45 wise messages and quotes of reflection to meditate on the puzzles of life

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Knowledge is derived from reflection and reasoning is basically what puts society in motion. You don’t have to be a great philosopher to make a difference, just the habit of meditating on your experiences, changes everything around you, starting with you. We have selected these transforming wise messages and quotes of reflection to motivate their analysis of life. Check it out!

Sage messages and quotes of reflection that will inspire you to review the way you live

Reflection is an act of wisdom. The fools are impulsive.

The more you rationalize, the less you create.

In a good relationship, the proportion of power between man and woman must be one by one.

Thinking too much generates neuras, reflecting less generates errors.

The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubt, while stupid are full of confidence.

Life would become unbearable if it did not provide us with changes.

It is impossible to go through life without having made great reflections. Deep down, everyone has a philosopher soul.

All human errors are impatience, a premature interruption of methodical work.

We need to create a whole life if you want to achieve more than the banal things everyone has.

Time can be the great friend or the great enemy of life. The choice is for those who live!

Where love reigns, there is no desire for power; And where power predominates, there is a lack of love. One is the shadow of the other.

It is not enough to conquer wisdom, you need to use it.

You need to dive with your head in life, or your existence will be shallow.

Any feeling, whether good or bad, selling us and living in the dark is risky.

Who lives in darkness cannot be seen, nor sees anything.

No one can say what you can or may not do, but you can paralyze yourself by giving you the opinions of others.

We are in prison, between the crushed and examined past, and a future that awaits our work.

Fighting for love is good, but reaching it without struggle is better.

Don’t shout your emotions. Silence is wise!

Time undoubtedly transforms us. As a tree, we live each season differently.

There is nothing good or bad except these two things: the wisdom that is a good and the ignorance that is an evil.

We ran after so many achievements, and we don’t realize that the most important thing we have already won: Life!

selfishness unifies the insignificant.

The world does not happen, it is simply.

Some challenges help us recalculate the route to follow a better path.

The world is not threatened by bad people, but by those that allow evil.

educate children so that adults are not necessary to punish.

is lost in reflections, thoughts and words, but never lose its essence.

The more you run after time, the more you get away from you!

You can know what you said, but never what another has heard.

All are born with reflection capacity, but not everyone decides to use it.

We are born prone to fail, but we cannot stop fighting for our goals.

really beautiful is this thing of life: one day, when least expected, we go out. And comes closer to who, in fact, we are.

Living is like making an abstract painting on a blank screen.

True love never wears out. The more it occurs the more you have.

Happiness is an individual problem. Here, any advice is valid. Each one should seek, by themselves, become happy.

Relationships become life throughout our subjective metamorphoses.

Time flies, life passes and does not wait for you … Do not waste time to be happy today.

An extended discussion means that both parties are wrong.

There is no reflection without caution, without tranquility, or without a dose of coldness. Reflecting is almost a mathematical calculation.

A man needs to burn himself in his own flames to be able to be reborn from the ashes.

Our most important thoughts are those that contradict our feelings.

We are born free, but the world holds on us in standards.

Life is what we believe it is.

If a man has not discovered anything for which he would die, he is not ready to live.

Reflecting is extraordinary and leads us to another level. And to continue inspiring you, we also separate these amazing wise messages and quotes full of important thoughts. Check it out!

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