

And I understood that longing is like love, never stops growing, because those we love are part of what we are, even being away.

How I would like to end this distance that separates us. I miss you, friend!

A real friend, the distance never separates, only provokes longing and strengthens friendship!

Friendship connects people through the heart, no matter how distant one of the other is. I miss you, my friend!

the distance, the longing and the lack made me love you even more.

time and distance do not interfere with great friendships.

The distance prevents me from seeing you, but does not prevent me from love you. I miss you!

True friendship is not being inseparable. It is being separated and nothing to change. I miss you, friend!

Since you cannot end the distance that separates you from your partners, we have selected a list with messages and quotes away to alleviate the longing for who is far away!

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