46 victory messages and quotes to motivate you to persist in your goals

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To achieve victory we need to dedicate ourselves, which is why it must be so celebrated, after all, it is the result of our effort for something we want so much. However, we often end up and think we will not be able to achieve what we want.

Thinking about it, we made a list of the best victory messages and quotes to motivate you not to give up and remember that all your commitment will be rewarded with great joy. Share with your friends and show that, with great courage and persistence, they will also be able to win.

Victory messages and quotes and achievements

Great wins require great dedication.

I thank all the difficulties I spent in my life. They were big opponents, but made my victories much more tasty.

No matter the opponent, you will always fight for victory.

Celebrate all your victories, especially the small ones.

Often the determining factor for victory is not the choices, but the renunciations.

What the victories are bad is that they are not definitive. What the defeats are good is that they are not definitive either.

There is no obstacle you can’t win when you believe in victory.

One day you will still look back and see that the problems were, in fact, the steps that led you to victory.

The way is long, but victory is certain. Give up, never!

The dream is the beginning for the great achievements.

Victory does not belong to the strongest, but those who pursue it longer.

When the path is difficult and you feel like giving up, remember that the biggest victories are the result of great sacrifices.

The true victory of a human being is not coming first, but never giving up.

Victory messages and quotes for Status

Do not say that victory is lost if it is battles that live life.

victory lives in silent minds.

Without sacrifice there is no victory.

Winning yourself is the biggest of victories.

defeat after defeat until the final victory.

If there is no possibility of failure, then victory is insignificant.

May the fall today be tomorrow’s victory.

Who runs with evil will never reach victory.

Fuel for victory is the desire to win.

As long as we want to fight, there will be hope of winning.

No victory is by chance!

Learn to appreciate the other’s victory, but without envying.

The important thing is not to win every day, but always fight.

Victory messages and quotes in life

No obstacle will be great if your desire to win is bigger.

Victory Without Fight is Triumph without Gloria.

In life, optimism is synonymous with victory.

In the great battles of life, the first step towards victory is the desire to win!

Do not be discouraged, life is like that: race today, victory tomorrow.

It is with the first step that a life of victories and achievements begins.

Victory only happens in the life of those who believe.

In life, victory is only achieved by those who are not immobilized for fear of defeat.

The days are battles where victory will only depend on your focus, your strength and your faith.

GOD VICTORY messages and quotes

God is in charge of everything, so nothing theme, because victory is yours.

God is in control and your victory is already guaranteed, just have faith!

God was my partner in the fight and now, in victory, I recognize your glory and humbly thank you.

Victory comes to those who fight. The miracle comes to those who have faith. And the reward comes to those who trust.

God is seeing your sacrifices, be calm. Great deeds are composed of small victories.

Starting the day in the presence of God is to start the battle with the certainty of victory.

God does not choose skilled people for great victories, He offers us the training.

God being silent does not mean that you are alone, but that he is busy preparing your victory.

Nothing can prevent our brightness when we have God’s hands to light the light of our victory.

God will turn this page and the next chapters will be victories.

Those who like to beat walks with Christ, sometimes are even more suffered, but in the end there is always victory.

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