45 sertanejas root sertanejas messages and quotes for those who love this genre

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With that nostalgic air, the old country music is able to transport us to times that no longer come back. With lyrics that talk about country life, love and other topics, these songs marked generations and inspire current singers. Kill the miss with these beautiful sertanejas music messages and quotes root and put the label to play background!

Sertanejas Song messages and quotes Root to kill the longing of past times

I’m leaving and at the time you will sing a bird, because I go alone. Me, the guitar and God.

A swallow flying alone does not make summer!

Stronger than hatred is the strength of forgiveness.

is that the guitar speaks loudly in my human chest and all fashion is a remedy for my disgust.

synonym for love is to love!

Remembering I have been crying because in the past it was our home. Not supporting what you did, I solved one day and left there.

This bash starts at dusk, I want to see the floor shake, navigate the emotions!

Every time I traveled along the golden road, I could see the figure of a boy, who was going to open the gate and then asking me: “Touch the Berrante, his boy, who is for me to listen.” .

I lost the illusion of life because your affection forever I lost. My dream of love died when in your heart I died.

How can I be friends with someone I loved so much?

What a sweet kiss he has. After I kissed him, I never loved anyone.

Satisfied I will take you arm given behind the procession. I go with my scratched suit a flower on the side and my hat in hand.

It’s on the sole of the boot, it’s in the palm of your hand. Put a smile on your face and send it away the loneliness!

I don’t know what I’m going to do to continue my life like that, if the love that died inside her still lives in me.

Take this beef leather, which I just enjoyed, to serve as covered, adonde the Lord.

With the dripping marvada, I get in the way. I get in the sale and already give my taio. I take it in the glass and from there in a Saio!

If I were a bird, I wanted to fly in space and sit slowly in the return of your arms to enjoy your affection, and relieve the pain that I pass.

Love is born alone, no need to plant.

Do you know where or come from? I come from the Morro do Engenho, the jungles, the coffee plantations, the good land of coconut, the hut where one is little, two is good, three is too much.

In that deserted road, a cattle came down to Araguaia bands to cross. The foreman was a very wisdom old man, the orders were severe, and the peonada obeyed.

When you read, I will be far away. Don’t judge me so cowardly, I just didn’t want to see you cry. Forgiveness, friend, are things that happen. Give the boys a kiss, because I won’t come back.

Girl, my girl. Oh, do not do it just like me, who live dead, because no one chose me.

Who is not a child of God, is in the nail of the Capeta.

In this guitar, I sing and make real. Each tune represents a longing.

Till your little head on my shoulder and cry, and tell your hurt all over me. Who cries on my shoulder I swear I won’t leave.

My God, where is the woman I love now? Is it alone or accompanied? I just know that here I am dying, I miss her in a world of tears.

I am writing this letter half to the tears. I walk a little by the corners, for I did not find the courage to face your look.

Beautiful Brunette of My Welfare. It is sad to miss you away from you.

In this long road of life, I run and I can’t stop. Hoping to be champion, reaching first place.

They are saying that she is very crown. It is mature, is already over thirty, but for me what matters is the person. It doesn’t matter if she is a crown. Old pan is that makes good food.

I drank too much and I can’t remember if you want the name of that woman, the flower of the night of the blue nightclub.

Hoping to find love, which is of the old toad songs, made the fashions of singing, in the broken of the great backlands.

In the ways of this life, many thorns I found, but none silent deeper than what I went through.

My God, I die for her and her absence causes my cry. She is the light that illuminates me, goddess of my fate, my gold star.

Longing, sad word when a great love is lost. On the long road of life, I am crying my pain like a butterfly wandering sad about the flower.

and she, angry, was breaking everything. He took my clothes and threw a door. I grabbed, I made a muggle and went out saying, “Goodbye, Mariana, I’m already leaving”.

I walk slowly because I’ve been in a hurry and I take that smile, because I’ve cried too much.

brunette, my brunette. Torcid line body. Want God you are not a perdition of my life!

Today I feel stronger happier, who knows, I only take the certainty that I know, or do nothing.

Here is small, but it gives us both and, if necessary, we increase later.

For Jeca when he sings he wants to cry. The crying crying, slowly disappearing, how the water go to the sea.

It takes love to be able to pulse. It takes peace to be able to smile. It takes the rain to flower.

The dust of the old road left marks in my heart and in the palms of the hand and foot, the catrases of a woman.

sick with love, I looked for medicine in the nightlife. With the flower of the night in a nightclub here in the South Zone. The pain of love is with another love that we heal. I came to heal the pain of this evil of love in the blue nightclub.

where I come from no matter, because it has passed. What matters is knowing where I go.

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