47 messages and quotes of maternal love to exalt this pure and sincere feeling

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Love, by itself, is already a strong feeling, beautiful and capable of changing lives, but when it comes to maternal love these qualities and benefits are even greater.

such a pure, complete and unique love is even that of mother is even difficult to define, for only those who have felt such a love can perceive the strength it gives you. Moreover, maternal love is a true remedy for children, as it is able to cure pain that common remedies do not solve!

Thus, to understand a little more about this feeling, we list the best sentences of maternal love below. Check it out!

Maternal love messages and quotes that highlight the strength of this feeling

Mother of belly or mother of life, mother ever or chosen… types change, but love not.

The word mother is not a noun. It is a verb. Mother is to take care, fight, cry, play, smile, help, change, worry, get annoyed … Mother is knowing how to love!

Mother’s love is the fuel that allows a human being to do the impossible.

A love stronger than anything, more obstinate than anything, more lasting than all, only the love of Mother.

A mother’s love is the best medicine for many of our pains.

Mother, the unequivocal proof that love at first sight can last a lifetime.

To be a mother is to assume the gift of creation, donation, and unconditional love before God. To be a mother is to embody divinity on earth.

Being a mother is the mission of greatest responsibility. It is to love more completely. Is to do your best and not expect anything in return.

Today I can say with all certainty that there is nothing greater, better and more true than a mother’s love for a child, because I love you unconditionally.

Mother, principle of everything and synonymous with love.

Mother: The best affection, the best hug, the best word, the best advice, the best love, the best gift.

Today I have the infinite certainty that there is nothing greater, better and real than a mother’s love for the child.

God gives us children to prove our ability to love the other more than ourselves.

The only sincere, pure, true and that lasts for life is the love of Mother.

Mother’s Love wins prejudice, surpasses the boundaries, faces all challenges, and helps you win. Mother’s love only God to understand. Simply Love.

written Mother, but he pronounces love.

Love for children we do not divide, multiplies.

Mother’s love does not die, only changes atmosphere.

There is no more available, delivered, careful and dedicated love than mother’s love.

The heart of a mother is always of her children.

Mother’s love can everything and is stronger than all storms in the world.

Only mother’s love has the power to heal physical and emotional pain.

The greatest love in the world is mother’s love. The greatest wealth we have in the world is our family.

Mother’s love is so strong that even the umbilical cord has been cut, she will feel as if it had not been. There is a divine cord joining it with the Son.

Mother’s love is not greater than God’s love.

Mother’s Love is the purest and most sincere we receive in life and also the most beautiful.

Mother’s love grows in giving.

Mother’s love is hot. She has her most warm hands I know. Blessed hands, capable of healing wounds of soul.

Mother’s Love is renunciation, it’s safe, touched, it’s fear, it is to want to give their own happiness for the happiness of their children.

Mother’s love is unique and true. It is for a lifetime and is never passing.

The most beautiful love that exists is the love of mother, who is always present, even when absent.

Mother’s Love does not lose strength and do not end … He is eternal and powerful.

Mother’s love is inexhaustible. The more it is divided, the more this love multiplies.

To speak of mothers is to speak of God, for in their hearts is true love.

There is no more available, delivered, careful and selfless love than mother’s love.

The mother brought to the earth the invention of Amar.

Everything is uncertain in this world except the love of a mother.

Each day I am more sure that mother’s love is the most powerful in the world.

We are never too big to take a good dose of mother’s love!

All love is special, but none is as unique as mother’s love!

Mother and Son Love has no equal. There is nothing to compare and nothing that is bigger!

Mother’s love is what exists in restlessness and quiet. As if there was no distance, just warmth.

The best gift life can give us is our mother’s eternal and true love.

I thought I had already lived the deepest of loves, then God presented me with the greatest gift of all: allowed me to be a mother!

Mother’s love can be translated into a word: donation. To talk about this feeling is to understand that it is the most complete form of love.

Mother is poetry, shades, pauses, letters… owner of a love that recycles and is never wasted.

Mother’s love for your child is different from anything else in the world. He does not obey law or mercy, he dares all things and exterminates without remorse whatever is in his way.

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