45 Nando Reis messages and quotes to identify with their reflective lyrics

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Nando Reis made and continues to make history in Brazilian music with his compositions. He was bassist of the Titan band for twenty years, released more than eight albums and wrote songs for big names like Cássia Eller, Marisa Monte and Skank. Check out a list of Nando Reis messages and quotes that will show how striking your lyrics are!

Nando Reis messages and quotes to know your poetic music

I hope the weather goes on, I hope the week will end up to see you again.

For you I kept the love I learned seeing my parents. The love I had and received. And today I can give free and happy.

And now how can I forget you? If your smell is still on the pillow and your hair is wrapped in my chest.

For you I kept the love I always wanted to show. The love that lives in me comes to visit. Smile, come coloring solar.

I hope the weather fly for you to return. So I can hug you and kiss you again.

And now how can I lose you? If your body still keeps my pleasure. And my body is shaped with yours.

Say you want me, because I want you too!

One day for those eyes without seeing you is like floor in the sea.

Beautiful things are more beautiful when you are, where you are.

Love, I miss you. And the lack is the death of hope.

Since you arrived my heart has opened. Today I feel more hot and I don’t feel cold.

What the eyes do not see, the heart press. Even in longing, you are not absent.

The world is the opposite and no one noticed.

I don’t know if the world is good, but it got better when you arrived.

Each of us has its own way of being. But everything that was done we just did together because you heard mine, and me, your voice.

I was at peace when you arrived.

I can only say that I only get right by your side.

I’m yours, but I can’t be. I’m yours, but no one can know. Love, I forbid you not to want me.

I already tried with someone else, but I can’t sleep without their arms.

Why so many plans? If I want to love you and love you and love you many years.

I will take care of your dinner, the sky and the sea. And you and me.

The years passed while I slept. And who I wanted well, forgot me.

The world is no longer the same as I was born. But I keep healing the sadness with the beauty of a song.

In love the soul lives in prison, condemned to illusion. Dying of love is a beauty, abandoned is loneliness.

I don’t have the face anymore I had. In the mirror this face is no longer mine.

If we are going to die, then let’s try to live!

Honestly, I just want to tell you that I got the jump when I found you.

Let love sprout, multiply and in everything reign.

If the man has already stepped on the moon, how do I have his address yet?

The tone that I sing my songs to your voice seems exactly.

Strange it would be if I didn’t fall in love with you.

Life is really very fragile, nonsense, irrelevance. Faced with the eternity of the love of the one who loves one.

If you don’t know, move away from me. But before it is late save us from the end.

To take care is simply to look to the world you don’t see.

It’s good to look back and admire the life we ​​knew how to do.

I want to look at this world and see the world in your gaze.

Love is a surprise, without sin or salvation.

By thinking too much I preferred not to think too much.

To measure love there is no calculation.

When you have nothing else, nothing is lost.

The problem is that I love you. I have no doubt that you would work with you.

There is nothing more beautiful than your smile and the cold that makes you hug me.

And the expected kiss is still wet and stored there.

As long as there is light, my eyes will not stop looking for your eyes.

How lucky ours! In this world there are so many people and life put me by your side.

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